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PE gave me ED

You get your results tomorrow. Everything will be explained then.

Who’s taking bets on the cause of the ED? ;)

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Don’t be an asshole, it’s not funny. It is ruining my life, and you joke about it. Think before you write. Not everyone has a strong mind. Like I told you, even some people talk about suicide because their dicks are ruined. Mine still works with viagra. Theirs don’t even respond to that, because they did some stuped PE fitness, and I guess they are all stupid too.
It seems like PE is a double edge sword, if you fuck up one time, you might not get your dick back. I am of those, and it is really fucked up. I want to to try everything out there, and be prepared, if the tests tomorrow are fine then, I will check if the suspensory ligament is broken as plastikman suggested.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Are you saying that Congress is impotent? ;)

I do feel sorry for the guy honestly. Batling ED at a young age is really tough. But on the other hand, his attitude is just weak. Everything the guy said about PE is well documented. It is a dangerous sport, but only in the hands of dangerous people. I think he injured himself and is now paying the price of mental torture, both of which contribute to his ED.

Either way. So long.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.


And what makes you think there was any thruth it what he wrote?

regards, mgus

Taped onto the dashboard of a car at a junkyard, I once found the following: "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." The car was crashed.

Primary goal: To have an EQ above average (i.e. streetsmart, compassionate about life and happy) Secondary goal: to make an anagram of my signature denoting how I feel about my gains

I wish if it was not true but it sounds like it is. And I am sorry for the guy. If he got the complication because of PE which seems he did, did he got any support? Support like this could lead people to suicide.

What I think might happened to his penis is either venous leakage or nerve damage because of PE. Coulple of years back when I first tried PE I was stupid enough to do some streaches to the right and left, just light streaches and rotations. I got pain and stopped. But that dull pain was there for half a year or so and even after couple of years I still feel it sometimes. I had that spongy thing too but it went back to normal in couple of weeks.

Whan it comes to viagra I take it sometimes. it helps me not because I have anxiety, I don’t have it, what I think I have is slight venous leakage which as you might know viagra also helps. So viagra can help with mental problems and with valsular problems as well. When it helps it proves nothing from the diagnosis point of view. Guy has no morning wood for 2 months? Are you guys saying he has morning anxiety? that is ridiculous.

I won’t post more on this as I dont see any point. Sorry. For Mr Nilsen. If it is a venous leakage you can get operation. If it is nerve damage be patient and wait couple of years it might regenerate. And don’t do more damage as you already did.

Originally Posted by mgus

And what makes you think there was any thruth it what he wrote?

My compassion for a young man with ED. Might be fooling me I know, but hey that’s just me.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

I think he was telling the truth because I and others have had ED issues after PE. I wouldn’t call my injury a result of PE but more self-mutilation as I look back. I have a thread on it just search for “PE induced ED” and you will find it. Maybe this guy just went overboard and did the stretching part WAY too intensely. That seems to be the only dangerous part of PE as far as nerve injury goes from what I’ve found.

How is your situation today??

Originally Posted by UserName86
I think he was telling the truth because I and others have had ED issues after PE. I wouldn’t call my injury a result of PE but more self-mutilation as I look back. I have a thread on it just search for “PE induced ED” and you will find it. Maybe this guy just went overboard and did the stretching part WAY too intensely. That seems to be the only dangerous part of PE as far as nerve injury goes from what I’ve found.

Not the brightest but certainly not as dark as it was in the beginning. Now about 16 months later, I don’t worry about it anywhere near as much as I used to. He hasn’t failed me in a while but he certainly isn’t a stallion anymore.

My dumb ass still does PE. Hoping to do it the right way and get better erections and repair the nerve damage that has been done. I’m just praying I don’t do more damage but I’m pretty certain I know what I’m doing now.

More specifically about my condition now. I don’t exactly get morning wood it’s more like maybe a semi if I rub it a little. Much better than the curled up turtling I had when I first woke up after fucking myself up. I would say it was a long time before I started getting semi morning wood again. Over a year before I could do it without Nitric Oxide supplements.

My advice is just start slowly, you can always up the intensity later. You’ve lived all your years with a dick the size you have now and you don’t need to have it bigger by tomorrow. Patience is a virtue (and it will protect your dick).

