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Uzim's Game Changer

Thanks dickerschwanz! I definitely will not be messing with my routine for certain unless I stop making gains with the newbie routine. I wouldn’t mind staying on it for my whole journey to be honest. At the same time, I do think there is something to be said for small experiments or ventures into some exercises in case they are more effective for stimulating growth for me. Consider your words heeded though.

In fact, the day before yesterday I received the best benefit of the newbie routine/PE in general. I had just had some downright epic sex with my SO after reading a thread here on squirting that reminded me of a few techniques I used to use. All throughout she would just love to grab my cock and squeeze me. I had a feeling it’s because of how firm I’ve been seen I started PE.

Well, later when I had my pants on we kept fooling around and I got another rock hard erection that stretched out the crotch of my pants real good. She looked at it smiling and finally said, “how are you so hard lately? You were never that hard with me before. What’s changed huh?”


Just under two months and already the changes in my dick are changing my life. I was elated when she asked me. Then I had to blow off her comment like I didn’t know what she was talking about. That part was actually harder than I thought it would be. I’m starting to think lying is going to be a bit tougher when my dick has grown two inches in length 😓

Mate, if you get your dick to grow 2 inches in length I think that she won’t really care if you had to kill a jew for it, also, if you’re below 21 you could just say “groth spurt honey”

The scrotch of your pants?

That’s probably because it is a very slow process dickerschwans, I mean, it literally takes up to months to even see an inch IF you’re lucky.. I think that’s the average consensus though, I’m not sure

It’s progress measurement day, and it sucks. I made zero gains. In fact, my girth went down about .2 inches. Now, I could blame it on a few things. I could say I measured after a hard session or I messed up my early measurements or anything else that sounds like an excuse. But I won’t. The truth is, I don’t really know why I didn’t gain. I don’t know if this is completely normal or not. What I do know is that my dick hasn’t felt like it’s been getting worked right this time around. In the beginning of the month my PI’s were on point. Somewhere along the way the good ones went away. My dick went right back to being its normal self as soon as my workouts were done.

Here’s what I’m going to do. First things first, I wanna ask anyone around here if this is normal for a newbie. Advice from others who know more than me is greatly appreciated. In fact, I could really use a small pep talk. I’m not quitting PE until I have at least 7.5X5.5, but some wise words would help right now.

Second, depending on the guidance I receive, I suppose the best course of action would be to go back to the unmodified newbie routine. For my month 2 I did jelqs before stretching. Also, I applied heat as a warm up and during my stretches. I’m gonna take it back to before and after my routine. And yes, I’ll put stretching before jelqing again. I’m not decreasing time because I don’t feel like I’m over training at all. I’m below the recommended time so I might try and work it up by the end of my month 3.

Not stopping till I make my girl say, “Holy S*%#, what happened to your dick?”


Keep it up man, whatever changes you makes I’ll check em’!

And as to what he’s asking about suggestions.. Seconded

Thanks man. The only thing that matters is not stopping. Anyway, I read an old post here from WAD zilla that really gave me some motivation. I’ll link it if you’d like. Besides that, the fact that you’re out there is enough.

Basically, I have made minor changes in my routine to get back to gaining. I decided to keep jelqing before stretching, but instead of going at it intensely, I’m squeezing moderately and aiming for 3 second milks (I was doing 5-6 second ones before while squeezing super hard). I’ve also changed my stretching angles to SO, SU, and BTC. I jelq for 15 minutes and am working on getting my stretches to 20 mins by the end of the month. I’m also going to throw my kegels back in immediately after my workout instead of randomly throughout the day.

Uzim lives-

I’m doing my routine 5 on/2off and feeling good about it. My dick has been feeling conditioned with a capital C. I’ve upped my stretches to 20 mins total. I also jelq for 16 mins. I don’t shrink up like I used to after workouts and even my cold flaccid is keeping it together lately. So imagine my surprise when I saw a small bruise on the skin right over my glans rim some hours after my morning workout. Guess I went too hard on the jelqs today 😅 it doesn’t hurt at all so I’m going to continue the rest of the week and make sure I don’t squeeze the goods too hard.

I don’t really think measurements are gonna be any different in a few days (my 3rd complete month), but I can say that my sex life has changed. My EQ is so solid that every time I have sex with my SO, she makes at LEAST 4-5 comments about how amazing my dick feels. Motivation enough to keep at it until I grow.

Fuck yeah UziM, I’ve also upped my stretches to 15 minutes and jelq to 17, the things is that if I do more than that in stretching I feel like I’m gonna hurt it, also, I don’t hold it for 30 secs anymore, now I hold each direction of the stretch for approximately 60 seconds, routines still takes around 40 minutes between the stretching ad jelqing and also some stops when I feel that I might have hurt something or when the rection is close to 100%.

Keep it up brah

Progress Measurements are in! I’m late because having to be ready for Christmas and keeping track of what my dick does the days around the holidays is virtually impossible.

Lots of great things happened this month for me. Mostly, my dick really toughened up. My erections are boss, my ejaculation control during sex has improved (edging and jelqing to thank there.. kegels too I suppose), and the sexual compliments have never been higher. Unfortunately, my dick is no longer than it was after my first month of improvements.

The ONLY measurement that did increase was my base girth. I am now at 4.8 inches EBG! I no longer have a baseball bat shape thanks what I believe is the added stretching time in my PE routine. My flaccid length also seems to stay around 4 inches more often than at 3/3.5 like it used to always do before.

In all honesty, I couldn’t be happier. I love the way PE has affected me for the last 3 months. But why couldn’t I be an easy gainer!!??? *#^@*$@!!!

lol eh, whatever.

I have decided to stick with my current PE routine instead of moving on to Mem’s Rapid Gain Mechanism. I really feel like I’m the verge of something and I don’t want to just hop to a new routine before really analyzing what it is in my current one that is making me gain base girth and not anything else. I may add something to it like time, but it won’t be anything that changes the core of what I am doing now. If month 4 holds no length change for me, then I will gladly move on to Mem’s routine in hopes of length increase.

-mr pelafio, tell me you found a ruler down there. I mean, sleep with a math teacher if you have to, but just get one already!

I found plastic old one, but accurate enough to google what it is in inches…. btw, we do use metric system in Straya, but for the sake of the measurements I also use imperial.

chekc my post brutha, i’m on a bit of a hurry right now, damn it south america

Get girth.

I think you should get a Bathmate or something like that. I use mine and it make a big difference. Mostly girth but flacid I’m maybe twice what I was. Girth went from about 5.125 to 5.5 that is several hours after pumping.

I bought a “fake” bathmate on Aliexpress, it works just fine. $31.

“fake bathmate”

ya dick gonna blow brutha

Dickerschwanz -
how exactly does BPFL indicate gains to come? I know I’ve read that somewhere on this forum, but I can’t remember where or how it works. Do you mind elaborating?

I would love to have some extra girth. My SO’s last bf had more than me, so having 6 inches girth to ram those memories out of her is something that keeps me motivated. The thing is, I don’t want to possibly slow down or decrease my length gains. I have been curious about pumps though, so I’ll probably get one in a few months.


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