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Have I Damaged My Penis Permanently


Originally Posted by absolute_zer0
Hey willy wonka, you don’t need a doctor right now because probably they would say your normal even if your not. I was in the very same situation several moths ago. It freaked the hell out of me because everything except the glans was numb. My orgasms were down the toilet as well. And like you, jelqing too hard was the one responsible for my injury. It freaked me out more when after one week it was still the same. All I did was to stop PE altogether for 6 months and voila! Everything went back to normal again. I got my old sensations back. It was a great relief to be honest. The thing is, you’ve done some damage to your nerves and they need time, sometimes a lot of time to recover. But don’t worry too much, it will heal I promise you. Doing some hot compress won’t hurt either. Also, try not to jack off for a week or two if you can. I know it’s damn hard but it can speed up the process of healing trust me. Please keep us updated.

Thanks Zero for that kind reply. It’s put my mind at rest a bit.

I’ve been resting it for a week or so now and tbh it’s been quite easy because I’m so worried and not really interested in touching it at the moment because it reminds me how numb it is.

Gonna give it a few months. My ex GF had her wisdom teeth out once and the nerves behind the tooth were badly bruised and she couldn’t feel the right side of her jaw at all for nearly six months!! It went back to normal eventually but it took a helluva long time. Looks like I’m in for a similar period of waiting. :( Just can’t believe I’ve done all this with 40 strokes of my penis!

No problem man. I’m glad I helped you in a way. Don’t touch it nor look at it or you’ll be tempted to whack it off. Well, if you happen to be be tempted, just make sure you don’t stroke it too hard to avoid further bruising the nerves. In my case before, I just stimulated and played with my glans whenever I jack off until I came. That way I had some fun and not caused any further damage, hahaha. Healing time could be long or short. It really depends on how bad the damage done is. Some members here healed in a weeks time some two weeks. The important thing is that it’s not permanent. I really hope you heal in the fastest time possible. And when you get okay, take it easy the next time ok. Make sure you do warm ups as well.


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