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Buckfever's progress report/bananaman story.

I don’t think I realized how little private time I have until I tried to carve out time for this. It’s especially crazy now, 30 minutes here and there is all I can grab, averaging 45 minutes a day, although I have to say things are maintaining perfectly fine that. Good to know.


Today I added a 1/4” bar to the extender. Some time ago I stopped measuring and instead focused on recording the tension level and the time. The key for me is to use a stress relaxation protocol to find the maximum tension that the glans can comfortably tolerate and then logging some time there at that tension. When measuring constantly the focus was always on trying to push for length and the glans was getting beat up and that was cutting into the amount time. I think it’s hard to find the sweet spot unless you put away the ruler.

Noticed that the noose on the extender was slowly slipping in the cradle, which was causing a host of issues. Contacted the supplier of the Extender and they sell replacement nooses. These actually fit the extender properly and lock into the extender. These also provide a much greater grip but at a cost of discomfort especially when removing at the end of the session.

So what I’ve discovered for removal is that the tension has to be backed off first and then the penis and the noose need to be gripped and held together while the noose is backed out of the cradle so that there is no slippage until the tension is off completely and then removal is pain free.

Also with the new noose there was some initial discomfort while wearing compared to the old noose so I went through a process of gradually increasing time and tension levels. But now I’m back to the level where I’m feeling the stretch (tingling) feeling along the shaft, which seemed to correlate to the early successes I was having when making progress. I haven’t felt that sensation in a while, so I think that periodic replacement of the noose is probably necessary for optimal functioning of the unit.

So 11 days ago I added 1/4” length to the extender and 6 days ago I added a new noose. The addition of the noose resulted in a greater stretch to start with so I had to backtrack on the tension. So I’ve been gradually increasing the tension daily and the last three days have increased to about the max tension for that length. Takes me 27.5 minutes to get to the max tension and now I’m increasing the time under tension and was able to keep the extender on for 45 minutes. This is new ground so I wanted to report it. I think the plan will be keep the tension and length stable and continue to increase the time under tension for 4-6 weeks and then think about adding length at that time. One of the biggest insights that I’ve gained here is that gradual incremental progress is the key and checking your enthusiasm when early gains leads to too much aggression. This seems to be a recurrent theme of people hitting a wall. Got to find the sweet spot.

Well said and excellent observation.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Five days ago things felt like they progressed a little so I was able to increase the tension a little more, so it takes me 30 minutes to get to the max tension and I’ve been adding time to each session and this morning I was able to hit 55 minutes in the extender.

I really try for small increases per session just a minute or 2 more per day. Mentally it’s very useful, plus not wanting to overdo it. The other thing I think is useful to monitor is to check the glans, when it starts getting numb I’m using that as an indicator as to end the session that it needs more conditioning. This does improve and you can increase the time under tension slowly and safely. Typically it’s a little uncomfortable when I get to the max tension which dissipates and then it gets a little uncomfortable towards the end of the session.

Realistically I don’t think I can fit in more than an hour per session. And I find that if I’m doing multiple sessions per day each additional session is usually a little shorter as the glans gets beat up a little and can’t take quite as much. I have found that a hot shower really helps with the subsequent sessions, so I see why folks are advocating heat to warm things up.

Keeping good records, documenting the method for increasing the tension, the amount of tension and the duration of the session, whether heat was used, all become very important factors.

If using the noose, it must be washed after every session and wiped with a cloth. Skin cells accumulate and that impacts slippage.

We had a little intimacy yesterday and boy things are really looking good, EQ is outstanding . Focusing entirely on length but girth is becoming an issue for certain things, but it enhances other things so I think I understand how people evolve in their goals. Some choices may have to be made. Things you have to think about when other things become possible.

I understand why documenting early is encouraged, I do regret a little bit not documenting better early, but who knew. Thank God I got accurate measurements of the max stretched extender length. That would have sucked if I didn’t get that to monitor progress.

I understand the focus on bone pressed for accuracy, but there are examples here of guys who apply discipline and achieve low body fat and that from an esthetic point of view is very impressive to me. So I’m working on reducing body fat to eliminate the fat pad and enhance non bone pressed appearance. I’m pretty lean already but it’s the final 5 pounds that will really tighten that up.

That’s all for now. A lot of this is just putting in the work.

Ultimately, regardless of not using a bone pressed measurement or starting pictures, it’s your journey. Your log isn’t subject to inspection and quite honestly…your happiness comes first. As long as you’re happy with your progress that is literally all that matters, as far as what you post here in this thread regarding what you observe in your PE journey.

