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Frenulum Issue

Frenulum Issue

Well, it’s finally happened. I have been met with my first problem concerning PE, and it’s my frenulum.

I have been doing the newbie routine with 10 minutes of stretching instead of 5 minutes for almost 3 weeks now. I have seen great changes in flaccid hang, girth and EQ (though all visual) without issue, but now I am noticing that my frenulum is somehow getting hurt from my routine. It isn’t torn or anything, but there is the slightest visual break in frenulum skin by the glans and on two other locations further down. The breaks are so small that the only reason I noticed them is because of the pain and their red tinge compared to the rest of the frenulum.

My thoughts are that the breaks are a result of my manual stretches. I use a square of toilet paper for grip, and I use an overhand OK grip. It seems that my frenulum endures a decent amount of pressure or rough handing during the stretches and this is what has been causing the small splits in skin.

My questions to all are these:

Is this something that anyone has naturally experienced? Can I expect my frenulum to eventually adjust to this treatment and move on?
Is there something I can do to minimize these splits in skin or are they just “growing pains” of PE exercises?
Lastly, should I be seriously apprehensive about getting frenulum tears? From what I’ve read, it happens to people with short frenulums, but mine stretches well and my foreskin stays behind the glands easily.

I’ve never had problems with my frenulum before (expect when first stretching behind the glans as a young kid since I am not circumcised), and I don’t really want it to start being an issue now.

Thanks to all - UziM

After a few hours of obsessing over the thought of postponing my gains (it’s only the newbie routine for crying out loud!) so soon, I have come up with some answers. I figured that even though no one has answered, it would be useful to those who are experiencing the same thing I am to link the forum threads that have helped me wrap my head around this frenulum issue. Here they are guys; read them carefully:

Frenulum damage

Uncomfortably tight frenulum (p. 2)

Partial tear in frenulum

After reading these threads (and a few others), I have decided that I’m going to tough out the frenulum splits I have in hopes that, since they aren’t tears, my dick is adjusting to my routine and will eventually be fine. Obviously, if anything gets worse, I’ll take it as it comes and change my game plan when needed. Otherwise, onwards!

Thanks to the posters who have come before me for helping me from all the way back then!

Yep, most things have already been discussed on here. :)

A couple questions though:

Are you dry jelqing?

Is the damage more like a friction burn that has opened or a tear? Your description sounds more like the former.

Rootsnatty, that might be it. I doesn’t look like a tear at all. And no, my jelqing is always wet with coconut oil. Maybe I haven’t used enough the last few times?

It sounds like friction to me. Like when I masturbate dry too vigorously. ;) The great thing about penile sjin is that it heals very fast.

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