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Anyone experiencing a permanent loss of penis-sensitiveness cause of hanging?

Anyone experiencing a permanent loss of penis-sensitiveness cause of hanging?


i ask myself if some other guys out there also experience what i experience. But btw, i would also like to read of guys who didnt even lose a little bit of sensitiveness due to year-long hanging.

Ok, i am 21 and since i am 17 i experience a (still) increasing loss of my sensitiveness.
I used some PEdevices (JES and some others) but the loss started before applying them.
I get a more and more sore feeling or even nearly numb during masturbation.
Sex is no fun for me cause i dont get the real horny feeling that i want. I need a real big pressure to ejaculate.

My penis feels more like a piece of plastic (that exagerated of course but the feeling lies between a normal penis-feeling and plastic i would say).
Perhaps the skin of the shaft (tunica?) becomes thicker due to hanging because of the stress?
Perhaps some nerves get squeezed and permanently are dead?

My loss of sensation is NOT temporary, during LONG times of stopping to hang and using good skin creams i get not even a little bit of my sensitiveness back.

I am using the Bib hanger but the loss started long time brfore i used it. I am not hanging high weights, only as much as i have to to experience a good stretch with no pain.
But i have to stop my hanging sessions after 14 days because the feeling of my loss of sensitiveness becomes too strong.
That forces me to stop hanging and also discourages me because i REALLY want to get bigger…..

If anyone else also experiences this or has some ideas what to do , some help or opinion i would like to read it.
Is there a possibility to get sensitiveness back?
I would do anything for it!

Bye, SPV

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My first question to you is why have you singled out hanging as the culprit? You have already admitted that you have been progressively losing penile sensation for 4 years, yet you’ve only been hanging for 14 days. Hmmmm …… well, we can rule out hanging as the cause - infact we can rule out all forms of PE because you state that nerve degeneration started before you commenced any PE.

You also state:

“My loss of sensation is NOT temporary, during LONG times of stopping to hang and using good skin creams i get not even a little bit of my sensitiveness back.”

You’ve only been hanging for 14 days yet you say that you have stopped for “LONG times”. In your opinion, how long is “LONG times”? Are we talking minutes, hours or days? Hmmmmm …… forgive me if I sound cynical, but something doesn’t add up here - in fact it smells quite fishy - blaming 14 days hanging for a condition that has existed for 4 years……… Hmmmm…..

Sandmann, if you genuinely have this problem, seek the professional opinion of a urologist. If your penis has a degenerative nerve disease, then any form of PE is NOT an option for you. DO NOT engage in ANY form of PE until you have been cleared by a urologist - no arguments!

In answer to your other question, I have been hanging intensively for 4.5 months during which time I have made gains of over 1.5”. I have not lost any sensitivity whatsoever - it feels exactly the same as when I started …. but bigger! :)

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S —

I’ve been hanging for 10 months and currently use up to 27.5 # for aprox. 12 - 15 hrs a week. During this time I have experiened with 2 brief periods of loss of sensitvity of maybe 10 -20 percent for a day or two early on in the first couple of months.

L2B suggestion regarding seeing a professional makes sense to me. Get your health issues in ordr then go from there.

Good Luck.


I have to agree, if you have a past problem with sensitivity you should not be doing any type of PE until you get the sensitivity issue cleared up. Anything that you are doing PE wise could be hindering recovery instead of helping recovery. Get it checked out and if you don’t like what the first Doctor says, see another one. Please make sure that you explain that this was occuring before you started any kind of PE. We don’t need him spreading the rumor that PE causes a loss of sensitivity. Let us know how the Doctor visit turns out.

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Hey Sandman,

Do you use a hotwrap?

I think that Hotwrap has INCREASED my sensitivity. (In fact, a little too much more than I like.)

I am still experimenting with it. I Am going to post something related later on.

Consult the physician, but a nice hot wrap treatment might help!

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