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The proof is in experience: don’t drink coffee if you want a bigger dick.

I never drink coffee. I used to drink it whenever I hit the gym for some extra energy and pump, but even that wasn’t feeling right, so I stopped for months. The other day, I had a cup because it was late, I still had to hit the gym, and I was exhausted. The results were a tiny flaccid that lasted wayyy after the coffee wore off. I was getting worried because it lasted even after I had gone to bed and woken up. Only about 23-24 hours later did my turtle flaccid size get back to what is normally is (about 4 inches).

Stay away from it.

For anyone actually keeping up with this thread, I made no gains my last month. I decided to switch to Mem’s rapid gain mechanism, but things aren’t looking any bigger to me. Measure day is June 1st. If I make no gains on mem’s this month, I’ll up my routine time but keep the routine.

My jelqs have become difficult to do. I don’t feel a good pump unless I’m 85-100% erect. I’m wondering if I should start pumping or clamping. Maybe some girth work would shock my system and help me make gains. I have yet to gain girth since I’ve started.

Advice from anyone is much appreciated.

No erect gains for the second month in a row now. I made minimal flaccid gains though. I’ve been at PE for about 8 months now. I just made a realization that I am no longer a beginner. My unit no longer gets red spots after a tough jelq session, and my flaccid becomes incredibly elastic during a stretch. I think it’s time I break free from set routines and begin to establish my own. This is what I’m doing for June:

Split sessions:

Warm-up 5-10mins
Jelq 13 minutes at 80% erection
Warm-down 5 mintues

DLD Blasters
(still need to read up a bit to get the exact routine down)

If I see I can fit it in, I might jelq before bed as well. Not sure about this yet.

I am itching to start clamping every other day, but I’m afraid it will slow my already nonexistent length gains. I want to at least hit 7 inches NBP before start clamping for some serious girth.

Hey man, I’m just passing by to let ya know that I’m still doing PE and that I am making, although minimal, gains! So I wanna encourage you to continue

Glad to see you are getting somewhere mr pelafio. I’ve taken about a month off due to some lifestyle changes and also just to decondition. My flaccid has kept a nice hang (or better than normal) and my erections are still very solid.

I am easing back into PE with dry jelqs and manual stretching. I hope deconditioning will prove to help me make some new gains.

Today is day one of phase two.

The last few weeks I got back into PE and the passion for a bigger stick between my legs has returned. I’m starting with 6 inches NBP and these girth measurements:

Egb. 4 9/16. (Base girth)
Egm. 4 12/16. (Mid girth)
Egh. 4. 7/16. (Head girth)

My routine will be include a day and night session of jelqs and manual stretching under an IR lamp.

I’m also starting a regimen of citrulline malate 2:1 intake (3 doses of 5 grams throughout the day). Citrulline malate caught my attention from Sayan’s posts here - he was banned, but his stories were killer.

The schedule is 3 on (high volume) 1 off, 2 on (low volume) 1 off for a 7 day week.

7inches nbp is my initial goal. That and 5.5 inches girth.

Measured yesterday for my one month check-in.

EL and BPEL were just about EXACTLY the same. I have two lines marked off on the underside of a wooden ruler where I last measured. I’m trying to stay away from the numbers and just see that line move down to the end of the ruler, which I cut off at 8”. Unfortunately I’m still right at those same lines for EL and BPEL.

Girth went up though
EGB: 4.75”
EGM: 4.875”
EGH: 4.875”

I was very consistent this month and only missed around 3/4 days due to me working every day of the week. While I hate that I gained no length, I am a bit surprised I gained girth. The citrulline malate has definitely helped me stay plump throughout the day and my EQ is so great that I can go straight into round two of sex after cumming.

While this would have been a blast with my ex, we broke up a while ago and the new girl I’m talking to just has way more to fill down there. She is literally the first girl I can slip right into without feeling any tight resistance whatsoever. It is definitely an ego buster and a PE motivator. I’d move on to the next one, but she’s smokin and I wanna keep her around lol

Luckily I keep reading the Power of a Big Dick thread to keep my motivation high.

I’m gonna keep the same routine layout but change the type of stretching I do for my B Routine.

T/W/TH: high volume of morning (A Routine) and evening (B Routine) sessions

A Routine:
15 min jelq
20minute stretch
5 min jelq

New B Routine
10 min jelq
DLD Blasters
15 min. edge

S/Su: Low volume one session (B Routine)
10 min jelq
DLD Blasters
15 min. edge

If this doesn’t push my length out, I’m not sure what I’d do next. I was trying to stay away from hanging, but I’m willing to do anything for an extra inch.

November measurements have me at the same mile markers:

EL: 6”
BPEL: 6.75”
EGB: 4.75”
EGM: 4.875”
EGH: 4.875
FL: ~4 inches

I had a girl crash at my place for a while so I couldn’t do my routine like I wanted to, but I still snuck at least one of my sessions when I needed to.

Ordering my pump cylinder tonight if all goes well. I’m looking for one more inch nbp dammit! I’ll get it however I can. I’ve been edging randomly with a Velcro strap as a cock ring and my erections get to 5” girth and over .25” longer. I know this is what clamping can do but I wanna pump before I consider real clamping.