Originally Posted by UserName86

My advice is just start slowly, you can always up the intensity later. You’ve lived all your years with a dick the size you have now and you don’t need to have it bigger by tomorrow. Patience is a virtue (and it will protect your dick).

PE is a marathon, not a sprint.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I didn’t read the entire thread but I think I’ve got the jest of it though.

In the couple of years that I’ve been a member here I’ve experienced the best , and unfortunately some of the worst, that PE has to offer. I think I’ve gained a total of about 2 inches and girth is a good thing now too. She loves her pony rides - lol.

But there were some anxious moments too. Meaning there were some times I thought I may have permanently damaged things…. err, my dick that is.
ALL of which have been explained, discussed or at least mentioned by others on this site.
And as a result of those threads and discussions I’ve formulated my own conclusions and gone on.

The negative aspects and possibilities that I have experienced are as follows:

1. First and foremost, YES I have experienced temporary impotence due to PE. I chalk that up to over doing it.
Nothing else. Usually it was later that night after a strenuous session earlier in the day. A couple of times it may have lasted into a second day. Viagra always help though. I found that other things helped also. Lysine, Arginine, Maca, Goatweed, Ibprofin, Orange Juice, Celery, hell just about anything gives me a hard on. So I was able to actually perform, even if I was a lame fuck even to myself. I agree it can play tricks with your head though.
What started off as a physical condition can quickly become a psychological one.

2. Those damn little red spots. I never knew what they were. I used to get them just from squeezing one out.
I head trip on those for years. I was convinced I must have some type of STD for which there was no cure and resolved to never tell a soul, even if it didn’t have any real logic to it. THEN, I found this place and it was one of the first threads I stumbled onto. Oh’ happy days, I was cured in a single thread. God bless Al Gore and the internet.

Some one in a recent thread was discussing how it seemed like they come on more frequently now since starting PE. I agree, at least for me too. My only hypothesis on this one is that for some of us, especially pumpers and clampers, is that we are some how increasing the number of tiny micro blood vessels and or causing those vessels to migrate closer to the surface of the skin. That’s my theory anyways. Again it’s hypothesized that micro blood vessels busting under stress may be the cause of the red dot, or skin tearing. Who cares, I’m normal in this respect at any rate.

I’ve had some bad ex-perinces with those little red dots. Once it even looked like I beat it against cheese grater. I talked about how neosporin ointment was a godsend for the red dots AND fluid build ups in another thread. Then the talk turned to PE induced herpes outbreaks, which I was mistaken for having by someone who can’t follow a thread, and I bailed. Neosporin ointment isn’t going to stop a herpes outbreak in under 4 hours.

3. The fluid buildup. God I hate this one. It can sting bad too. I got the harder fluid nodules to go with it also.
Was a real problem for awhile. Neosporin helped. So did learning how to pump (properly) at a lower hg.
I never get it anymore, but I’ll only water pump if I pump.

4. The thombrosed vein. OUCH! Got in conjunction with the nodules and the cheese grater rash. Or at least in the same time period. Again, neosporin ointment had the rash gone in hours, the nodules a little while later, and the cord like thrombrose was gone in about 24 hours I think. There was a lengthy thread about this.

5. I heard/felt a loud pop like noise from deep inside my right side the second or third time I tried clamping.
And it felt like it does when you get smacked in the balls. A little scary at first. But everything seemed okay.
No pain anywhere after the initial jab. What the hell was it? Something internal letting go? What? A self induced hernia? Not likely. To much pressure causing a back fire? I never got an answer on this one except that someone did mentioned that it happened to them also. I’m not really that big of a fan of clamping anyways. It seemed to be a consistent cause of ED for me. Bummer though, because I really would like to add some aggressive girth.

6. This is the really scary one. I was reading that thread where the guy was talking about how his dick got hard like and shriveled up real bad. Then it happened to me too. The guy in that thread got beat up real bad for being neurotic drama queen and eventually got the boot, so I didn’t bother commenting then about it happening to me.
Besides, I was really scared now.

