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PE gave me irreversible ED

kingpole, have you even read, “First listen, then speak?” Well, first read, then write.

It´s really good to read your whole story. You reflect both sides of life in it, and it´s grateful to read.
Trust me I´m involved in things much higher than myself and it´s been like this for many years because of my mum; she´s been on a wheelchair since I born because of malapraxis, and despite all that she´s very active and helps lots of people and is member of many civil associations with that aim; I also know that 90% of the energy she has is because what I mean for her cause I´m her only son, so you can imagine I´ve a live example of what hope and a strongmind can reach.
Said that, I know I can´t simply quit my life, because it´s not only mine, but I can´t ignore that it has drastically changed, and not a good change, you all can imagine what this means at 20´s. I know I must be strong, but It´s much much more difficult than It sounds, anyway your story was really good to read.
I won´t give up, but I know it´ll be a difficult process.

Obviously I did read all related with this, or all I found, what was a lot anyway. I tried to contact OsQ (one of the boys “fixed”), but he didn´t answer yet.

About the other, it seems to be different, because his problem was about the glans, which envolves only spongosium parts, but I´ll try to chat with him too. The thing is, I expect the result lasts on them, I really hope that.

I can’t remember if you’ve already answered this, but do you do any form of kegels?

Also, how often do you masturbate, and do you still ejaculate normally?

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Originally Posted by marinera
I suppose you have read these two threads already?

Before and After *Surgery

I have a venous leak, I’m going to have it fixed by an interventional radiologist.

Just quoting to make sure people suffering with this issue read these threads when they get a chance.

Just because your doctor does not know about a procedure does not mean it isn’t out there.

No need to shout ;)

I'm fed up of having a signature!

Huge thanks sta-kool!

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I used to do 50 to 100 kgels a day just short´s ones. I can eyaculate normally yes.

I can´t open the link the explorer says the page cannot be found. :/

I don´t remember if I said, he knows about surgery but also said that it doesn´t make effect in the long term (says that almost never than 2 or 3 years), and only in very specific and identified leaks. Anyway I´m going to see him again this Tuesday and I´ll tell him all the new stuff I recolected from here and there, and tell you his opinion.

deeppurple, I realize you have a major problem with your penis right now, and your prognosis is not looking good. Have you tried Viagra or anything yet? Just wondering.


Yes he did.


What occurs to me is as this problem isn’t entire clear as to the mechanism of dysfunction, and may well be inflow problem involved that effects the outflow.

What I am thinking is it might be worth a try to do some therapeutic pumping. Avoset has a couple very nice threads concerning pumping for ED.

Vacuum Pumping when you have ED; the short version, according to Avocet8

Pumping To Treat ED

The reason why I suggest it, is that there are studies that indicate that nightly erections help maintain the health and FUNCTION of smooth muscle in the penis. If you aren’t getting the normal nightly erections, there is a good chance that your smooth muscle function and mass will begin to decrease, compounding the problem. This will help keep it at a healthy level of amount, mass and function of smooth muscle…which is important.

Further, it shouldn’t put any real stress on the structures of the penis (when kept at low vacuum levels) and I think, IF this problem is related to the inflow and smooth muscle function (as opposed to a problem with the outflow structure [veins] ), then I think that it may actually begin to improve your condition.

In conclusion, really if you do it at 3 in hg vacuum force or below, I don’t see how it could possible do any harm and I believe it will DEFINITELY keep smooth muscle and circulation from degrading, and may very well give some improvement.

So I don’t think you have anything to lose at this point other than the price of the equipment.

Please seriously consider this option while you look at potential other treatments.


The problem is about outflow and it´s clear because erections comes quickly and fine it´s gets full, but as just it´s fulled, it start going down in less than 2 minutes, just a couple more with a cock ring. I´ll try pumping anyway, I´ll buy the artefact and take a try. Thanks for the help.

Hmm whats the most common injure/problem if you got very small amount of blood coming out of your glans when pumping (after some clamping) ?

I’m scared right now. My EQ is 10 however… for now :S

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