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Uncut 6ft 4" Newbie


Uncut 6ft 4" Newbie

Hi all,

I have been reading the forums for about 2 weeks trying to learn all kinds of things and this past week I began PE.

I am uncut and 6ft 4inches plus I weigh 19stone. I used to weigh around 9 stone but due to feeling very self conscious I decided to put on weight and build muscle through power-lifting. This all helped with building my confidence but in the end I feel I’m still lacking some confidence when it comes to the size of my unit.

My stats:

Build/weight: muscular/19 stone

2.6 FL standing
3.6 BPFL standing
5.75 EL lying
6.25 BPEL lying
5.0 EG Not accurate standing
4.0 FG Not accurate standing

I’ve been doing the newbie routine word for word for the past week, 2 days on 1 days off.

My current goal is at least 4 inches flaccid and 6 inches erect.

I feel my size is very disproportionate in regards to my unit size, plus I have around an inch fat pad but do not wish to reduce fat at this time as it’s part of my build with which I feel most comfortable.

I hope to learn much more over the coming months/years and thanks for reading.


Good luck with your journey, it can be very exciting, so make sure not to overdo it.

Something a lot of people do when starting (including myself) is raising the intensity too high and overtraining your soldier

Stick with a routine and measure in one month. If the routine works and you grow then do not change it because why change something that works?

If you haven’t already look up what PIs are (physiological indicators) they will guide you in your journey

Good luck

Thanks for the motivating words Peak.

As I’m uncut I’ve been seeing a lot of variations in the way those doing PE tackle their exercises - I think this is something I need to do more research on as to avoid any side effects, say if I was to exercise as if I was cut.

I’ve read a lot of theories regarding not letting myself turtle after PE but I feel that it’s best to condition myself first before trying anything new whatsoever. So 6 weeks of newbie will do me for now as so many experts recommend.

(Thanks for the PI mention, I seem to be fine in all aspects of PIs at the moment but will keep a sharp eye on things)


Just to be a bit more specific about my newbie routine as it differs for uncut to cut.

30 min newbie routine:

Warm up with face cloth, soak it under hot tap then hold on my unit for 30 seconds then soak again. Do this for 5 minutes

Manual stretching for 5 minutes. I’m only doing upward stretch, downward stretch, down to left, down to right and helicopter stretch at the moment. All for 30 seconds each, up to a total of 5 mins, repeating them until 5 minutes is over.

Wet jelqing for 10 minutes - 3 seconds per jelq (although I believe this might not be best for me as I’m cut).

Have been using the ok grip one hand after the other up until today where I switched to holding the base skin back with one hand (have read some people saying this prevents some skin stretching) whilst jelqing with the other, swapping hands after each full movement.

I found this difficult plus I’ve also read a parallel grip using my index finger and thumb may be more safe for now so will try that next time.

5 minutes with the face cloth again for a warm down.

50 kegels, holding for 5 seconds each time then releasing with 1 second rest between kegels.


Rest day yesterday, just finished today’s routine.

As I’m now on the second week of the newbie routine I have extended the times somewhat.

Today’s session:

6 minutes heated cloth warm up

6 minutes manual stretching. Tried to use BTC stretch but even after warming up I am not long enough to do this I don’t think. When I attempt to put my leg down from the chair after grabbing my penis, I can’t do it without feeling like I’m going to rip it off. I stuck to the same basic stretches as last time after failing BTC.

12 minutes wet jelqing with lube. After reading some posts saying the OK grip is more dangerous than others I decided to switch grips.

I changed to the parallel grip but my shoulder began to fatigue so after a while I would switch to the C grip then back to parallel.

Not a very consistent jelqing session but still felt like I was working it well. Also managed to keep a higher level of erection this time presumably due to the grip - around 60% instead of 30%/40%.

6 minute warm down with cloth.

50 5 second kegels.

Will continue this setup for the next week. Will try to stick to one grip tomorrow and be more consistent. Still 2 days on 1 day off.


Ok so I still ended up switching grips due to fatigue but again still feel I worked it well.

Exact same routine as my last post apart from 2 things:

1) I did a version of the BTC stretch where I keep one leg up on the chair and stretch between my legs.

2) Incorporated firegoats rolls after jelqing due to what I’ve read about discolouration. I did this after jelqing and before warm down.

Rest day tomorrow.


Rested yesterday:

Repeated routine except this time I changed from c grip to parallel grip every minute as hands were aching in various places after a while.


Again I did the same routine.

Used c grip more than parallel this time as I feel it more and can keep a moderate erection of 30-40% whilst doing so.

Utilised firegoat rolls again to return to normal colour.

Rest day tomorrow.


Decided I will start each of these posts mentioning whether I had morning wood or not. Thought it’d be a good indicator of how PE is affecting me.

Rest day today, no morning wood.


Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
Sounds good. Collecting PI ‘s is so valuable. After some time you really get a good picture on what works for you and what not.

Thanks schwanz,

I think 2 on 1 off is too much for my unit.

I believe I took it easy but already I’m having negative erection related issues. Lack of morning wood. Not able to get hard without touching.

I used to be able to get an erection through visual turn ons or imagination but now nothing the past 3 or so days. I’m going to cease PE until things return to normal.

Annoyed that I’m getting these negatives so soon and not even 2 weeks into newbie routine but will report back when things go back to how they were.


Try a 1 on 2 off routine when you start back up. After time you will be able to ease into a 1 on 1 off and then so on.

This is something that you need to be patient on (it sucks) but it’s worth it

Originally Posted by Peakaverageguy
Try a 1 on 2 off routine when you start back up. After time you will be able to ease into a 1 on 1 off and then so on.
This is something that you need to be patient on (it sucks) but it’s worth it

Thanks for the support Peak.

I won’t lie, I do worry about what I’m putting myself through regardless of research - which I guess is only natural.

But I will soldier on once things go back to normal and as you said, try a 1 on 2 off routine.


Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
It’s not per session a negative. It shows your work had an impact. For example some hang heavy weights and have really bad EQ but gain.
Still adjusting to 1on1off or 2off should be a good way to test how you react to that.

That’s a fair point. I’ll wait for EQ to return to normal then will report findings with new routine.


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