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Has anyone succeeded in stretching the frenulum?

Has anyone succeeded in stretching the frenulum?

I have a very slight frenulum breve. It’s not a problem normally. I can pull the foreskin down my glans and further, but when I get close to cumming during intercourse I feel it pulling my glans and the feeling is uncomfortable. I’ve been to a doctor and he said that it’s probably not worth it to make frenulum elongation operation since it’s such a slight case. He told me to try and stretch it manualy by holding it in two places - one hand holds it as close to glans as possible and the other as far as possible, and pulling. The thing is he also said he’s not sure if its possible to correct it that way because frenulum is supposed to be very hard/impossible to stretch.

I incorporated frenulum stretching in my PE routine, but I’d like to know if it is even possible that this will work. Does anyone have any experiences in the matter? Thanks.

I haven’t succeeded myselft (although sometimes I think that I have improved my situation. However I haven’t been stretching it by purpose and frequently). I just used to stretch by holding foreskin (the end of frenulum). I think that it is possible, I think you should give it a try, you have nothing to loose (just don’t get yourself in pain or injury ) !

I have incorporated frenulum stretching into my routine too. It is only early days, and I have been going slow on purpose as stretching it whilst flaccid it pulls the glans too. I am beginning to think that erect stretching of the frenulum is required in my situation. I don’t know if it works as it has only been 2 weeks since I started experimenting with it.

Why don’t you have it cut?

I had the same problem, a slightly uncomfortable feeling during intercourse…
…and then the frenulum ripped during some pretty harsh anal sex session. This did not even hurt. Only afterwards it started to heal and ripped again whilst masturbating or during intercourse and THIS hurt. I solved the problem by ripping it finally apart by myself. Two or three hefty pulling back during masturbating did the trick. THAT REALLY HURT! I would not recommend this to anybody. Now I would go to a doctor, some local anesthesia and a quick cut and thats that.

Hedonism is imperative.

@74zowee86 - Don’t do it this way! Seems like you’re simply holding one part of the frenulum and pulling it. This way you’re probably experiencing the horrible pain of ‘ripping your frenulum off of the glans’. Try doing it like that:

|————-|<—- —->
|—Glans—|-H——-H-| Skin
|————-| Frenulum |

H - the spots you try to hold with one hand
Arrows show the directions in which you should pull

I hope the diagram is understandable.

@Schabernack - since the doc said it’s probably possible to stretch it I decided to try it. If I won’t notice any positive changes I will cut it.

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