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Penis indentation


Penis indentation


I was perfectly fine with my size at least I can now feel that way after what happened to me. During masturbation I was pushing hard and I now have an indentation on the right size of my penis. The urologist found no plaque on ultra sound but said to me there must be scar tissue.

Anyone knows or recommends a way to treat it the indentation that I caused. I am devastated. Will pump remove it and what pump is best? Penis extender? Anyone who had success with penis indentation?


It’s unusual to damage your penis masturbating. If it’s fairly recent it’s probably not a good idea to start doing anything that will over stress the tissue - that would be like pulling the scab off a cut; it will stop it healing. Very gently warming and massaging the area to help break up cross-linkages in the scar tissue may help, and normal erections will probably be enough to stretch the tissue as it heals, but I am not a urologist, so you should follow whatever advice he gave you.

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Holy crap man you must of had a death grip and I mean a death grip on your penis while masturbating; that is so insane you would jack your penis up like that. Seriously you need to value your penis more if you love your penis as much as we do on this website. I would suggest once you recover from this injury invest into purchasing a fleshlight because the is no human orifice (mouth, anal or vagina) that creates a death grip like you did to your penis for masturbating. Good luck :-)

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Thats what I did and would do:

Castor oil lightly rubbed in with heat(let it sit, cover it lightly cause it stains).
Dip/bath your dick in very warm Magnesium oil(=mgcl2 in water).

Take a natural antinflammatory oraly.

Keep your dick close to the body and with good blod flow. No intense touching for months.
Very very low pressure penis pumping with heat is good but NOT if the trauma is fresh. (at best in warm magnesium oil fluid)
Relax your pelvic floor as any chronic tension can make matters worse.

You can also research DMSO and combine it with supplements that help the cause.(DMSO + castor oil or + vit E + C)
BUT any handling with DMSO needs knowledge and sufficient research beforehand.

There are good penis docs but most arent. Still makes sense to at least inform your doc about anything you do.

I have several scar tissue in my dick(non PE reasons) and I function well due to what I did with my dick(quality PE + self nurturing)

So nobody in this forum is interested in sharing any information on success with indentations?

It has never happened to me and I can’t remember the use of the word indentation on this forum before.

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Originally Posted by gprent

It has never happened to me and I can’t remember the use of the word indentation on this forum before.

This is where I am at too. Do you mean that your penis is bent?

There is a valley type dent in the right side of my penis. When erect it creates a den there and visible when flaccid. Also I have acute pain. I am not sure whether it is first stage of peyronies and whether I will be able to eliminate the dent and bring it back to normal maybe with pumps but nobody here seems to have anything to say.

Originally Posted by Indentation
… nobody here seems to have anything to say.

In fact you have gotten a few responses that you have apparently completely ignored. Your problem is an unusual one, so there’s probably not an easy answer or a quick fix.

What answer are you looking for?

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> The urologist found no plaque on ultra sound but said to me there must be scar tissue. <

I think you potentially have an answer of sorts already. Scar tissue is by it’s nature less flexible and less elastic than normal tissue. I’m not sure what this indentation looks like (a couple of pictures would help with skin displaced in one) but it may be caused by the scar tissue being stretched to it’s full extent, which would be less than normal surrounding tissue. If that’s the case (and note that this is based on a few suppositions so far) then stretching the surrounding tissue may help by allowing a normal erection to put less strain on the scar tissue.

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We are not doctors so we can only answer based on our experience and like I said before, nobody that I can remember has ever talked about an issue like this, therefore nobody has any experience to draw upon.

If it is scar tissue, I don’t know if there is a remedy for that.

We have a lot of members and it takes a while for active guys to filter through and see recent issues like this, so be patient and maybe someone will show up with something to offer.

Your urologist has seen thousands of penises and has offered an opinion, but apparently no solution.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

This is how it looks like in pictures. This is not my penis but googling I found a similar case. There is an indentation just like in the pictures more pronounced when erect. Not sure whether there is anything specific to eliminate it.

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I don’t really see anything abnormal there. Just looks like one of the Corpus corpora cavernosa is a little more developed than the other one. Which is normal. However these aren’t your pics so I have no idea if this applies to you or not.

This is what is being called as hourgassing in early stages of peyronies possibly. Mine is similar and when erect the penis has indentation now. Also acute non stop pain. Anyone knows what are the best protocols if any for eliminating indentations if possible on penis?

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