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Starting out through PE warning; long thread

Starting out through PE warning; long thread

First of all, I’m not exactly a fresh newbie to these forums. I actually stumbled onto this website in late July and have lurked here ever since, especially over the last week, but decided not to post until now. Like most of you here for various reasons, I have a small obsession to increase my dick size. It’s slightly above average at 7 in length and 5.25 girth, so it isn’t really that small. I’ve never felt overly insecure about my dick size, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like with a larger unit; almost to the point of obsession. I’ll do whatever, but I’d rater make prudent risks than end up doing something that might ruin my dick forever (like surgery). PE seems to be the way to go.

I’m doing this more for myself than anyone else and I already understand I’m not going to win the game of life by enlarging my dick. I’m an introverted, somewhat inhibited and occasionally paranoid individual now and that might not change for a while, but if it does, dick size has nothing to do with it. Shit, knowing my paranoia, I’m surprised I’m posting this right now. XD

Anyway, I decided to reveal myself for three reasons: to convince myself that not everyone in the world is out to get me (I fear some people I know might find out about this), to show my goals and routine to everyone and seeking suggestions and answers if I’m doing anything right or wrong and just to openly participate in some of these interesting discussions. Even if someone I know does find this and use it as a means of blackmail, screw ‘em (no pun intended).

I’ve PE’d for around 5 weeks. After much observation from these forums, here’s my current routine:
5-10 minutes warm wrap
6 minutes stretching lower angles
6 minutes stretching higher angles
300 Jelq stretches
5-10 warm wrap
2 days on/ 1 day off
The occasional 50 kegels and 1 hr of fowfering every now and then

I decided to measure myself over the weekend. I’m not sure if I measured my dick right last month (Oct. 1st is when I took my initial measurements), so I’m a bit puzzled if the exercised really extended the size of my dick for the first month. Right now (after 5 weeks PE), my BPEL is 7.5 and girth is still 5.25.

My routine is more or less an alteration of the newbie routine. I want to do more stretching for length concerns. I still hadn’t been able to find out my accurate LOT for now, so I’m alternating stretching directions until I do. I took a different approach to Jelqs than some people here. I heard someone say they’d rather do hard and slow 3-4 second Jelqs and count them as opposed to doing them with only a set time. I forgot who said it, but they did me a favor. I’m a bit slow when it comes to jelqing, so putting the extra time to do the individual strokes help. I actually jelqed prior to finding this forum and I did quick, somewhat masturbatory-like jelqs (I.e. The wrong way to do it) as opposed to the ones I do now. It feels much more powerful and I don’t feel the urge to orgasm like I did before. After these few weeks, my erection quality’s gone up and my dick’s starting to show more prominent veins. If not for the length/girth gains, I’ll continue to PE just for that. Even though this is a bit dangerous for newbies, I still prefer Jelqing after I gain at least 75% of an erection. Any percentage below and I just don’t get the same kind of post-workout soreness after a Jelq workout. I might raise my Jelq count later on, but after two days of 300 Jelqs, my dick always feels a bit sore. After the day of rest, it recovers fine. I’m a little lazy with kegels though, even though this is perhaps the most convenient of all exercises to do. As for fowfering, I just discovered it and started a 1 hour fowfer yesterday, so I’m not sure if it helps or hurts me. As for both kegels and fowfering, I decided I can probably do those everyday, unless I feel some unusual soreness. I doubt I’ll be hanging unless I change my mind later on. I don’t like the idea of weights hanging over my dick. I actually bought a clamp over the weekend and kind of liked it, but isn’t in dangerous for me to use it at the moment? I’d rather not rush into using it, since it’s a riskier method of PE.

My final goal will probably be around 9 or 10 inches length and 6 inches girth. I’m personally more interested in length than girth at the moment, but I’ll gladly accept any girth gains. I’d rather not get overly big on girth. As for length, once I reach 9 inches, I’ll see if I’ll be content with that, but if I want a bit more, I’ll aim for 10, but I doubt I want to go any higher than that.

The only real problem I have besides my lazy tendencies is that I lack any real privacy for a consistent amount of time. Whether I’m in my college dorm room or at home, it’s hard to perform PE without getting discovered. With my dorm, I have two roommates. One of them isn’t so bad…he works between 5 and 10 PM, so I don’t have to worry about him in that time frame, which is when I usually PE. However, my other roommate comes in and out of the room in an inconsistent manner, so I can never be sure when he’s coming in or staying or whatever. Not to mention the endless door knocking…I often have to be watching something on TV to stealth PE incase he comes in. And at home…some days, I have better luck than others. I can never find a consistent time though, because of all these obstacles. Consistency and organizations are far from my strong points, which give me a slight disadvantage, considering the dedication needed to be successful, but considering my slight obsession with getting a bigger dick, it offsets my complacency.

Any suggestions or comments you could give to me? Sorry if my first post was so lengthy, but I just wanted to cover all the basis of what I’m doing.

You can shave some time off your routine by reducing your warm-wrap time. Even if your flaccid size is humongous, you can heat your cock through nicely in just a couple of minutes.

What isn’t clear is if you are doing your jelking in one long set of 300 strokes or breaking that up into shorter sets of 300 strokes total. If all at one time, think about incorporating some modified Uli exercise between jelk sets for girth, like 100 jelk strokes, then some comfortable number of Ulis, then jelk again, etc.

You can get a very thorough PE workout and make gains without ending up sore every time. Best, I think, to end your PE session feeling sort of charged-up rather than beat up. A good idea, esp. if you are going for erection strength, is to end each session with a good erection. If you can’t, you may have overdone some aspect of your routine.

Welcome to the land of posting. You took a chance in laying out, up front, your basic feelings of social paranoia. You can trust that here at Thunders there are a lot of us who will make sure that you won’t be abused when you do share feelings.

Privacy is often a problem in a college setting. You might do a private inventory of your friends there; if you have a good friend who has a lot of privacy (like a single unit) and works or is often away, ask him if you might use his space from time to time. You can say that your roommates’ coming and going is getting in the way of studying.

Read the various threads on clamping. Don’t rush into this method. You have to kind of sneak up on this exercise, just a short clamp session now and then.



I think my rambling of paranoia is me worrying if anyone I know, seeing me posting here instead of any of you guys (and considering we all share the common obsession to increase our dick size, it’ll be hypocritical criticizing others here about it). Not much of a problem in other forums I join, but considering the content here, yeah, it makes me more nervous. I’m pretty sure I’ll get over it as time passes. Thanks for the kind response though. Still, I don’t feel right not contributing to this forum at all (if not by cash, then as an extra voice), especially since the best way for me to get the info I need is to communicate to everyone here.

As for the jelq strokes comment, I just do all 300 at once (I don’t have the luxury to break up my workout in several parts). It takes me longer than the set time for the 300 strokes (15 minutes, btw). I’m not surprised if it takes double or even triple that amount of time, but I’d rather not hastily do this, considering the meager results of the faster jelqs I did before. I might increase it to 400 or higher later, but not right now.

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