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Loss of Sensation Rubbery feeling

Loss of Sensation Rubbery feeling

My penis feel rubbery almost like a sponge. I am really starting to panic. When I stretch I choke the glans . Last night after I stretched I jelqed with close to 100% erection and then masturbated. I am so stupid and I don’t take things slow. What do you think I did?? No pain but there is discoloration on my head.

Well, you placed two different kinds of pressure on the glans: Once by stretching too closely, then again by jelqing at full erection. I doubt it’s anything serious, especially since there is no pain. Rest it for a few days, then take it a bit more slowly next time.

I have sexdaily! I mean dyslexia! Fcuk!

Thanks man, I am just panicing here. I hope I didnt do any major damage. I always choke my glans though and my head looks shrunk and on the underside a lil grey coloring.

It’s not the same problem I had months ago. I am starting to panic alot because it still feel rubbery. I don’t know what to do please give me some more advice.

Well, the simplest advice would be to stop PEing completely until your dick gets back to normal. Then, before you start back, if you plan on PEing again, figure out what you were doing wrong. Spend the downtime learning.

As far as what to do, don’t do anything, leave your dick alone.

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Basically Rest, some vitamins, and stay normal, not panic. That will give you only more troubles.

Hope, you restore your unit soon.


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Thanks Thunder and lui. I really haven’t pe’ed very consistently more experimentally, but somtimes I do overdue it, especially with the stretching. I have no pain and very minor dicoloration on my head but my penis just feels rubbery and a definite loss of sensation. It has been two days as well and it is starting to worry me. From what I have said, could I have caused damage that will not be repaired? Sorry if I am getting annoying. I am just worried. So worried it is making me think about going to my urologist. I just started to feel good about pe and thought I was doing things right and then this happens. Again sorry.

Marcus, you should try to go to the urologist, that will have to give you more confidence and truth about your experience.


BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

What kind of injury does it sound like?

Look, I just have had an over training “injury”, I was doing some hanging, (3 sets of 20 minutes), when I finished, suddenly I lost my erection almost for 1 -2 hours, my penis was shrinked, that was a very very sad experience. Like I said, for me was a quick recover. But with 2 days, and nothing yet, that’s a hard question to answer. Maybe someone here, can help you better on this.

Later marcus.

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)


Very recently, I lost some sensation in my dick and had a similar rubbery numb feeling that you are describing. I think it was caused by to much force during jelqing and overly aggressive manual stretching.

I was advised to stop for a while. I did, and now I am better.

Do a search under ‘Loss of Sensation’. You should find my thread and the good advice I was given there.

Hope that helps.
Take it easy,

I am freakin out. It’s thanksgiving and here I am worrying about this. Was it a nerve? I don’t know what to do but I am freaking out.

Sounds like you damaged a nerve, yes. There’s not much you can do, but rest. I wouldn’t worry too much though; if John Bobbit, can star in pornos after having his dick cut off, I’m sure your nerves will be able to heal after some excessive PE.

Did you read my thread yet?

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