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PE gave me ED

Well said, firegoat!

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This may or may not be my last post. Yes, sibbe is MrNilsen. I changed my username, because Thunderplace is THE forum when it comes to knowledge and experience like mine. So, there is few things I have realised. One thing is that this whole PE thing got to my head, and I developed BDD (Body dysmorphic disorder), I acutally got depressed because of size complex, and all I did was looking at my penis for hours, and thinking about it for a 24/7. Like I have said, I have messed around with PE before, didn’t experience growth, but noticed increased staying power. Before I started PE again, this was all I could think about, and I was reading and reading and getting more and more obsessed. My last PE day I noticed sharp pain during stretching, and I stopped after that, didn’t think much about it then and there. But, morning wood was gone the next day, and still is. I have told about the physical changes with my penis, and I have now got in contact with somebody else that got way better after 14 months of “rest”. I think we have the same, slight nerve damage, and I am still having a following up with a new urolog, this one is more experienced (I hope). I admit that me coming here, whining like a drama queen, was an escape from reality, I got a temporarely rest from my mind causing “hell”, but at least I got in contact with other people that had gone through the same thing as me. Guess, what? They all got, “it’s in your head” from some of the mods. However, my intention wasn’t to to argue with anyone in the beginning, but it got very frustrating when the thead got away from the main point: To talk to someone with similar experience. Also, the whole mix up with story, understand that in the last 2 months, I hardly remember anything, just bits and pieces. When, your dick aches, and is all spongy when erect, I think any guy would freak out. That is what I did. I am now better mentally, I am over my BDD phase, and am now facing a long time of recovery and thinking positive. I may or may not be 100 % after a long healing time, but then again there is always help in form of pumping and/ or ED meds. And believe me when I say, that it is very easy to injure your dick and there are many uroligist forums where guys are compaining of injuries due to PE. Some say they even didn’t experince any common injueries, it just didn’t work that good any more. Now, for all of you that has gotten the positive effetcts of PE, congrats to you. And for those with an broken dick like mine, I say, I feel your pain. I am now going to a “shrink” for a long term follow up. There are a few people out there that knows what I am talking about when it comes to this kind of injury, you open some very dark and scary doors in your head. I think I will lurk around this forum, unless, I don’t get banned of course, in case this would happen to someone else. I was very mixed up when I was writing here, I was very depressed and angry all together, but I still had my common sence, and I am still saying that I have organic ED, period. Some people agreed and some didn’t. I also made some stupid posts, I admit that, but fact are facts. Now, if there are still any doubts that this is the truth, then I don’t know what to say anymore. Let’s jst agree, to disagree, it’s not going to help my ED, but I hope it will heal over time. Adios.

Now I’ve read through the whole tread (almost) and I have some kind of same problem, but not that serious as yours. I started PE’ing for about 2 years ago. Didn’t feel any pain or anything, didn’t overdo it either (I think). After some time I noticed that my erection wasn’t as good as it was before (then I was around 18, and got erection all the time, buss, school, you name it. Really annoying) so I taught it just was the Age thing and I got rid of the annoying erection problems. So I then stopped for a while because I haven’t time to continue. I got a GF (still together) and we have a good sex life, the problem for me is to maintain the erection.

I’m afraid maybe PE weakened my erection, but unlike you I still get morning wood and full erections just that it’s hard to maintain erected. If I have sex from behind it’s the easiest position, but missionary is a pain in the ass sometimes, just have to pull it out, play with it before it gets erected again.

I dare not do any stretch exercises, especially after reading this thread. I do some mild jelqing and kegel now, not experienced any weaker erection because of it, maybe sometimes Little better (not that big different though, could be just mental).

I hope you will fix your erection, and I’m going to continue read this thread to see what the final result will be.

And btw, I’m also Norwegian.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
You are right, that was your last post, under this user name anyway. I have a feeling you will be back though.

Awe Boss, he sounded so sincere in trying to reach a compromise.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

You probably enourmously overworked/damaged your penis.

