Yes, definitely mention everything to him, thats the whole point. The better you communicate everything to him the better he will know what to suggest. This is the time to open up and talk, not be embarassed or clam-up just saying “something is wrong” and hoping he will magically figure it out. Speak up, describe it, describe what you notice and when, and say it. That’s how I would handle it. They aren’t mind readers, don’t expect them to be.

I used to clam-up myself… but I discovered it doesn’t do any good. I would go into embarassing situations and hope they would just “figure it out” but they don’t, and I walk away from the whole experience feeling like it was just a big waste of time. Well it was, I didn’t say anything! “Doctor, something is wrong…” haha. That doesn’t give him much to go on, does it. :) So that’s my fault, not the doctor.

Lay it out, “it does this or it doesn’t do that.” You have to sketch the map for him, then he can give you some good advice. You can accomplish more in five or ten minutes of good communication than in ten visits of everybody playing guessing games because it’s an uncomfortable topic. Actually, that’s why I posted here in this thread! “Rubbery feeling” was just rolling around in my head for some reason, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I wondered if you meant “numbness” so I asked. Sure enough it was. It’s funny how we can trip up over a single word sometimes, we each have slightly “different dictionaries” in our heads, sometimes. Look at it like talking to a priest… he isn’t going to tell anyone else, and the better the picture you can draw for him of the situation, the better he will understand exactly what’s going on.

Start a dialogue! The Gay Role Poll is waiting for your vote! :)

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