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Newbie Jelqing Is Like Lifting Weights.IT WORKS


Newbie Jelqing Is Like Lifting Weights.IT WORKS

Hello Thundersplace dick growers,

I am going to compare jelqing to lifting weights, makes sense and works.

This is my first official post although I have been jelqing on and off for a couple of years. I never consistently did it, until I found the routine that works for me and makes sense to me. So I would like to share that with you.
For starters ill give you a background of me and my routine I am 6’2” I have a 7” EL and a 5.75 girth;) . When I was 18 I started jelqing because my penis was thick but not long and I was already 6’1” and my flaccid size was embarrassing;( . Now I always had good girth that pleased woman nicely I just wanted a monster lol or to be more proportionate with my body, and to have to have a penis that hangs instead of shriveling. NOW I HANG I started off at 5.75 x 5.15. Now I am 7” x 5.75. Now some of these gains might of came from puberty or becoming a man or whatever they say you grow first then ur penis grows kids. But I am now 22 and in the last month I grew .5” in legnth by this method I have been practicing for the last month. IT WORKS!! NO BS!!
Along with jelqing, I also like 2 workout and stay in shape. Now this is where the routine comes in. When I started working out I was lifting way too much weight trying to show off and get too fast of results. IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT, you WILL HURT YOURSELF. So after talking to older guys that been lifting, they all said it not about how much you lift but about dedication. Don’t lift weights that you have to struggle with or will hurt you. Just like jelqing you don’t want to overdue. Now also I workout during the week, get all sore and recover for a fun weekend, same with jelqing, and the ladies love both;) Like working out after you jelq you will be sore, maybe even for a day or 2. So what I do is jelq during so come the weekend I’m healed and ready to perform like a stallion. Why this works”?? Just like working out it takes time but with dedication and the proper routine results will come quicker without over doing it.

THE ROUTINE: (4 days on MON - THURS 3 days off FRI - SUN) ( Rest days are important just like working out you need them to grow)

WARM UP - Just like before working out you want to warm up the area of muscles you are going to workout. By cardio/swinging arms ect.. The idea is to get the blood flowing to that area. And in jelqing that area is your penis.

The Warm up is performed by 5 minutes of heat.
Method: Shower, Heating Pad, Wet hot towel. My Choice: Shower.

STRETCH - After you warm those muscles up you want to stretch em out to lengthn’ em and avoid injury. In this case most of your length results are going to come from your stretch.

I perform my stretching in the shower after I warm-up. I do 30 second v-stretch. Then a straight out lig stretch for a minute. Then 30 second V-stretch (V-stretch is my fav. Gives me the best results and a good flaccid hang so I utilize them the most). Then a lig stretch to the right for a min. Then 30 sec. V-Stretch. Then 1 min lig stretch to the left. 30 second v-stretch. 1 min lig down. 30 sec. V-Stretch. 1 minute up stretch, I try to reach my belly button because thats where I want my penis to reach for proportion , ALMOST THERE. Then one more 30 sec. V-Stretch. Then I end the stretching routine by grabbing the penis at the base and swing it in circles smacking my leg to get the blood flow back.

V-Stretch is done by grabbing the penis just below the gland(Head) stretch it straight out to a good stretch, then take the thumb of your other hand and place it in the middle of your penis pressing downward, creating the “V”.

Lig stretch as I call em is the same without the thumb so one hand stretching out just under the gland in different directions.
P.S. Get a good grip and nice stretch but don’t pull ur dick off esp. If ur hitting the weights too lol

WET JELQ -Now this is the meat and potatoes of your workout. This is the main focus of it. It get blood flowing and gets you BIGGER AND BETTER THEN THE NEXT GUY lol. Do these slow with just the right grip and don’t overdue it, esp. If you r new to the cock gym.

I do 200 - 400 wet jelqs. No more no less beginners. To do these you must get the right lube that works for you. I use A&D ointment, the shit for your tattoos. I grip the penis as close to the base and possible with my thumb and index in a “O” shape goin away from the body. Then slowly slide the “O” down and away from you to just under the gland slowly in about 3 sec. Then switch hands. Thats the jelq Mofuckaz. Find ur own grip and pressure, don’t hurt yourself.
P.S. And injury in dick working out means no pussy buddy.