Otherwise, I have to say I’m getting more into the psychology of someone who has a nice sized dick. There’s no doubt I wanna get bigger, and I know I’ll make my goals. In the meantime though, I don’t see myself as inadequate until I get there. I only imagine how much more awesome sex will be when I’m hanging low and heavy!

Pump cylinder came in 3 days ago, so I’ve officially been pumping for 3 days!

I’m following avocet8’s (sorry if I spelled it incorrectly) routine of one 10 minute session followed by jelqs for the first week. I throw in manual stetching when I can.

I’m sticking with 5Hg max, and I have to say, it’s been pretty cool. No pain at all, discomfort at most, and slight hints of pleasure are what I usually feel.

The cylinder is 1.75 by 9” and the rim of my head already touches the walls of the tube when I’m expanded. The lube keeps it from sticking to the sides but I wonder if it’ll be an issue later since my goal is to pack the tube (going for length gains here; any girth is icing).

Let’s see where I fall at by Christmas time.

I’ve pumped for 5 days now and I have to say I have the hang of it. 5Hg is my sweet spot and I have no donut. I have noticed some red dots on my glans from burst capillaries. They have come up twice, always towards the last minute or two of my 10 minute pump routine. I haven’t gotten them since I learned how to jelq as a newbie. I know it’s not a positive PI, but it does mean I’m finally working my tool past its comfort zone once again.

With the holidays it’s going to be hard to be consistent, but I’m really just getting comfortable with pumping until I leave town for vacation. Once I come back, I’ll try to be an every day pumper. After pumping for 3 days in a row I noticed my flaccid was fatter for almost the entire day. Talk about a confidence booster. My flaccid usually looks so thin.

I’m liking this pumping thing!

Uzim lives.

I’ve been pumping since I started. Months have passed, but I’ll keep it as short as I can.

I left town in December for the holidays and had to stop PE.

I came back January with too much vigor. I had lost some centimeters and panicked. The result was getting back to my best size, but with overtraining. Erections became far a few between. I just couldn’t get aroused anymore. Also, after coming once, I’d shrivel down to a pathetic flaccid.

I took a break of about a week and came back slow. 5 minutes at 5 hg. 150 jelqs and 10 mins stretching. I worked my way to 10 mins at 5hg. Nightly erections came back. By March I couldn’t believe my eyes: I made gains!

EL: 6.25”
BPEL: 7”
EGB: 4.75”
EGM: 4.875”

My flaccid remains around 4” with a decent girth at times.

Since March I’ve moved back to 6hg and 15 mins in the pump but once again, I think I’m overdoing it. Random erections are scarce again and because of having so much sex with this new girl I’m seeing, my frenulum had another tear.

Today was once again day 1 after a week rest. My frenulum is back to as normal more or less and I’m gonna stick to my routine that helped me grow.

I hate that I keep overdoing and having setbacks. I’m an idiot sometimes.

Questions for anyone reading this thread-

What’s a guy have to pump to see some girth gains out here?

Comments and suggestions are encouraged. PE has become a way of life to me and I can’t talk to anyone about it. It’s hard to believe I’m almost 2 years in it.

You buddy just read your thread- how the heck are you?

I tried pumping and it sucked for me. I think you need to find what works for you.

Jelqing only gave me modest length and mostly girth gains- pumping was hard cause I had a bathmate and a small bathtub …. cant speak to long term effects.

Its been 2 years but the first 6 months were really conditioning. So its been a year and you have gained about an inch in length and some girth. Clearly your girth is a challenge…

Anyways dont give up from what I have read an experienced you need to find what works for you and do it.

How are you doing?

Checking in

It’s been ages.

Some big parts of my life began to change mid 2016 and I fell off PE altogether. A large reason was a new job I had started that has me working ridiculous hours to this day. On top of that, my dick had reached a high I had never been used to and it made me extremely confident compared to where my mind was at before. My sex life was becoming amazing and I was starting to hear comments like “You’ve got a big dick” so I guess I started to get complacent as well.

But the long hours at work took over and I stopped hitting the gym. Eventually, I stopped even wanting to have sex. It’s terrible how a job can take over so much of your life. My bank account was growing but every other account was barren. I was in a relationship with a girl who was horny all the time but I didn’t even have the energy to get it up. Finally I decided it was time to make a change.

I had lost a slight bit of length and girth but the real disaster was my EQ. Jelqs had turned into a thing of the past. In February I started playing around with jelqs again but couldn’t make a serious effort. Finally about the last two months I hit a newbie type routine of 2 minute stretches and 50 jelqs with coco oil. I also started hitting the gym. I started having sex again.

To my surprise my measured stats are just about where I left them now! This time I’m back with a mission. One more inch of bonepressed length is what I’m seeking (cause that should translate into another visual inch on my cock and that would be kickass). My goal is to get there by hanging. I know it’s the holy grail for some people here or at least worth an inch so I’m hoping it’ll get me to where I want to be. After I make that goal, I want to work on girth. It’s a huge downer when I’m using a toy on a girl with more girth than me. The goal is 8X5.5.

I still have my pump but am leaving it on the shelf. Too much edema in the past and it left my foreskin in a sensitive state.

I’m heading out of town for the next 2 weeks so I’ll continue my newbie conditioning and order a Bib hanger upon my arrival. My dick needs some “growth hormone” via PE and I’m glad to be back in the place where it picked up its first dose.


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