I began PE for about one week and now it’s just the opposite - the wind blows and I’m already hard. :P

Originally Posted by Sibbe
So, there is few things I have realised. One thing is that this whole PE thing got to my head, and I developed BDD (Body dysmorphic disorder), I acutally got depressed because of size complex, and all I did was looking at my penis for hours, and thinking about it for a 24/7. Like I have said, I have messed around with PE before, didn’t experience growth, but noticed increased staying power. Before I started PE again, this was all I could think about, and I was reading and reading and getting more and more obsessed. My last PE day I noticed sharp pain during stretching, and I stopped after that, didn’t think much about it then and there. But, morning wood was gone the next day

I didn’t have the time to skim through this entire thread, but if what this poster says is genuine, then I might as well add my experience into the forays of PE:

When I was 18, I started ordering penis pills because, like OP, I was obsessed with getting an even bigger penis. Despite the fact that I’m already 8 inches and above average in girth, I started taking Extagen, and later on, Pro Solution pills.

It was during my freshman year in college that I started PE.

At the time, I remember experiencing tiny injuries every so often, where just a night or two of rest would cure it.

I never PE’d for more than a few months at a time, and the number of times I’ve done so can be counted on 1 hand.

During sophomore year of college, I dumped all the penis pills, and started experimenting with Arginine and other supplements. I gave PE another try once or twice.

I remember at this point certain injuries were occurring slightly more frequently, and I’d need more rest afterwards.

There was a juncture I specifically remember where I needed 3 weeks just to get back to normal.

Last summer, after the best session of ballooning I’ve ever had in my life, I remember that following week suddenly experiencing less morning wood, and what can only be described as my penis becoming slightly shriveled and firm, even when unerect.

I had experienced that type of injury before, but in this case it lasted for MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS.

I don’t experience as much “shriveledness”, but I still do get sore after multiple masturbation session whereas in the past before PE I wouldn’t.

I’ve also noticed what at least I believe is a decrease in size and plumpness when soft. I remember as a teenager walking out of the shower, patting down my dick, and it being nice, big, and plump.

Nowadays, well it’s not.

I don’t get morning wood anymore. I don’t get spontaneous erections anymore when in the past I did.

My manual erections are fine and dandy besides maybe a slight loss in girth and soreness after just one or two masturbation sessions.

For reference, I’m only 21 years old. This shit should not be happening, and as OP admitted, I too have suffered from BDD, my therapist has said so himself.

I’ve even had plastic surgery because of it, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

BOTTOM LINE - while I don’t have erectile dysfunction exactly, I think PE can be dangerous especially when your an avid masturbator like me, and this site should, IMO, have more warnings on it, because when you’re putting as much pressure as we are on our dicks, in comparison to how much pressure we put in the weight-room, it’s too much sometimes, and CAN end up in bad injuries.

At this point, I’ll just be glad I don’t have erectile dysfunction completely, and schedule an appointment with my doctor in the near future, and be honest and just tell him everything.

It would be nice if mods like SS were more empathetic and less of a hard-ass on some of these guys, because I’m one of them.

And still is. I have told about the physical changes with my penis, and I have now got in contact with somebody else that got way better after 14 months of “rest”. I think we have the same, slight nerve damage, and I am still having a following up with a new urolog, this one is more experienced (I hope).

I feel for you my man.

When you have BDD it’s hard to go to a doctor of any kind and talk about these things because for us little imperfections become overblown, and a lot of these so-called specialists have no time for empathy or common sense.

I went to a urologist last year and the guy was blunt and rude, and didn’t help at all.

I was too embarrassed to explain I had done PE, because I figured he would look down on me.

I swear to God, though, if this takes 14 months to cure I might just sue Thunders, or at least beat someone up.

That shit is just not cool, especially for guys like us who base their happiness on outward stability.

PE should, in my opinion, be a health thing, like brushing our teeth and working out.