WARM DOWN - Like working out you wanna cool down.

I start the cool down by head squeezes. These r important! They make ur gland grow, and makes ur dick heavier and keeps the shaft from doing the turtle around ur fat head, giving you a better flaccid hang. Plus this gets the blood pumping to your worked out johnson.
IMPORTANT cool down in P.E. Is called the “warm down” because we want heat again. The same way you did it before. MY CHOICE: the heating pad.

SUPPLEMENTING - Many people that workout take supplements. This is because it gives you faster results and better recovery. Some supplements can help your penis do the same.

What I take:
CellTech Hardcore Pro Series(Creatine/Amino Mix) - This is loaded with amino acids. L-Arginine is a producer of nitrous oxide through the body. This is an ingredient in boner meds. It keeps the blood pumping through ur veins, thats what you want for P.E. Also L-Tyrosine and other aminos help.

Dymatize Elite 12 hour protein - Great for recovery for muscles. Also loaded with amino acids, flows through your body overnight, which is good if you jelq at night.

Mens Multi-Vitamin - Good for hormones for men. Contains Zinc which produces natural testosterone which will fill ur balls up with sperm making them bigger and getting more blood to the penis. And the testosterone gives ur rock hard erections to knock your girlfriend out.

Do Not Take:
Yohimbe - It does increase blood flow to the penis and will work. But it will make you insane. I have tried it before it gives you panic attacks, which will not help you get laid. You can have a huge cock but if you’re a paranoid freak girls don’t want that. And after doing research on it, to much can KILL YOU. If it don’t kill you it will prolly give a stroke or some crazy shit.

The rest of what you take is up to you. Just do research on what you are taking. Make sure you feel right on the supplement. Remember just because it’s herbal does not mean it’s good for you or legit. Most herbal supplements are not FDA approved and they put extra ingredients not even listed so get a trusted brand. Do your research.



TY Feedback is gr8 if you are trying the routine, let me know if it is working for you.


Thanks for sharing and the positive encouragement.

A girl got me into this, and I am dedicated to getting bigger!

Can you elaborate more on the head squeezes?

Glad you r dedicated brother! Stick with it and you and that girl will enjoy it!

OK I do need 2 elaborate, what you do with the head squeezes is take ur index and thub in an “O” like you r jelqing. Then squeeze on and off on the tip of your junk 10x quickly then do a 10 second hold. Repeat this ten times, tomarow you should notice the difference in ur flaccid hang.

Thank you OutofTime hope you see quick results!

Hey SlimC24,

I’m glad for your success and confidence in PE. And I wish you the best of luck to all your gains.

But here at Thunders we all have to abide by the rules. And one of the most important once is grammar. Follow this link to the guidelines Here.

I just wanted to give you a heads up before a moderator noticed :D There’s other members here who don’t speak English and require translators to read your text. Correct grammar helps them out.

Be safe and good luck to you.

Oh and at the bottom there’s a Spell Check to help out any imperfections before posting.

Current stat = NBPEL - 6.235", BPEL - 7.000".. Mid EG - 5.063".. Base EG - 5.750" BPSFL - 7.3125 ------ Old stats = NBPEL - 6.000", Mid EG - 5.000

Goal stat = NBPEL - 7.750", BPEL - 8.250".. Mid EG - 6.000".. Base EG - 6.500" ------ Goal Length gains - 1.515". Girth gain - 1.000"

:dance: Need a workout log? I've got one Here. :-pulse:

SlimC24 Having a big dick makes you a bad ass - Ask the ladies?

Sure some women love a big cock - these women are generally quite shallow or just messing around and having lots of casual sex, but in the long run theres much more to getting women than having a big cock. You sound like a typical Jock with comments like that. I’m not saying I don’t espire to have a bigger cock. But I know girls value other things as well as the size of your cock, and I know you have to have a good technique in bed too.

I hope you dont think I sound like a faggot stating these facts, I can assure you I’ve had plenty of experience in bed. Whats your take on what I say?

