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How do you manage long PE sessions

How do you manage long PE sessions

I find 30 mins of PE to be really long. I get really bored, not to mention according to these forums I should not even be thinking about gains for a few months. Then I read about 1.5hour jelq sessions.. How do you guys manage? Do you watch TV or something? I want a bigger penis, but the long periods of time I need to do these boring exercises is really discouraging me. Can I get good gains using automatic devices like stretchers or tubes? I live alone at the moment so have little problem wearing some device for long periods of time.

Thanks :)

Music for me… My girth routine is roughly based on listening to a certain number of songs and based on that estimating the time I am at it. Long song are better lets your mind wander more, just be careful not to jelq to the tempo, you end up just masturbating.

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Thanks :) Will try it..

You made really nice gains, I would love to be able to replicate them :)

Can anyone comment on all sorts of devices? Thanks.

It has nothing to do with boredom. It is dedication, love, and addiction.

This is not like studying for a Chemistry final for 21 hours straight to get that, “A.”

It is a life changing transformation, it is like dedicating yourself to loose 120 pounds to be who YOU want to be.

PE is not an extracurricular activity, it is a lifestyle.

For some they can hang with it (no pun intended) for some they can’t, you will soon find out your own biological makeup.

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