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PE gave me irreversible ED


I recommend you try taking the antioxidant Resveratrol. It does incredible things for the body, and has been proven to greatly improve the health of blood vessels. It’s benefits are far too numerous to put here, but you should do a search on Google. There are surely many other benefits that have yet to be discovered, as they are still studying it furiously.

You should definitely give it a shot.

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Some thoughts:

1. Don’t they make bands that you can wear to “crimp” the veins that are leaking?
2. The other guy said resveratrol might help. I take that, and it is a good supplement. I would also try olive leaf extract, and zinc.
3. Here is the crazy one - Strong, static magnetic fields. Get some strong, rare-earth magnets and fabricate something that you can wear around your unit.
This concept is a very old pseudo-medicine technique, that biomedical researchers at the University of Virginia decided to do real research on recently. They found that static magnetic fields induce changes in the tone and structure of blood vessels, reduce edema, and have other effects that are not yet understood. If you search, you can find a few publications on the subject. Maybe it will miraculously trigger some structural change in your veins that will solve the problem, it might be worth a shot.

Dr Bechara didn´t recommend an implant for my age, but he indirectly said this is the only solution, because venous leak has no treatment today. I´ve been searching implants, one called ams 700 seems to be viable, cause seems to resist above 10 15 years without replacement and doesn´t make your pennis more than half an inch shorter (they make it shorter because the glans doesn´t grow when you get erected with an implant)

RocketX, but a varicocele? It doesn´t happens in the scrotum? Or in the pennis too? Thanks for the good wishes!

Man of 10, I´ll search more about It. I decided to try about 6 months more with treatments and what could be, and if any improvement I´ll be visiting the hospital.. It´s really depressing living like this, and I don´t believe that an implant will turn my life as a party, but I´ll be able to make a girl move a little.. Or that´s what I expect .. If not, I´ll think of killing myself. And not a joke.

I tried cock rings, aren´t useful for more than 3 or 4 minutes. About the magnet, I´ll try anything. Believe me what I say, as If I had to walk over fire or whatever seemed unacceptable before.

I’ve never heard something so stupid as this. Chances are you didn’t gain anything so you’re trying to turn others away from PE.

Even if you did pop a vessel or even numerous vessels, the amazing thing about the body is that it will repair itself over time. There is no way unless you have some sort of blood clotting problem, that this would happen. If you had a blood clotting problem, you shouldn’t have even attempted PE to begin with, and you definitely shouldn’t be taking ED medication, I’d recommend seeing a real doctor, not these shitty urologists you’re going to (if you’re even seeing one, let alone 3) to see if you are a hemophiliac.

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Goingfor8.. Try to read all before. I had perfect erections before PE. READ? OK.

I don´t wanna an Implant if I could recover my erections. Obviosly I DON´T. IT´S THE LAST I WANT. But it´s the only option I have now. OK? Thanks.

Now.. Obviously there is a problem, called venous leak as you can read.

What do you know about medication? Are you doctor? Did a doctor told that?

Do you think my doctor is shitty? So tell the same to the thousands that learn from him here and every world.

Or are the analisis and ecographies bad done too?

I’m not hemophiliac, don´t you believe I should have realized that before being 21? With some stupid cut?

If you have the solution for venous leak, I´ll be pleased for hearing it. To say more, I´ll give you the value of the implant, be sure of that. Because if I patent your discovering I´ll be able to buy your state and africa too.

maybe its the bad english thats throwing me off.

After googling what a venous leak is, its not literally a leaking vein, its the failure for the vein to prevent blood flow back into the body. It also says that its caused by scar tissue, which I doubt you did that much damage in the short amount of time you did PE unless you really went overboard, or also stress and anxiety. I’d do a little more research on it, google is your friend.

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I can't stand Diet Coke. Does anyone know where I can see pics of a girl with a regular Coke can up her ass? - Chad66 (:

Hey man, you need to do your best to be optimistic. It has been shown that stress is terrible for ones health. Alternatively, being happy is great for your health, and will strengthen your immune system.

There is no reason for you to even THINK about ever killing yourself. To me it is so so ridiculous. And yes I too have been extremely depressed. But once you realise that life is so amazing, you will see that no matter what happens to you, even if you become paralysed from the neck down, there are always great reasons to live.