Now: 9.13" BPEL x 6.375" MSEG as of 5/10/2019 This is my story, a few progress pics of me here, and all my methods.

Then: 6.25" x 4.37" in 8/2009 Are you new to PE? Here's some advice I wish someone had given me when I first started.

My current hanging project and balls enhancement project. There is no "Holy Grail" of Penis Enlargement. Only time and effort works. I'm *9* years in and counting. All you have to do is put the work in and keep the faith.

Reflecting on the weekend, it occurs to me that there are some positive qualitative PIs, which are very useful. Since this is being done stealth it is not induced feedback and also my circumstances are such that there are stretches of time of separation so that changes are better perceived.

1. Vastly increased frequency of “OMG it’s so fricken big” or such some expressions during sex.
2. Vaginal orgasm without stimulation in positions where that was not occurring before.
3. More time needed to work it in to full length/not needing to use the full length.

I think the first 1 is very useful from a motivation standpoint and to validate that changes are being perceived. In my particular case it was something I used to hear a long time ago so it is nice to hear it again as things are more robust down there.

2&3 though though are interesting because it actually alters what you have in your tool box in terms of what you can offer her. This was something that I had not anticipated and it changes how I view myself and how I want to be in my sex. The other part is hers in that it has spiced things up in a very subtle way and so she’s more interested.

It’s a positive feedback loop and it makes you think about the possibilities.

I’m a stealther also and I’ve experienced all three things talked about in your last post.

PE Is great isn’t it?

Originally Posted by Seneca 32
I’m a stealther also and I’ve experienced all three things talked about in your last post.

PE Is great isn’t it?

It is.

7/21/2017 Update

Last few days felt that sensation of the length letting go and was able to increase the tension and things looked longer to me in the extender so I decided to measure and we definitely hit 21cm in the extender. After I measured indeed the tension rod popped out of the base. So I added 1/4” rod, tomorrow will be an off day and we’ll start the next 6 week cycle on Sunday.

I suppose I should be excited about the progress but to a degree it is a little sobering. I went from 17cm to 20 cm in stretched length in about 7 weeks initially, with validity in 2 months and from 20cm to 21cm took 2 months. So the first 3cm took 2 months and the next 1cm took 2 months. That is some serious diminishing returns.

That said after the initial gains I have taken a more measured approach to it and there was a 3 week period where time was limited and so was the effort. Also I was having some equipment/ learning curve issues to sort out. Even so it seems pretty clear that the newbie gains party is over and now the heavy lifting begins.

Fortunately I am not looking for a whole lot more in terms of my initial goal. 22cm in the extender is what I was estimating it would take fully correct the issue I was having but from a practical point of view that’s going to take the addition of 2 more 1/4” bars worked to max tension, so that’ll mean 22.25cm. So that’s the goal.

And I’m committed to that goal. But realistically speaking it’s going to take more time than expected. That’s ok.

A little frustrated


With any method that is used there is a learning curve. I like the use of the extender. It’s what I started with. In my case I am using a higher tension approach to it and it requires a precision in terms of how to apply the ramp up in tension, how to increase the increment of time under tension, how to modulate volume of work and rest periods. And there are factors that need to be monitored to keep things in the sweet spot. It’s complicated and it suits my personality. And it’s taken me some time to get the method down to find the sweet spot.

These past few weeks I have not been alone and have had especially limited private time and I indeed found myself frustrated that I was not able to execute on this. So I really appreciate the postings on not losing perspective, because I did a little bit here. I think part of the response is ok because I’ve just gotten to the point of understanding how to execute on this and also I had been making some real good progress, but as far as the big picture it just isn’t right.

I think to be looking forward to being alone because you want to execute on this is a little jaded. I’m going to reframe this. Because of work travel there are plenty of times throughout the year that I will have extended periods of alone time and privacy and I will use those times to devote more time to this and the time in which I have companionship I will go on a maintenance program and enjoy the company. So that’s that.

Today I was able to get a good piece of private time and was able to get in a session in which I increased the duration at the longest length and highest tension. Progress is ongoing, but it needs to be balanced with life. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Back on track!


So I am alone for 10 days and have taken advantage of the time to get back on track. Slowly increasing the tension levels and time under tension getting back to where I was prior to when I was time challenged and could not get much time in. Today I was able to comfortably get to a new level of tension, while maintaining the duration of the session, so we’re back to making progress.

I think keeping a detailed log of the sessions of the tension and time under tension and the protocol of applying the tension is essential as you go forward. I say this because once you get past the newbie gains, the progress is very slow and incremental and requires precision to find the sweet spot.

