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Aw shit. Please be careful with your frenulum!

Aw shit. Please be careful with your frenulum!

Just a reminder here for all those with your frenulum still attached - I am uncircumsized, intact, whatever you wish to call it…and I was just starting a little jelq session, and somehow, I must have pulled/pushed/stretched too hard on the frenulum, because I looked down, and the next think I know, there’s a few drops of blood running down my hand, and a spray (the formation it took) of blood on the inside of my pants and a bit on the floor. I was like “Oooh shit”, ran to the bathroom and checked it out, it appears as though it came from the frenulum, which has a little red spot on it now, rather than coming from inside the shaft. So phew, I think I won’t be excercising the unit for a few to days or so, or very carefully. Yeah, just a caution, if you’re uncut, you’ve got a bit more to look after when working it. As I’m sure you all know, but hey…Take care everybody!

Apologies for posting in the wrong forum, this was typed hastily shortly after it happened.

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