Well I’d think the soft ones are ok, some of mine look enlarged since I embarked on the PE odyessy. You got me on those other ones. What color are they, do they look that bluish color? If they are dark, and being that they feel like cords, I’d bet they’re veins, otherwise I dont know. But I didnt see any ligs that close to the surface in that diagram. Gotta be veins then I would think.

Ya I was pulling pretty good there on those JAIs. I would get a good stretch on my dick itself, not just out from the body. Seemed like a good thing to be doing. If/when I start them again, I’m going much easier. If I remember Johan’s post, I think he mentions that he wasn’t pulling really hard, just till he felt it. I gotta read this stuff closer and pay better attention!

Well I wish you luck and hope you can get going faster than next year. Seems this injury is something that will pass relatively quickly, so who knows…

Hang in there man