The interesting thing that I noticed here with this last experience of having made short term progress in stretched length but then not being able to spend time to keep it there is the idea of cementing the gains and also the idea of how it takes time for BPEL to catch up to BPFSL. It’s pretty clear that there is a process here where first the tissues give so you get the increase in stretched length but that what is required is that the tissues need to remodel at that new length for it to translate to actual length gains.

If you study some of the logs there is a lot of anecdotal confirmation of this where the folks that stall with their gains, were at it for a long time at a particular level and finally kind of got wore out with PE and take a break but don’t lose any ground because they had taken sufficient time to cement where they were at. On the other hand you see a lot of cases where folks will make short term gains but stop and lose the gains and go back and forth with it.

So with my situation I had increased the length by 1/4” and had worked the tension level and the time under tension up, but because I didn’t have the time to maintain that level long enough in the short run, the tissues rebounded and I lost some of the progress, i.e. it was not cemented.

A lot of good advise here on not throwing the kitchen sink at it and going slow and learning to understand the process. It’s complex but once you understand the process it is a lot easier to execute on it.

I too as others here are doing am continuing to work on self improvement, cleaning up my diet, increasing my strength training and bumping up my walking sessions in number and speed.

And the positive feedback continues. Referring to the instrument: “That thing damned near killed me” she said with delight and she gives me a smile.

And while I am not taking erect measurements, my Lord “that thing” is starting to look huge to me when in use. Very hard to overstate how good it feels when you’re doing something constructive for yourself and how that improved attitude provides motivation for other aspects of your life.


So now I am able to increase the tension for 30 minutes and got a 55 minute session in the extender at the increased length. Probably need 7-10 days at this tension level, while increasing the total time under tension of the sessions. I have one more tension level increase I can do before I run out of screw length and then I’ll have to add another 1/4” bar to the extender.

Wasn’t sure how this was going to go as after the rapid gains of the first 2 months, the next 1/4” took 2 months and I was concerned that the progress would come to a screeching halt. But it looks like this 1/4” won’t take as long and I attribute that to understanding the equipment and process better. But more importantly I am continuing to make gains. Just a slow and steady progress of increasing the tension and then slowly working the time under tension back up. I think it was very useful to stop incessant measuring. The ruler doesn’t make gains the process does, but what the ruler does do is take away the focus from the process.

As far as the extender, the noose is the one weak link. After a time the surface loses it’s bite and slippage becomes more prevalent. There’s probably ways to deal with it, but I’m just replacing the noose every month or so.

I have to say that I am now fairly confident of hitting my initial goal of 22.25cm Max stretched length in the extender. And I would be surprised if I don’t get there in the next 15-18 weeks. So I am starting to think past that.

As far as what I would do for maintenance/cementing gains it’s pretty clear to me that I would make this part of my morning routine, when I’m having my coffee and catching up on emails, visiting here and the like. I would just tuck it in. 45-55 minutes where ever I plateau.

And this ties in to the long terms goals. For what ever reason I have no interest in girth. Maybe because I started at 5.25” or maybe because anecdotally either through improved EQ or as a consequence of the length work the girth gains have seemed to kept pace. Other reasons too sexual options, but I think that’s all just rationalization, I’m just not interested, beyond what comes along with the length gains.

But the length does have me intrigued. And in a very specific way. I’m curious to find the point where the incremental gains diminish, where it is that progress drops off. And from a practical standpoint it’s a good idea, because you want to stay on it for a good stretch afterwards for the tissues to remodel at that length and for the gains to be cemented.

So not so much a numbers goal but a process goal. Curious to see where I can take it.

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A very good day today

So today I was able to get 3 sessions with the extender and each session at the highest level of tension recorded for each session AND the total time of the 3 sessions was 131 minutes, which is the longest cumulative time in a day I’ve recorded at this increased length in the extender. A very good sign of progress. (Keep in mind, I’m using a higher tension shorter session extender approach).

In addition my efforts in leaning up have been going very well. I’ve been lifting weights 4 times a week, I have been walking 2 miles, 6-7 times a week and I have been following a meal plan.

Today I got a 2 mile walk in first thing, then I did deadlifts and then went out and got another 2 mile walk in, in the sun.

My abs are already becoming visible but specifically for PE relevance the fat pad is starting to lessen and it is making a definite difference already, in how the shaft is revealed. I’m a grower so in my case this might be even more important in terms of esthetics. I have no doubt that getting rid of that fat pad, is going to greatly improve how the package is framed.

It’s like a launching pad, all these things get tied together and feed into the motivation.


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