Obsessing about gains will only lead to disappointment for most people. - babbis

Dude it’s all in your head. Your mind is the most powerful tool you can own unless your Peter North then it’s the second most powerful tool.
Get it out of your head that it was PE that did this. You see, now it’s happened once it will happen again and again because you let it happen. I’ve been there mate and it took me a long time to get over it. See mine was all in my head it was at a time when I was at my all time low. The short story is my girlfriend left me in 2004. That had a major impact on my manhood and thus resulted in my ED. My main man wouldn’t rise the occasion (so to speak) and after a few months of trying still no luck, even worse was that I had moved on to another lady friend of mine and even at the sight of woman lying naked in front of me I still had no luck. This happened with another girl too and they were friends, so you can imagine my embarrassment. It wasn’t until I had an encounter with a MILF (yes I’m a mother fucker) that things started to look up for me. She took me under her wing, and other things and she helped me through this tough period in my life. I’m not joking either here man, this is some serious shit your going through. Now I’ve got another girlfriend and she can’t keep me off.

Think positive and things will get better.

I also take horny goat weed supplement tabs to help with blood flow and all the other crap.

Good luck bro. Reply back with your results.

Originally Posted by MrNilsen
Now, it’s not an issue. It was all in my head. I couldn’t care less about how it would look like flaccid, if could get my old dick back. I have ED people, it’s been like this for 7 weeks. I’m sure it’s permanent. I’m not depressed, I have faced reality. Some people have been through the same shit as me, they don’t get better. I didn’t have any ED bofore PE. The point of this post was to talk to people that knows about this stuff. How to live with it etc.

IMHO it’s again all in your head.

If you don’t have any “mechanical” problem, is all about beeing to shy.
When you approach a girl don’t think immediately that you’ll have to have sex and you’ll have to show your tool and that your tool might not work..

.This won’t let you get out the problem.
Try to get confident with that person and when you’ll feel that you don’t have to demostrate anything, then probably you’ll be ready to get intimate with her.

And STOP googe-ing for “ED” or similar or you’ll convince yourself you have a problem that I don’t think you have.

This thread is wierd. Why don’t we close it? It’s like a law suit waiting to happen.

I just found this thread, and been sitting here reading now for a few hours. I must say it has given me a lot of different reactions; unfortunately some which I feel is sad and not positive for the community here.

First I have to say that it’s troubling to see how much resistance and attacks a person gets when he is searching for help on a serious condition. Secondly it’s alarming to see that the majority of this resistance is coming from Moderators. Further, it’s sad to see on top of this, that resistance is given in an often very spiteful way, with lack of respect, lack of trust, and with numerous claims that the person is a fake. I can not understand this attitude. I acknowledge that there may be many fakes on this forum, but I do believe that the majority of those are people who report unbelievable PE achievements. These however I can not see get 5% of the resistance as in this thread. Here you have a person obviously depressed and desperate, searching for support. He is pushed to the edge where he almost leave the forum for good. Still after this, the allegations about his realness are continuing.

I must say that I DO believe in PE, and I DO believe that this website is the very best of any place to be, and that no substitute or other sources of info are ever necessary. Neither do I think that any products, herbs, creams, or any similar things are ever any use to pursuit, as I totally don’t believe in it.

Still this site is not perfect, and I have now discovered the dark side of Thunders. I will have to be as sharp as calling that neglect and denial of the fact that permanent injuries exists, and that it is a real risk of PE. The size of this risk can be discussed of course. But in my opinion it is pretty obvious that to have a total denial of permanent injury, that is not a sensible attitude. It is also dangerous, and I would believe extremely discomforting for those who actually are exposed to these attitudes, when they truly have a real physical problem with extreme negative impacts on their daily life.

We all know that the dick is very sensitive, and that we don’t know too much about the way it works. We do know that it consists of various tissue, but unlike other body segments. Also we all acknowledge that temporarily ED exists, as this has been experienced by many trustful members on this forum. How can it then be so unlikely to imagine that a permanent or long-term PHYSICAL injury can be real? I mean, come on, moderators, your minds have to cool down. The condition this thread is about is no way over the top. What is your agenda? I do understand that being moderators may be not always easy, and by reading hundreds of threads and thousands of posts, I think that while you of course gain some skill of picking out some type of phony’s, I also believe it can be true that you are in the danger zone of in some instances getting a bit paranoid, and may hook yourself up on this thought about persons writing under several alias etc. But to be real, I think that to believe that you have that level of detective skills you should be a bit careful and self-critical about. Also I would like to ask.. isn’t that very easy for you to check? comparing IP-addresses of these members..? By this way you could just delete those users in silence, and keep the forum clean. ??