My dick shriveled up to about 2 inches and had a weird firmness to it also. Exactly like the guy in the thread had explained. There were no solutions in that thread though. My dick would not respond to any attempt to get it hard either. Thankfully it did respond to viagra after about 3 days and I was on to the cure once again and then I had all but forgot about it when …

About a year later I was listening to Dr Drew one night in the car and I think I got my answer to what it was.
Some guy had called in explaining how he had broke his dick while having sex. His description of what happened to his dick as a result was pretty damn close. Dr Drew went on to explain how you can actually do what amounts to a sprained dick. He described the shrinking and firming of the dick as a definite indication that someone has torn or ruptured the tunica. (I think I have the correct part). Dr Drew went on to explain in detail the how and why of the shrinkage and firming, etc., and it all sounded pretty dam plausible to me. The caller kept responding, yea that’s what my doctor told me. I was driving along thinking, damn me too!

The cure? Time or sometimes surgery. It was an interesting discussion just for the info. I always though the original poster of that thread got beat up on pretty hard. He was being a pansy and unreceptive to any of the well intentioned advice being offered if I recall correctly. So things got hostile and he got banned.

Usually the way it goes though. But I still felt some empathy for him. I didn’t seem like anyone was taking him seriously at the time. Hell my lasted less than a week, he was complaining it had been a year and a half I think.
Let me tell you when your dick resembles a cold 3 day old elbow noodle that fell out of the fridge and got left on the floor, your ass will be freaking out big time too. I know, I experienced it.

So back to the original topic of this thread. Can PE be the cause ED sometimes?
Well my experiences (and these aren’t all of them) have taught me that the answer is HELL YES it can.
For a zillion different reason. ALL of which I thought had already been beaten to death around here in the past.

So if and when it happens to you, DO NOT FREAK OUT on yourself AND everyone around here.
It’s like I tell my boy; Kid you better stop, take a deep breath, and rethink that attitude, ‘cause it ain’t doing you no good right now. He just grunts at me. Knowledge is your friend, so are some of the people around here. Search the threads, consult your doctor.All we can do is make suggestions, share are own experiences, and offer support.
Take what you THINK applies at the moment and file the rest should something become relevant in the future.

I don’t have all the answers and I’m pretty sure you don’t either. But I do know I have a head full of currently useless information and facts that I’ve collected over the years. Never know when something in there is going to be the missing piece that completes the jigsaw puzzle. Besides it takes up less room than beer cans or auto parts.

Hmm… , Viagra. it’s kind of like the choke on a motor. It’ll help get you started until you can run on your own.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

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Thanks Root. That is a fair list of common injuries, mostly caused by over doing it, and as usual with such injuries, they went away fairly quickly.

In your first few lines you say there were things you thought may be permanent (but turned out to be relatively short duration).

We all know how strong an influence the mind has on the fickle penis. It is entirely natural to think ‘worst case scenario’ thoughts when it comes to minor injuries to our dicks, and to actually believe something is permanent, when really we should accept how amazingly tough our dicks are and look for the signs of healing after an injury, NOT look for the ‘proof’ that we have done something much worse than we have.

It is unfortunate when someone is unreceptive to any advice they are given here, and also thinks that urologists etc. cannot give them an answer which meshes with ‘what they themselves believe it to be’. As your post above shows, most injuries follow the same path regardless of who gets that injury. If someone gets ED and no-one can explain why, even with the best tests available, and it does not fit any known physical mechanism, then there is a 99.99% chance that their problems are mental.

Just as we all over do it in the gym and end up sore etc., we all over work our dicks sometimes and pick up little injuries. If it’s the first time we’ve had that injury and we are worried it ‘could be permanent’ we should post about it here: someone else is almost certain to have had it.

If we decide that it must be something really bad, and go looking on medical web pages to prove ourselves right, we create the mental environment for a self-fulfilling prophesy.

I feel sorry for anyone who gets banned here for doing this, but they are almost certainly beyond hope by the time they do. They think they know better than anyone here, better than the doctors and urologists (they have usually seen a whole bunch of them). They seem to enjoy the attention gained from having a simple injury inexplicably turn into a massive long term problem; you said it well, they are often ‘neurotic drama queens’.

Thanks for all the detail in your post Root. It should help others realise that we should all try to avoid injury, but if it happens we should not panic and we should listen to others who have had the same injury and faced it in a practical, non-neurotic way. However worried we may feel at the time!

You can’t help anyone who refuses to listen, and then just continues to doubt all the obvious answers to the problem. He reminds me of me the way I used to be inconsolable,defiant to a fault and irrational.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!


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