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Uncut Newbie Needs Routine

Uncut Newbie Needs Routine

I’ve been lurking around here for a few weeks and Need some help. I am uncut and am looking for some good workout routines that can work around the extra skin i have. I have tried Jelqing (which works), but I have to use 1 hand to hold the foreskin back and the other to jelq. Im also interested in hanging but I am not familiar with this area too much. I imagine I will have a hard time hanging since all the extra loose skin seems to slip to the head more often.

Is there anyone here who is uncut and currently working with a routine? please let me know what your doing.


The best advise I can offer for us uncut guys who want to hang, is to go to the Hanger’s Forum and read. Especially helpful to me was the wrapping thread, where Bib show pic of how to wrap. Keep scrolling down until you find uncut guys telling how they hang, etc.


Hi there godleye!

I too am uncut and have been in this business for 2+ years, so I guess I have a little experience on this to give you a hand. First of all, don’t think that because we’re uncut we can’t do everything that the cut guys do. You can start with the basics like normally it’s advised. Start with your jelqs and manual stretches. With the jelqs, and since you say you have to use one hand to pull the skin back, why not using that skin to jelq? That is, why no dry jelq and use the skin as it was a lube, because what you’re really interested is in jelquing the inner chambers, not the skin, so if you’re like me and have loose skin, you can jelq like normally, doing the ok grip at the pubic area pressing inwards, and then jelquing forward. I can bet that you don’t have enough skin to jelq all the shaft with just one stroke without redoing the grip midway, but you can do it like I do, focus first on half of the dick, and then focus on the rest. Takes a little more time but I think it’s valuable, because this way you’ll really work everything up, giving more gains in less time (in theory, of course, but with me it worked this way).

As for the manual stretches, you can try the normal stuff, grabbing behind the glans (using a little talcom powder on your fingers and the area where you’ll grip), and pulling forward for 10 seconds, repeating for 10 reps. Then do 10 reps on the left, 10 on the right, and 10 down. Remember to increase by 1-2 reps each week on the stretches and jelqs.

I suggest you keep this for at least a month, 2 days on, 1 off, or 3 days on 1 off, or 5 days on 2 off, whatever, just remember that rest is also very important. After about a month or more, you can think about hanging, and I’m here to help when that time comes, because I’ve been using the Bib Hanger with great success.

Hope this helps for starters!



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