Moderators always nag on this thing about self-contradictions and that the story is not straight. I have to say about this that you need to try to put your mind in the writers place. People often write here when they are affected by concerns and things that happen, or physical sensations. People try to find a reason, and obviously believes may change. Also our own perceptions of things like “was it pain or not?” etc can change after a few days of thinking. I know this from my own experience. Also people sometimes post when they are drunk. I think some cautiousness should be taken in these assessments before publicly claiming a hoax. By the way, I’m also Norwegian, and what he describes about the details of the health system here is absolutely genuine.

Moderators, you ask how sure MrNilsen can be it’s not mental. But can you self answer, how sure can you be that it IS mental? Cause you really very sure about this..

It also strikes me as very odd why so many mods are posting on this thread. I have counted at least 6.

I must say again, that I do love this site and it’s members, and I do really appretiate and acknowledge the job you are doing for running this web-site. But in all fairness ThunderSS, I must say that your way of commenting on this forum is pretty spiteful and rude. Towards people in a positive mental state, I’m not gonna say that your attitude is bad. But to a guy who has a condition that can tip any mans sense, will and strength around, towards this man, I think we should think and calm down before we spite and joke.

I hope that this thread has got out of hand by the writers digging too deep in their own perceptions, and loosing touch with objectiveness. What I further hope, and what I ask for, is to please let MrNilsen in to this forum again. I think it’s not right to block this member from the forum. Because I do believe he is not a hoax. And it also looks like most other posters also think he is not a hoax, judging from the posts. So please, ThunderSS, for the sake of the trust in this community, would you consider to let MrNilsen in again? Do you really mean that your case against him is so strong that you risk to block out a member who has the worst problem you-self could ever imagine?

I hope for this to serve us all good, as awareness of risks and trust in PE’s potential can co-exist without any conflict. All we need is openness.


We don’t take injuries seriously? There’s an entire forum devoted to injuries. Extreme PE’ers are consistently discouraged. We know there’s a risk; many people have had some kind of injury. So the people here know what they’re talking about when they say MrNilsen’s condition did not sound like physical ED. He had no pain or swelling. Doctors were telling him everything was in order. If there was an injury, what was it?

I had a similar thing happen to me after I read MrNilsen’s thread. I was stretching and felt a pain. For a split second I just knew I had broken it for good. I checked myself: no pain, bruising, or swelling. Good.

Still, I couldn’t a full erection after that. It was just like what happened to MrNilsen. I would get a partial erection but right away I would turn my focus to it, fervently hoping it would do its normal thing. Of course, that anxiety would kill the erection. I knew it was mental but in the back of my mind I had my doubts. It took a week of talking to myself (“you’re fine, man, you’re good”) and masturbating a limp dick before my erections were back to 100%. A whole week to reverse that brief episode. I can only imagine how long it would take to fix someone like MrNilsen, who has thought he has had physical ED for a much longer time.

I thought people were being too harsh at first, too. But look at how MrNilsen would not even consider mental ED. He immediately threw that idea away. It was necessary for members to state their case forcefully. It sounds like they’re being insensitive but they just wanted to help. They wouldn’t bother responding otherwise.

Then: 6.75" x 5" ----> Now: 8.5" x 5.75"



I also had ED myself due to excessive PE. First I thought it was mental for 4-5days, then I understood during sex with a seriously hot girl, that it was not mental, cause I was so turned on, and it worked well, but it lost hardness very fast and afterwards it was painful. So it’s not that straight forward to judge. I got my erections back, even though I was deadly scared that it would be permanent, and was thinking all crazy thoughts; but when my dick conditioned, I got EQ back despite me being shit-scared.

What I protest about in this thread is that it’s not objective. Normally posters get response, and if they don’t take advice, they are left alone. Here someone is getting trashed and BANNED from the forum just for believing he has a physical condition. That’s not right.

You are putting words in my mouth. I never said this.

Originally Posted by hbgreek
We don’t take injuries seriously?


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