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Vig-RX and hair loss?


Vig-RX and hair loss?

I’ve been using Vig-RX almost 2 months.
I’ve also just started recently noticing my hair loss in the center of the temples and around 1-4 inches. It is not that noticable but if I move my hair here and there you can pretty much see hair loss near the front of my head and 1-4 inches in the back. There is alot of hair thinning going on. Also might I add I have weak hair roots.

The reasons for hair loss can be:
1. Hereditary
2. Hormonal Imbalance
3. Radiation
4. Injuries
5. Malnutrition such as lack of iron

I don’t know what’s the cause of this but I’m beginning to think that taking the Vig-RX might have caused the hormonal imbalance since I haven’t had been exposed to radiation nor injuries.

It can be hereditary since my father has considerable amount of hair loss or it can be lack of iron. But the weird part is I’m only 19 years old and too young for hair loss to be starting, although it is not impossible. My diet usually consists of some fast food, salad, rice, ham, bread, cereal, beef, pasta and spaghetti (occasional chicken). I’m kind of sure I’m not lacking any iron in my diet but it’s still in the picture.

So I’m leaning more toward the hormonal imbalance from taking Vig-RX. Does anyone have any experience with it and hair loss. Any piece of advice in this depressing situation is appreciated.

I’ve just bought some rogaine because I was really desperate. I don’t want to be bald at the age of 19.


I would consider seeing a doctor talk to him about your’e condition see if it is mpb or some other underlining cause,if it is mpb ask him about propecia to go along with the rogaine,or even better yet proscar cut into quarters. There is a new drug called avodart out but it is expensive and results have been varied.Here is a link where you can find heaps of helpfull information,just copy and paste and good luck.

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Hey, thanks for the reply.

What does mpb stand for though?


No problem,mpb stands for male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia,which is the most common form of hairloss for males and is generally hereditary.There are other forms of hairloss stemming from different reasons,that is why seeing a gp or a dermatologist for a correct diagnosis is important.But dont totaly despair as there are some good options available now to deal with the condition,and these can be discussed and explored with your medico.Have a look at the site in the supplied link ,i’ve found it to be very imformative.Good luck

It was Male Pattern Baldness for me, when I was 23 - I am 32 now and I have no bald regions on my scalp. In the beginning I used Rogaine, but since Propecia came up and I switched to it, I am really relieved and confident that I will keep my hair for ever… Do a search on Propecia, you will find detailed explanations on how MPB is caused. Still I am a bit surprised that you only listed patologic reasons for hair loss. Do you really think that all these men running around bald were exposed to radiation, do suffer from a lack of iron etc… ???

You could also do a search on Propecia on this board, there was another thread recently (about a month or two ago…)

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Sorry, one more thing. I don’t know much about Vig-RX. But if RX to a certain extend raises testosterone levels, there is a good chance that RX also amplifies MPB.

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Thanks for all the help.
I’ve thought it was the Vig-Rx because I didn’t notice my frontal hair loss until now and I had started using it 2 months ago. I’ll go check the dermatologist. I’ve also had depression for a long time and just started to get out of it. Perhaps it can be a post-stress thing and my hair will just regrow again.

L born, I’ve heard that propecia had sexual side effects. How long have you been using Propecia?, does it work on frontal baldness?, and how often did you take it?

Rogaine doesn’t work on frontal baldness so it’s out of the question. I’m suprised I’m having hair loss at this age and I don’t look good bald so I’m getting really frustrated. :(

Vig-Rx contains:
saw palmetto, korean red ginseng, gingko biloba, muira pauma,
catuaba bark extract, cuscuta seed, and epimedium extract.

I’m not sure if these ingredients raises testosterone levels or not.

LonerJ, while the makers of VigRX no doubt want you to believe that these ingredients raise test levels, they do not. I started losing my hair at the tender age of 16, it runs in the family. Luckily I was prepared for this from an early age by my family.

