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Analsys suggestions

Analsys suggestions

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A few months ago I was doing my PE as usual but I was trying to do a few new things cause stretching and jelqs seem to of have less affect , but after that one session I got weaker erections and so on, I had no idea what exactly was the problem until a month ago , I found I had tore some of my left Ischiocavernosus muscle (good pic showing the muscle Locating the bc muscle )
So I’ve been thinking if I do enough rep like kegels I can kinda retrain the muscle back up to strength , all within caution of course. But any other suggestions would be appreciated

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Exactly the opposite. I personally think it will go back to it’s strenght if you leave it alone. 6 to 9 weeks no masturbation.

Stop pulling on your pee-pee and let it heal.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Yes well it’s been around 6 months since the injury and I feel a knot/ball of the muscle on one end that seems to of healed up like that , but it’s not fully connected to the other side , hmm , would general warm/or cold massages be a good idea?

This may not be such a great idea .. I recommend just warm and hot water , if you have to touch it - turbo gently. And no erection for longer than 1 minute. If you start getting them for a long period of time (while standing) without touching yourself , well you are healed :)

Hmm, I think I’ll very lightly massage it once a week , and leave it alone for 6-9 weeks like you suggested chrono, I hope it heals well, thanks again chrono.

Easy to say mate , easy to say - hard to actually do it.

O.o I know I know , but I’m going to have to if I don’t want to damage it more :(

start taking ginkgo biloba too

Hmm, didn’t know ginkgo biloba was good for PE

it is

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