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Injury/Treatment Forum

Injury/Treatment Forum

Welcome to Thunder’s PE Forum’s Injury/Treatment Board. This board is free for people to discuss any injuries they have and any sort of treatments they have to help those injuries. Feel free to start a new thread if you don’t see one discussing your particular injury, but please contribute to the other discussions as much as possible as well.

We will be adding more threads as necessary. This is just a start for now, and more are on the way within the next week.


Well none has posted yet to report an injury or ask for advice, I guess this is a good thing cause either none injured himself or the guys who did found all the answears they need in this perfectly orgenized Forum !


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i once injured myself jelqing to hard, and fast. i must have popped a vein, cuz i was developing a blood blister on the shaft. luckily i was in the tub.

what i did was ran very cold water on my penis, for like five minutes, which made the blood retract(we all know what happens in the cold water ha ha.)then i took 4 days off to heal.

i suggest you do the same if this happens to you.

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Got it under controll now thunder.


"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"


Ruptured blood blister

Originally posted by dawgbone3333
i once injured myself jelqing to hard, and fast. i must have popped a vein, cuz i was developing a blood blister on the shaft. luckily i was in the tub.
what i did was ran very cold water on my penis, for like five minutes, which made the blood retract(we all know what happens in the cold water ha ha.)then i took 4 days off to heal.

Something similar happened to me last night, but scarier.

I was jelqing with the PowerJelq device harder and faster than recommended (OK, in a frenzy) and one of the rollers popped off. I squeezed the two prongs holding the roller closer together, as the PJ website recommends, and continued at the former pace. Out pops the roller again. When I tried to bend the prongs closer together, one of them snapped and broke off! I like the PJ very much and believe that it’s a good product, but I’ve had it for only four days.

After warm wrapping for about 5 minutes, I then applied a medium-strong vacuum (using mouth suction) and kept my dick in the cylinder while I was looking at Members Pics. After pumping for about 15 minutes, I went to the bathroom sink to take it off and noticed to my horror that the inside of the cylider was awash with blood!! OMG, I was greedy and being punished for it already! When I pulled the cylinder off my dick, at least a tablespoonful of blood came out, some of it already dark and clotted. This scared me shitless.

I was afraid a blood vessel had burst in my urethra, but I didn’t see any blood coming out of it. I then peed a good bit and the urine was perfectly normal, no sign of blood. Next, I examined the shaft skin, fearing that I had torn the sensitive frenulum area; no problem there either. My dick wasn’t sore or painful anywhere. Finally, I noticed a small, slightly raised, dark reddish purple round spot (about 1/8” diameter) on my shaft about half-way down on one side. The bleeding from the blister had stopped, but a trace amount of blood was absorbed when I blotted it with toilet paper.

The problem was obviously a combination of over-zealous jelqing and vacuum pumping. If I had not pumped, the worst might have been just an intact blood blister — or better still, if I hadn’t been such a maniac using the PJ, no blister would have formed at all. (I have been pumping using only mouth suction for many years and never had a blood blister before, although I have had some water blisters on my glans when I sucked really hard.)

I plan to suspend all physically intense PE work involving my dick per se for the next 4 or 5 days, and when I get a replacement PJ I will be much more careful. And yes, you told me so. BTW, I have already taken an aspirin tablet.



Sorry about the scary injury moment, but thanks for sharing your situation with all of the guys on the forum. It can’t be stressed enough, especially to newbies, that great care must be taken not to get too overzealous. The temptation is always there to do more, especially when we are excited about new techniques or devices and are trying to push the limits on our dicks. I would have been freaked out myself to have seen that kind of blood in the tube. I’ve had water blisters from overpumping and learned my lesson, but I’ve never experienced the blood blister event and hope I never do.

It may be trite to say but “slow and steady wins the race”. Have a good PE rest so that you can resume PE with a completely healed dick.


Pumping probably made it appear much worse than it really was. A few weeks ago I shaved around the base and then pumped at moderate vacuum for 15 minutes or so. When I pulled out, the tube and my dick were smeared with blood. The source was a single hair follicle. No nick was visible. Bleeding stopped after a couple dabs with a paper towel.

Now I leave at least a few hours between shaving and pumping.

Peforeal and Hobby, thanks very much for your comments.

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought since last night and I’m not entirely sure now that it was the frantic power jelqing that formed the blood blister, which at this point about 20 hours later looks rather benign and half-healed already. In fact, “blister” doesn’t seem to be the right term to apply here, but rather it’s more like a tiny point on the skin that was weakened (similar to Hobby’s shaving experience) and then began bleeding rather vigorously only after it was subjected to a moderately strong vacuum.

