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Discovery after long term pe

Discovery after long term pe

Hi everyone,

I have PEd for a long time - on and off since 2001.

It seems that whenever I come back to it, pumping at a very low pressure for only 10 min or even when I do manual PE, I get pain at the base of the penis/scrotum, on the right side.

To be accurate, the penis actually does not hurt, only the sack of veins in the scrotum/base on the right side… At first I thought it was related to the varicocele that I have had all my life, but hey, pain is on the right side and the varicocele is on the left side and not on the base.

The area gets a little bit swollen and it bothers me when I am sitting and even with tight underwear. Sex is fine, but it is not nice if it hurts down there, as you can imagine. This happened to me last year as well, around june after a jelq session and again this year after a very moderate pump session.

I told the doc about rough sex (not PE) and he said it was nothing serious, just a minor trauma that goes away with time. He also said it is not related to the varicocele.

It seems I must quit PE and devote my sessions to kegels and lifting towels ; ) What would you do?

I hope this is of help to the PE community. Your feedback is welcome.

It’s happened to me a couple of times. I’ve noticed that it’s when I’ve accidently have jelqed the veins/sperm pipes along with my dick a bit too much. Hurts like hell for a day, then goes away.

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For some reason, these veins did not get in the way before, neither with manual pe nor with the pump. Now it is imposible to jelq/pump without this problem. They got bigger and have been too sensitive to PE since june last year.

When I pump it tends to be sore in the ball sack but it usually goes away when I relieve the pressure. Not sure of my hg as I don’t have a gauge. But it’s medium I would guess.

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