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Hello guys

I have been doing PE for more than a month after being off for couple years. Last weekend I was jelquing and did my exercises normally; however, at the end I discovered a small vein or ligament on the upper side of my penis, (looking it from up to down). It was not painful but it’s quite uncomfortable some times. I could be because I am paying to much attention to it.

I have stopped PE because I do not want to have a bigger problem. I am not sure what is the problem, because it does not hurt. This is my first time.

It feels like a small tube full of air in the middle section/upper face of my best friend. When I try to touch it, it moves. During my erection it is bigger but you can not see it but you can touch it.

Any help, advice or instructions ? What it could be ?

If you had the same problem what did you do and how long did you face it?

Thank you



Just from pure speculation, I’m probably not right at all, but I’d guess at a blood clot? Again, not a doctor, so not sure.

If it is, I’ve read that massaging and heat can help break it down. You may want to see a urologist though.

I did 1 jelq, why am I not 12" yet.

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