In my earlier post, I neglected to mention that I had been doing some intense squeezes in between the PJ and pumping. Newbie that I am, I can’t recall the name of these squeezes, but it’s where you squeeze very hard with the OK finger-thumb at the base of your dick to trap the blood after doing a few strong PCs, while squeezing equally hard under the glans and holding for 30 seconds. These so far seem to produce almost instantaneous girth increases for me (for a while). However, this type of squeeze is quite uncomfortable under the glans where my frenulum and foreskin remnant would be compressed, and I seem to recall that the squeeze at the base last night felt especially uncomfortable as well. I did 3 or 4 of these squeezes within a PJ-pumping set, and I got in 3 sets before the bleeding occurred.

I don’t think it’s coincidental that the so-called blood blister I got (but never noticed before it burst) was formed at the top edge of the base squeeze, i.e., about a finger-width from the very base of my dick.. This is the reason that I now suspect it wasn’t the intense PJ use, or definitely not it alone, that caused the problem.

Again, “don’t do it if it hurts” applies here as well as elsewhere in PE, as I’ve learned the hard way.

Thrombosed Vein

I’m pretty sure that I might have a thrombosed vein on my shaft, it’s not real painful, just uncomfortable especially during erections. It’s really taking a toll on me. My erections are extremely weak, and I cum faster than usual. I’m going to set up an appoitment with a urologist or doctor as soon as possible. I’m almost certain the cause of this incident is from doing 440 horses. I probably did them with too much pressure. I hope that what I’ve explained is not as serious as I think it is. I hope I can get rid of this blood clot or whatever it is with some prescription medication, and not have to go through with surgery to remove it.

I’m leaving for boot camp in February for the Navy. I don’t think I have time to get it removed before then, plus I don’t really want to see a urologist, it cost more for some reason. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. To describe what I have I’d say that it feels like a small knot on dick, that gets bigger and bulges out more when I get hard. I’ve stopped masterbation and PE all together, until I can figure out what wrong with me.

Well scratch what I just said, I’m not going to bother seeing a doctor. I’ve been informed that it will flatten and go away. So yeah, I’ll just stop pullin the pork and Pe ing for a while till it goes away.

My skin has patches of red sensitive skin, and on the underside the skin is scabbing and peeling away. I got this from intense Uli’s which was my main exersize for the past couple months. I had been getting real dark discoloration, that should’ve been a sign that I was going at it too hard, for too long.

I remember the feeling of the exact moment my skin was being damaged, it was a day where I ended up doing PE twice, two 45 minute Uli sessions about 8-9 hours apart. I now realize I can’t do PE twice a day and I know the feeling of my skin being damaged, it felt hot and uncomfortable.. I knew it was unhealthy but ignored it :(

So does anyone have a suggestion for the healing process? it’s been about 4 days and it’s still red and sore, and peeling away at the bottom, it’s pretty bad. Maybe I should try Arnica? Has anyone else had this kind of skin abrasion from PE? If so how long did it take for all the skin to peel away and heal? Lucky my girl friend is on her period now but, she’ll be finished in about 5 days, and she’ll be wanting sex, then I’ll have to either avoid and alienate her, or tell her I’m injured down there, this sucks! hehe

I am a relative newbie to PEing. Have been jelqing about a month. Recently bought the Kaplan hand pump system and have been doing two ten-minute pumps at 4-5 PSI followed by 100 or so jelqs. Today was my third session with the pump and I noticed two small (1/16 inch) red bumps on the underside of the glans after my session. No pain. Is this the start of the dread blisters I have read about, and what should I do about it?

Het big,

Are you sure you are pumping at (minus) 4-5 psi?!!! I hope that’s a misread and that you are really pumping at 4-5 inches of Hg (mercury) vacuum. -5 psig is about -1/3 of an atmosphere or approximately 10 inches of Hg vacuum. For just starting out, that’s a lot of vacuum and that level could cause blisters (or worse).

Do you see any ‘doughnut’ effect around the glans? If so, you might need to wrap the area of the circumcision scar to defeat that (see Avaocet8’s pumping thread(s)).

If your pressure is really inches of Hg then my guess is you might be over-pressuring on the jelqs as that, all by itself, will cause red spots. They tend to be minor and suggest you ease of a bit on the intensity of the jelq and maybe back off a bit on pump vacuum to say 3 inches of Hg until your body adjusts.

If you didn’t see spotting early in the game of jelqing and, with pumping, you are getting spots now you need to ease up a bit (JMHO). Wouldn’t want to see you get really dinged and suffer a major setback.

All the Best,


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