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PE gave me irreversible ED

PE gave me irreversible ED

I´ll make it easy. I´m just 21 (excuse me for my english in from Argentine) , and have been practising PE during a month, since february to march 2009 just as the newbies routine says. In march I started to see my erections were really poor. I stopped PE. Month after, went to an urologist, I told him about PE because I was really worried.
He was like in anger with my story, and told me I could have damaged the veno occlusive system, so made me do a Rigiscan (evaluate nocturnal erections) and a Ecco doppler.
He founds what he supposed. My veins, overcharged for jels, broken, and blood goes away as it comes.
Before that, I had an erection every morning, now, neither viagra, injections or anything can make me be as I was.
My life is broken. There is no surgery for this that prove being effective.
The only “solution”, an implant, that last 10 years and must be replaced, shorten your pennis near an inch or maybe less but not too less, and cost about $40000.
That´s what PE did to me and many others.

I´ve posted it in the spanish forum, and they DELETED MY POST, and I can´t post anymore because I’m not showing how my pennis grow, but how it destroyed a big part of my life.

Now, I only thanks that I have the money to perform the surgery, but that´s all I can do.

Be sure of what you´re doing with your part. If I could get back in time, I´d prefer a short dick but functional than what I have now, or making it clear, what I don´t.

If you think I´m the only case, search for venous leak and you´ll find the other cases, and surely there are much more, but they must be deleted as they did with mine in spanish forum. That´s all.

What are ‘jels’?

Sorry, a few things don’t add up. If the original poster joined earlier then why doesn’t it show that? Why does it only say joined this month and only two posts? Unless he changed his id.


I wanted to say Jelqs.

I changed my ID because they banned me for posting. I expect they won´t do it again.

I´ve had 3 opinions they all say the same, and the last one was from possible the best urologist in south America and recognized all over the world.

What’s his name?

Amado Bechara. Search in google, or in the Journal of Urology there are some of his publications, the one´s that are in

English. I´m sure he knows what he talks about, try to be a little in my situation, and you´d be sure you´re talking with one of the best.

I haven’t found anything written by Amado Bechare related to dangers of PE. Do you have anything?

Are you deepurple9, azulvioleta?

Jelqs with moderate force, carefully and not more than 5-8 mins. A day 5 days a week

Are you going to delete this too?

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