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PE gave me irreversible ED

Originally Posted by azulvioleta

I´ve done all studies related with DE, hormonal diabetes, blood, prostate, cardiac, everything, all the other options are out.

My jelqs were the normal ones, not inverse, and at 60 70% , not full erected. It never hurt, in fact, it doesn´t. No hematoma, anything visible. It only could be seen with the ecco doppler a kind of ecography.

So, how could they cut out the chance that you were born with some anomaly? How could they say that PE was the cause of your ED? Or is it a deduction of yours?

Irreversible ed caused by mild jelqing?

It seems so improbable but if you say that’s the cause then I’ll just have to go with that, as unlikely as it sounds.

Really sorry to hear about your bad news.

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Something just doesn’t add up here. Some hard masturbating is rougher on your dick then mild jelqing. You told the doctor about PE right away so he’s automatically rules out all other causes of ED and gets mad at you. First a doctor getting mad at you is a sign he is a bad doctor. And you said your post were deleted yet we found them. This is a strange thread.

Is he talking about a venous leak?

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1) My erections were perfect before pe. When I say perfect is, full erection each morning, sex 3 times in 2 or 3 hours.

2) In my situation, and visiting the 3rd doctor, won´t you tell him something about PE when you have no erections? He knew about PE, not about the forum but about Jelquing and he also told me about cock ring for long and other things we talk about here as they were mysteries that can cause injuries like mine. Don´t believe that someone who has been studing the pennis for more than 30 years don´t know anything about this. Do you really believe that an urologist, and more, a recognized and smart person studing the pennis never asked himself and searched about enlargement? Think a little about that and make your own conclusions. If you believe they don´t, so believe me you are wrong. I don´t say all them knows about it, but lot more than you probably think surely does.

3) Don´t it´s a strange thread, because the one of mines referred to this WAS DELETED. It´s not there as you say. They deleted only the one where I told my complete story, and when 3 people more commented being in the same as me, it misteriously disappeared.
But believe me that if you delete this, I will repost it again and again every day until you understand this must be known.

Searck for venous leak and ED in the forum and you´ll find many other cases. And think that the ones that are in the same state as me and don´t have the forces to post something else, or living indeed.

So the ones who wanna attack me, please don´t waste time. And I expect moderator do their work, and are moderators and not censurators.

Yes he is talking about a venous leak. His one post translates to

“I’m 21 years, thanks to the exercises conducted so even moderate
I cause a venous leak, which had no compensation, and now all my erections are weak,
And I have to take sildenafil possibly for the rest of my life for the risks involved in the operation.

At least thats how firefox translated it for me.

Yes, that´s what I posted in a thread, when I thought I could fix it with Viagra. Old good times.

I am sorry about your injury and I read your Spanish thread. First of all the cases of permanent injury, let alone injury in the forum are very rare. If you say that you didn’t over train/ use excessive force/ jelq to erect then you might be have some condition that made you get injured.

Just be objective and take a deep look to the forum, there are countless success stories and people with stronger bigger penises. Of course some people get hurt, but most will hear eventually.

I hope you get better soon.

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Just think, why when more people with the same appeared the thread misteriously disappeared?

Doesn´t it make you think there could have been more cases and they misteriously disappeared too?

I´m being objective. Believe that if I werent objective at the point they did what they did with my post, that wasn´t a post between the others, it was and it the worst thing in my life and this will be with me each day of my entire life, then I wouldn´t be talking as I am. I didn´t expect a revolution for this, but a little respect. Don´t you?

Hey Azulvioleta,

When I started PE a few years ago (before I had an account at Thunders), I ended up with what I thought was a venous leak. Now, I have one of the better urologist in the southwestern US and he told me the same thing. It was not correctable.

Well, After a few years, it got much better. Not sure how, but it got much better. I had super long erections for hours and hours, but then after PE, I lost them. I got them back some time later. So, I totally believe everything you are saying and I am sure you are faced with a scary future.

All I can say is, hang in there, it might come around. God, I hope it does for you. Hold off on the surgery and see if you can get life back into it.

Oh, one other thing…I’m scared to suggest anything right now for helping you, but pumping really seems to have helped me out a lot. And I mean a lot. Not sure it will help you anytime soon, but keep it in the back of your head and several months from now, if you see any life come back, maybe that will be an option.

Is the leaking only from one single vein?

Perhaps you had an underlying condition that weakened your veins and left you predisposed to injury.

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Do you think it is possible that before you started to PE you were developing this leak? What I read is most guys develop this in there 20’s.
Any rough sex in the past? Any time where you were having sex and your dick slipped out and you thrust forward hitting her pubic bone? (I’ve done that. Had to stop right away and couldn’t get a erection for about two weeks)

If you say PE caused it then I guess I’m not you and can’t argue. But I’d think back to the month before you started PE and why you came here. Was it because your erections were weak or small and you wanted to make them larger?

In any case calm down a little in your post. We are here to help.

I’d say let your dick heal. No sex and no masturbating. Eat right don’t worry about Viagra and making it hard right now. If you break your leg will trying to run around on it make it better? REST YOUR DICK. If it truly was an injury then it must heal. The human body knows it must heal. Give it time. It might take awhile to get it back. The one thing you really have going for you is that you’re young. A young body heals so much better than an old one. If you were 50 I’d say you might have no hope. But you’re not. Early 20’s. I think you’re dick well heal itself.

If it a valve that is leaking in your vain then running blood back and forth through it by taking Viagra won’t make it better. I think it makes it worse. Your body doesn’t want to get an erection. It wants to try and heal that area. And trying to work that area doesn’t allow your body to heal itself.

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RocketX, and what did you have? But do you have an ecco doppler done? Because I´ve, and it says it´s.. A venous leak.
I wouldn´t be better in my life if they tell me they´re wrong, but I can´t expect going with a great urologist who see an objective test with images, and wait for a fake..

The leaking is only from one single vein, but it´s the dorsal vein supposed to be a big one I guess.. If I had an underlying condition who knows? I don´t think so, because I had really good erections, and I didn´t came to the forum to make them better, I came here to enlarge my pennis, but obviously, I couldn´t.

Thal, my dick have rested more than you think, months without sex and masturbating and not because I didn´t want, I couldn´t and can´t! Good food, sleep a lot, ginkgo, vitamine e, and nothing.

I also thought I would heal itself, and wake up with a clue about an erection. But never in months. My doc told me it won´t fix alone, only try a surgery, but with less than 10% posibilitties. I´ve commented it in another forum with people with venous leakage, some about 50 some about 30. Many waited years before having an implant, but no improve.
I really wanna have hopes, but months pass by, and nothing happen.. I´ll have a carvenography I think it´s said, to detect the leak with more presicion, but It´s only to reafirm the fact. They only perform this to people that is really in trouble. Just like I´m now..

Thanks for the hopes but.. It´s really like waiting for a miracle.

You say you’ve seen three urologists. Other than Dr. Bechara, what were the other two doctor’s names?

I would get many opinions before considering implant surgery. It sounds a little premature to me for any urologists to advise an implant on a 21 year-old patient with venous leakage unless the damage was massive completely inoperable, and all other options had been exhausted. Once they remove the cavernosum there is no going back. Which implant procedure did Bechara suggest?

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I had a doppler test done, but it reveled I had a Varicocele. And I would say it is much different. I responded to ED medication too. So, that also was a good sign. I am still wishing the best for you!


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