Everyone on this forum is incredibly lucky. The very fact that we have Internet access means that we are the wealthy ones on this planet. We have it good; never forget that.

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Nothing in the Newbie Routine caused this kind of damage. Masturbation, and /or rough intercourse is harder on your dick than jelqing, or manual stretches. If you explained to your urologist the exact routine outlined here on this forum, even sent him a link to the forum, and he says these mild exercises can cause permanent damage to the veins in an otherwise healthy penis, you need to see another doctor, perhaps an American doctor. Sounds like someone is trying to sell you an implant job, either that or this entire thread is BS.

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Best wishes azulvioleta. I don’t know enough about the medical end of things to contribute much. I do very much hope that your penis gets better.

We don’t censure, we really don’t. I don’t know anything about your previous posts or what happened to them. Tell your story and, as long as you are relatively polite, nobody will stop you. In case you have not noticed, this is a free site. What a concept! The only people that get shut down are trolls and the like.

I to am somewhat puzzled as to how you could hurt your self with light jelqing. Energetic masturbation places much greater stress on your pene than gentle jelqing. It really sounds like some sort of pre-existing condition was lurking, just waiting for something to tip it over. The straw that broke the camels back type of thing. But if that were the case why didn’t you have problems earlier on? I don’t know. The whole thing is rather puzzling.

Edited to add a second best wishes for you and your pene.

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This thread really makes me sad. I really have no idea how PE can cause such injury. I’ve had my fair share of major injuries but nothing close to this. I’ve done really instense erect jelqs and all I suffered was a numb dick and as I expected everything went back to normal after 6 months. I really believe it’s something else you’ve done that caused you this predicament. All the more reason, I wish you the best and I hope you fully recover soon.

Compared to what I do now, the newbie routine is definitely very lightweight and I couldn’t see how it would cause such a problem. I’ve had a major bruise from doing a Uli then clamping the base with my other hand and trying to turn it into a horse 440 (very brutal, wouldn’t advise doing it. I just got carried away by gains, you know, more, more, more).

Azulvioleta, did you have any bruising when this happened?

Sorry to hear about your injury, hopefully you can recover.

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About 14 months total PE time. I'm very inconsistent.


Is this the missing thread?

- Lesión muy importante por PE

Also, saying things like “makes you wonder if there were other threads removed” doesn’t sit well with me. Makes me think you are here to stir up shit and not really concerned about reporting an injury. So if you are sincere about your injury, watch the bullshit please.

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Just to throw in my 2 penneth, I was under the belief that most venous leaks are not actually blood leaking out of a vien, but rather the smooth muscle that would relax and close off these viens, by the pressure of the incoming blood, not quite closing off these viens. Hense the blood still leaks out of them.

A better term might be “non-relaxing smooth muscle syndrome”.

Even when the outgoing viens are sealed, by surgery the body grows new ones to by-pass them. These new viens still wont shut off the out flow because the smooth muscle still wont relax enough to allow the pressure to act on the viens.

According to my doctor, who is actually a diabetic specialist not a urologist, a tighter constriction ring may correct this. Which if it does is actually an aid to diagnosis itself.

He also told me that from the minute I suffered slight ED, my mind may be preventing the smooth muscle from relaxing by not producing the hormone it requires out of fear of not producing an erection! Bugger!

So, I think that what I am getting at is, surgery is a very drastic way to sort out what could be a mental blockage……for what ever reason.

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Ok man as you can see , Thunders linked you to your previous thread and it is there as it has always been, I guess you thought it disappeared as it was no longer in the active forums or something.

Now if you take a look at that thread, you would notice a couple of things. First of all there are very few people saying they have the same problem as you do, and also in the last post that you made, you gave links to three other threads with similar injuries as yours.

The strange thing is that in most of the cases with similar injuries, the members didn’t do any extreme exercise or routine, and also they did PE for a short amount of time.

This has made me even more certain that this thing happened to you because you had a preexisting condition,as so did those other members, I insist on the point of all the members that have gained using the same routine that injured you. That is why there are some similar stories that appear every once in a while, as I believe that all of these cases had something this preexisting condition, I wish I could tell you what it was.

Venous leakage I must say I know almost nothing about it, but for example I remember the case of Invictus, who experienced a similar problem but it was related with rough masturbation/ sex.

I really hope you get back to normal, please keep us updated.

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