Talking to a doctor wouldn’t hurt. But I’m about 98% sure that this has nothing to do with VigRX. Now as to whether VigRX is a waste of money or not, that’s a different story…

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Thanks for the reply KingUbu. I have to ask though, what did you do to prevent the hair loss??

I have done nothing to prevent hair loss. If that’s the way I’m wired, that’s the way it is. I just clip my hair to an amazingly short length and get on with my life.

Like I mentioned, I was well prepared for this. One of the few things that my family actually did right, actually. I remember when I discovered hair styling products at about 8 (it was the 80’s) and my mom telling me that I would probably start losing it in a few years. By the time it started happening I was fairly upset, but not at all devastated. These days I don’t even think about it.

The only product I actually tried was Nioxin. They sell a whole line of shampoos and conditioners for people with non-hereditary hair loss. I don’t know if they work or not, I really stopped caring at that point. They are inexpensive enough that it wouldn’t hurt trying. You can get them at any hair-friendly establishment. Nice conditioner, by the way. Very odd smelling but very nice.

My advice is to invest in a pair of clippers if it looks to be inevitable.

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Thanks again for the reply. But I really really look weird without hair so I think I’m going to go cry now :(

I’ll try some products out and if you want to think about growing your hair again, I’ll recommend you the ones that work. I know that rogaine and propecia are risky and do not work for many people. So far rogaine is out of the question.

Damn it!!! What’s the shit with Propecia and ED? I am taking Propecia since three years. It’s working perfectly on me. And the only ED issue I had was caused by heavy manual stretching. You might also ask WestLA about it, he’s using it too. A personal friend of mine does so as well. He was actually angry that I didn’t tell him right in the beginning. He only found out about it a year later and therefore started from a worse condition than I did. As mentioned, Propecia will only stabilize hair growth and regrow hair, where there are follicles left to grow hair. After the stuff which is produced by breaking down testosterone (I don’t remember the name) has drowned the follicles to death it won’t help anymore.

I am not sure if the effectiveness on the forehead is significantly lower then at the crown, but for sure on me it did stop hair loss there too. One additional thing which you should consider beside (!!) taking drugs is a promoting hair cut - KingUbi found his one, which I really think is very cool. But like you, I didn’t like myself without hair. I tried it during a surf vacation in Costa Rica about 5 years ago, where I could not play tricks with a hair dryer and hair styling. But I found I had a tiny head somehow. Although my head is quite big, it looked very small on me. When we got stoned one night, a friend of mine started making up Cartoon Stories, in which we were represented by certain characters. It was very funny - but guess what, I was the “Chauffeur with the tiny head” in his story. And I knew it was true.

OK, back to LonerJ: Why are you so pessimistic? …Propecia risky? If you don’t get it up while taking Propecia, you still can decide to lose your hair instead of your erection and skip Propecia. What’s the deal anyway?

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Propecia is certainly worth a try. You can always go back to where you started if certain apendages decide to not operate. I would just hate for you to get in the position where you are taking one pill for your hair, another for your ED, and so on…

I was always very leery of a pill that women and children can’t touch, look at, or taunt.

"It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene. " - Brian Eno

propecia works for me

I have taken propecia for almost 6 years. It completely halted my thinning hair and helped me fill in areas that had also thinned out. Today, I still retain my wavy/curly hair, thank God. I have had no sexual side effects other than a slight reduction in my cum load, but that could also be due to the fact that I am also getting older. There has been absolutely no erectile dysfunction.

Also, in my three years of active PE’ing and while taking propecia, I have been able to make both erect and girth gains of over 2 inches each. I get hardons as easy as I did 20 years ago. So, from my point of view, propecia has worked to help me keep my hair and has not prevented me from making dick size gains either.

For those losing your hair and not liking this, it’s worth a try. I think sometimes that there may be a psychological expectation that propecia will cause sexual problems. If you look at the clinical stats, only about two percent experience these, and they usually go away in time. I hope this helps those on the fence as to whether or not to use propecia.


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