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Is swelling after jelqing recommended

Is swelling after jelqing recommended

Can I get a consensus of opinion from some experienced PEers on whether or not they consider swelling, after jelqing, to be a good sign?

I have read a few posts directed at hard gainers, suggesting that a good jelq stretch session should be marked by a swollen member for a few hours afterwards.

When I say “swelling” I don’t mean plump engorgement, but ankle-sprain puffiness indicative of injury or allergic reaction.

My personal opinion, aside from not having a clue, is that heavy swelling isn’t necessarily good. I always thought swelling caused pressure on the subcutaneous tissue- that the tissues under the swelling were actually constricting. I also suspect the emergence of swelling during exercise could a precursor to more serious injuries?

But like I say I don’t know. A subject of debate atm is how to describe erection level during jelqing. I think recommended erection level should be combined with pressure applied, duration, and current penis conditioning. The Ideal, physical, penile state, rendered After jelqing, may be a constant however, irrespective of who you are or what you do.

Are you uncircumcised? If so, the foreskin swelling is not a major problem as long as it goes down overnight but the swelling shouldn’t be massive, if you have a huge round blob on the end of your dick, there’s a problem.

If not, the occassional doughnut (donut for searches) isn’t problematic either.

If you mean something other than the collection of fluid under the skin, then more information is needed please.

I am circumcised.

“If you mean something other than the collection of fluid under the skin, then more information is needed please.”

A generalised swelling throughout the entire shaft, not local to any point. Yes, I assume it is only related to temporary fluid collection. Do you think jelqing should be taken to this extent, or should the penis be proportionally “normal” after a half hour?

The penis should be plump for a number of hours after jelqing but not with an excess of fluid. You should be able to tell the difference between fluid collection and normal after jelq plumping.

If you get fluid collection it would probably make a doughnut shape behind the glans.

Try a good hot wrap after jelqing. This should cause the penis to reduce in size a touch but be less “fluffy”.

Fluid buildup shouldn’t be a goal. It isn’t the telling sign of an effective workout. You might develop some slight, short-lived puffiness, but it isn’t anything to aspire to.

>A subject of debate atm is how to describe erection level during jelqing.

Yeah, that’s a toughie. Ideally, you want the shaft plump and full of blood - very “engorged,” but with only minor action of the erectile mechanism. You won’t be at this state at the beginning of a session, but it can be worked into. I find stretching first helps, though I don’t know why. Taking short breaks during a session also seems to help achieve this, maybe because otherwise I’d remain too “erect.”

The difference between erect and engorged is hard to describe.

All good advice, thank you.

“The difference between erect and engorged is hard to describe.”

I know exactly what you’re describing. "Only minor action of the erectile mechanism” sums it up, pliant! Engorged but not rigid. Large enough and fat enough to appear rigid, but on close inspection, only engorged. This is the state I favour, but some advocate a firmer stance.

I don’t like squeezing my veins between my boney hands and a hard cock. Reckon that’s probably pretty sound! Some people here don’t have a problem with it though.

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