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Uzim's Game Changer

Uzim's Game Changer

I am proud to introduce myself here at Thunders with a first post. I have been a forum lurker my whole life, but what happened to me today has shown me that forum posts are rarely for the poster, but rather for readers.

I started PE two weeks ago with the small hope of having a dick worthy of the rest of me. I’ve heard it said so many times before that I’m the “whole package.” Little do the girls that say this know how much package I feel like I’m missing. Today, I realized that I CAN change this. While having sex with my girlfriend today, I felt her pussy tighter than I had ever felt it before. She was always very tight since the beginning, but we have had sex so much that it’s gotten pretty used to my size (not a difficult task since I’m below average). Today, that pussy was in for a surprise.

It was this week that I really started to notice some visual differences in my dick. I’m only two weeks in so I haven’t measured changes yet, but today’s sex has proved what my eyes were seeing. My dick is really getting bigger! I can’t wait until the one month mark to post my results, and I will continue to post here to hopefully let newbies like me know that there IS hope. This website is the key.

My starting stats are:
EL 5.375
BPEL 6.125
EG (at base) 4.625
FL 3.5

Keep it up brother! I started 3 days ago and I plan on keep doing it for a while, hopefully reaching 7 inches! (6 right now)

Can you show us your routine to see what you’re doing?

Yes, how could I forget?

I’m doing the newbie routine, but instead of a 5 minute stretch session I do 10 minutes.
Also, I’m doing a 2on 1off and 3on 1off routine for every week. I got used to 2on 1off pretty quickly so I upped it.

Keeping it simple for the entire month, then I’m gonna try some customization whatever that may mean.

Keep at it! NBP 7 inches would be a dream to me. I’ll see you there lol

Yes, it will probably take me something like a year to reach 7 but I’m willing to put effort into it!

Yeah, I’m also doing the newbie routine, but instead of doing 5 minutes of stretching I do 10 and then 15 minutes of jelqing, all of this with 5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes of warm down. Also, in the last day of the week (as I do 5 days on 2 days off) in increase the jelqing to 20 minutes and add 5 more minutes of stretching at the end.

Remember to keep us up with your progress.. Wanna race brah?

You guys should totally race!

Greetings, Starfighter! You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the Frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada.

Originally Posted by StarfighterCMD
You guys should totally race!

I am totally up for it if Uzim is haha, he started a bit above me but my routine is heavier, so I guess that would make things a bit more.. "Equal”?

A race it is then! Lol

Mrpelafio, consider your “challenge accepted” (shout out to Barney on HIMYM). That just means even more motivation for us. Actually, I couldn’t help but be surprised by some comments from people who say they are going at it “for real” after not doing it the first time around. I feel like PE became such an easy thing to make routine (almost like an addiction) in my life. Hope it stays that way for me AND those second-timers. The benefits are unbeatable after all.

Watch out though, because I might aim for NBP 7 in 9 months or LESS! Haha, well actually, I won’t know what to concentrate on until my first progress measurement (end of this month in case you are curious).

Thanks for the calculations man. It’s crazy to hear something like this because I can honestly say that if I am average, average doesn’t cut it.

I haven’t gotten verbal comments yet, but if all goes well tonight, I’ll be able to show it off and test the waters once more.

Updates to follow

Quick comment. I was experimenting with grips the last two days because a vein that seems to be affected negatively by my jelqing was beginning to hurt. I don’t know what it is called and diagrams haven’t helped. It is pretty darn big and runs along the top left corner of my dick. The only part of it that hurt was where it met my base. In fact, it looks all stretched out and loose there now while the rest looks normal.

Well, in my efforts to find a way to move the vein towards the middle of my shaft while I jelqed, I came up with a grip I had never heard of until today. I seem to have modified what is called a v-grip. Instead of the peace sign form, I place my dick between my middle and ring fingers and wrap my thumb naturally over the top of my shaft. This is a terrible explanation but the best I can do for now. This 3 pronged grip is AWESOME. I get an incredible squeeze and it puts pressure right on the sides of my dick where, according to info on this forum, it is safe and away from my dorsal vein.

Just thought I’d share the knowledge.

Uzi, this grip is underhand? With the fingers coming up from below?

Greetings, Starfighter! You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the Frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada.

That’s exactly it Starfighter.

Keeping up with my progress, I’m linking a discovery I just made in a different post.

UziM - Frenulum Issue

Hope it helps someone.

Here’s an update.

After some more thread reading, I have really begun to zone in on my workouts and any indicators of over/under working my dick.

I noticed that in week two, I was so happy about the changes happening to my piece that I decided to really up the intensity. I upped my manual stretch intervals from 60 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds. I also began to pull harder in efforts to bring on more of the flaccid hang I was seeing from pulling much lighter. The results were terrible. My dick didn’t turtle, but it sure retreated a bit. I usually sneak peaks at my flaccid hang throughout the day for motivation and to check in on my status, and throughout the week I was continuously disappointed.

I also decided to put more squeeze in my jelqs and to jelq at an 80% or more erection. Once again, I was disappointed with the results. My dick did feel one crazy pump, but it felt pretty beat up after I finished.

Week 3 came with changes for me. I was basically forced to lower my intensity by the appearance of what I now know is a small tear in my frenulum. It started as a small speck and eventually progressed into a tiny and painful tear. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I saw the true tear that I slowed down.

I’m into my fourth week and even though I just began to lessen the intensity of my exercises, I have noticed that morning wood is much more apparent. Also, the pump during my jelqs is back without the beat up feeling from over-squeezing.

Just to clarify, I have simply eased up on intensity. I am still doing my basic routine. I just keep my stretches at 60 second intervals and do my jelqs at a 30-60% erection with a nice and slow movement.

Also, I couldn’t help it and I measured today. I only did my BPEL because I’m not sure how to measure my flaccid (do I give it a stretch before I measure? Do I just go at it randomly and average it? It’s short one hour and long the next! Clarification would help here). It turns out that I made gains!! They aren’t much, but I didn’t need much to keep my motivation high. XD

I’m going to wait until my official progress measurement next Wednesday to post my gains (maybe I’ll gain a bit more this week!), so until then, thank you!

An update-

Turns out there’s a reason I wasn’t a math major. I don’t know how, but I messed up my progress measurement date. Turns out it’s on the 25th!

In other news, I have decided to stop jelqing according to reps and start doing them according to total time jelqed. Let’s see how that works out.

Yeah man, I reckon you will achieve more doing it by time, for some reason when I do stretching and I do like 30 seconds frontwards, right, left and down I only get to do 2 “sets” of that and bam, 10 minutes passed, I have no pauses, it’s weird haha.

Keen for your results m8


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