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Asymmetric jelqing, asymmetric veins, a confused artery?

Asymmetric jelqing, asymmetric veins, a confused artery?

First off, this place is awesome, a great resource.

My main reason to attempt PE has been to correct a lateral curve, consequently I have been putting a lot more stress on the curved side.(C grip as well as the regular ok grip)
I have been doing the newby routine for nearly 3 months (5 days on 2 days off) going very light. In addition I have been doing kegels/reverse kegels all the time.
So far I have not seen any size increase, however EQ appears to have improved.(probably the kegels)
Got bigger flaccid and the side of my penis that has received more stress has a number of new prominent veins.

About two months into PE, I decided to try some very light clamping and it turned out to be addicting. This is how I pissed off an artery on the side of my penis(surprisingly close to the surface), which I have never noticed before. I could feel the pulse and blood flowing through this artery at a high speed and the veins on the same side as the artery were always engorged. Stopping flow in any of the veins caused some discomfort, but not pain. The effect on the flaccid(bigger than usual) state was to make my penis “curve” in the opposite unusual direction. At the same time there was no change in erect shape and EQ was better than normal.

This had me concerned enough to stop PE and things went back to normal within 4-5 days.

I like to think of what took place as a high flow priapism that only affected one artery. Perhaps this was due to too many new veins on one side and the artery was overloaded or the artery itself received too much stress from jelqing and clamping, etc.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Any information/thoughts you may have will be appreciated.

First off, this place is awesome, a great resource.

Ain’t that the truth!

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