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frenulum swelling?

frenulum swelling?

Guys, over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a problem after hanging.

After I’ve done 2-3 sets in a row I notice where my frenular band is (i’m uncut) I get some slight swelling. This makes the tip of my penis look like “a fat lip”. It is soft to the touch and I get no pain from it (although it can feel sore), although it clearly makes my foreskin difficult to retract.

When I have stopped hanging this issue clears up in a few hours and I’m back 100%.

I’ve noticed this issue now I’m hanging about 14lbs.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice?

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It sounds like the thing I get sometimes when I overtrain my penis. Is it like swollen vein that goes around the head just below the head? It that is the case then it is called “donut effect”. Just search after “donut effect” and you will get a few threads that will give you the answers you need :)

My solution is just to keep the penis alone for a day or two and it goes away by itself. No masturbation, no training, no nothing :) Just let your penis rest and recover :)

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