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Hi all,

From about 3 days, I do clamping for the first time,
From this date until now, I have an erectile dysfunction (I cannot get erection), I feel my nerves and tissues are damages, What can I do,
Please help me, please

Thanks for all in advance

Thanks Razzle Dazzle I appreciate your quick reply


Anyone can help me with any advice or suggestion?

Thanks in advance

Well, you can leave your dick alone for a couple of weeks, stop worrying about it (that doesn’t help the situation at all) and see if it gets better.

Or, you can make a doctor’s appointment and get it checked out.

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Thanks very much for your answer, I an afraid that it will be a permanent damage!! What do you think please?

I think you should make a doctor’s appointment so he can check it out and you can stop worrying. And while you are waiting for it to heal up, you can do more research here on how to do PE correctly, so you don’t repeat this episode a couple of months from now.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

What do I do about returning my penis back to being normal flesh colour as I look to be black at moment?

Dunn4u, I reckon you just should take it easy for a little while. Decrease the pressure of the jelq or maybe even just massage the blood through the shaft to even out the circulation. Even stretching helps. The discolouration occurs where larger than normal amounts of blood are congested, so if your whole shaft is looking black I guess you’re doing a good job, I’d still be decreasing pressure or intensity until you’re happy with the way things look.

Permanent spots on penis

I have permanent brown spots on my dick that look like freckles or sun spots, some the size of a pinhead, some bigger, about 9 or 10. I hate the look of it and am embarrased to have them seen. I went through a period when I was pumping to hard and didn’t know about the warm up etc. I think I my have done some damage. I searched extensively on the forum and everyone elses spots went away with time. I have had mine for well over a year. Anyone have a similar experience with this, or can shed some light? Any ideas as far as curing this?


When my penis erect it kind of twists to the right well points to the right. My penis wasn’t FULLY ever straight but since PEing since January it’s more pointed to the right and it is this way as soon as I get somewhat erect not necessarily fully erect you can see that my penis will twist a little to the right when fully erect it points to the right I have a feeling it’s the ligaments or something because I see that it is held up more on the left side and it kind of flops to the right although it’s probably more apparent when I’m flaccid than when I’m erect. I think I’ve also lost the upward curve I once had or it’s not as up anymore more straight than anything now. So I’m guessing my ligaments are torn or damaged and so it’s hanging to the right.

Originally Posted by Razzle Dazzle
You have torn the Frenula, granted it hurts like a bitch to tear it, but it’s relatively harmless damage, it recovers on it’s own and from what I heard, with or without touching it. The pain associated with the frenula merely comes from it being the most sensitive part of the penis, except in some men the glans.

The frenula tears all the time, can happen because of much to vigorous masturbation or any number of other things. It heals quickly and on it’s own and I myself highly doubt jelqing while it’s torn will do much damage to you, though I don’t recommend you hold me to that without corroboration.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I’ve been away for a while. But now, every time I have an erection, it tears. It is hard to maintain an erection with that pain. And with my Type II Diabetes, it’s hard to heal. And I’ve heard and read horror stories here about Frenulectamies that have gone wrong.. Don’t want to go that route.

Hello to all. I’ve been a member of Thunders since 2-08. I’ve been PEing since about 10-05, making some gains. My gains kind of stalled and I decided to try hanging. I started hanging 3 days a week 3 pounds for 10 minutes, gradually increased to 15 then twenty minutes. I then raised the weight to 4 pounds about a month after starting. Also while doing and PE I always do at least a 5 min hot wrap warm up with light stretching. Some time during my second week of hanging 4 pounds I noticed a small bump mid shaft in my penis, it’s not painful and is soft. Any ideas of what this might be? Any advice or information is appreciated. Also, I’m applying heat in the morning and before bed, with very light stretching.

Just an update on my injury. What I thought was a small bump seems to be larger than I originally thought. A better description is about 1-1/2” from the base of my penis there seems to be an area around the shaft that is swollen or possibly a vein that is swollen. I’m not sure how to describe this other than to say it’s soft and there is not any pain. Any ideas or help is appreciated. In the mean time I’ll continue with the hot compresses and light stretching.

I have the same symptoms as da-goals.Any idea what it could be anyone?It seems like it’s more fluid then anything else.

Hey, Sppanker. I’m not sure my injury feels like fluid but more like a vein or possibly a muscle or ligament, if that’s possible. I did some reading on anatomy of the penis and can’t really find anything as far as what is in the area beside muscle. Hopefully someone thats had some experience with this can respond. In the mean time I’ll continue with heat and light stretching.


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