Also, I echo what 2Big4u says. Make sure you tidy up the grammer - just so one of the more mature mods doesn’t slate you for it

I WILL Double my Volume! Size Doesn't matter - THIS DOES!

Hey Slim . Your regime is more or less identical to mine . I think you are right about rest days . I was doing PE every day. I ended up wearing my cock out and was unable to get hard. Now I have rest days and things are improving a lot.. For me jelqing and stretching are the most important. I don’t want to hang , pump, or clamp. Each to their own but I don’t want to permanently injure my cock. For me less is more and manual exercises in the shower or bath rule. Cheers

Thank you for the feedback and to the haters whatever. All I know is this works for me. The reason I use the grammar and slang is so it’s not so boring reading the whole thing, I try to bring some humor along with it by talking like your high school gym coach. At the same time I know this works for me bottom line. If you read my whole post I do not hang or clamp, I just use jelqing routine compared to weight lifting routine as easy way to understand it.
I just encourage all P.E. Members to stick with it stay dedicated and do not overdue it.

I just know from experience and having gains that ladies do prefer a big cock and if you can make them cum with it, they will want to keep you around, and some incidents they may semi-stalk you LOL. There is more then just your cock they like to. The other thing is a personality, sense of humor and most Stay all confidence. Maybe you lack some confidence, growing a larger cock can definitely help.

Stay with it, Stay active, Stay dedicated and stay healthy!! Thank you.

A couple small health tips for you and your penis:

Try to avoid caffeine, DO NOT SMOKE CIGARETTES.
Another thing a lot of people overlook is the over consumption of alcohol. This can be very harmful in your penis growth and can effect your EQ (Erection quality) in the long run. Over use of alcohol produces a lot of estrogen in your body and kills some testosterone. Bad for your wood.

Eat your fruits and vegetables. They are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins that can help your blood flow and help you grow. I think part of the reason I had growth when I was off and on jelqing is because I had dramatically changed my lifestyle, from being unhealthy overweight always drunk and on drugs, Now I eat right, stay fit, lift weights, and train MMA 4 days a week.
But I really did notice fast results, and gained .5” in the last month, from this routine and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What do you got to lose.

Thank you again! Wish you the best results!! I do not like to hate on anybody, I wish everybody the best luck at achieving their goals!

I’m okay with much of what you say, with a couple exceptions: yohimbe will not make most people insane. I take it on occasion, and I don’t get paranoid or anything. I just get a bit more revved up. I don’t take it all the time because it makes me a bit jittery.

I’m also not convinced about alcohol harming penis growth and EQ. I’m a fairly heavy drinker - I can drink 4-6 beers a night on a regular basis, and even when I’ve had too much to drink, I’m still able to get it up and perform, although sometimes I can’t come. But that’s when I’ve had an insane amount to drink. I’m not young either - I’m 51. And despite my over indulgence, I’m thicker than most, and am on the large side of normal for length.

I also think it’s ludicrous to say that alcohol produces estrogen - that’s bogus. I’m also not convinced that alcohol kills testosterone. If you can point to any studies which confirm this, I’ll happily agree with you, but until then, I think it’s an old urban legend - like the old story that you shouldn’t drink before or after a workout because your body burns the alcohol first. That’s bogus too, with no biomedical support for the claim.

And for what it’s worth, I don’t believe the old standby that muscle burns more calories than fat. There’s simply no solid evidence to support the claim.

11/09 - Egms 6.375, Bpel 6.25; 9/10 - Egms 6.6, Bpel 7.0 1/12 Egms 6.6, Bpel 7.0

Originally Posted by SlimC24
and to the haters whatever…

I try to bring some humor along with it by talking like your high school gym coach.

My high school gym coach was banned 3 days after he joined for refusing to use proper grammar.

The guys cared enough about you not getting banned to try and warn you off? And that makes them haters? Perhaps you don’t give a shite about the English as a Second Language crowd being able to read and participate. But the same guys that went out of their way to try and help you stay a member do care about them. In all seriousness: who is the hater?


Originally Posted by jimbeaux
And for what it’s worth, I don’t believe the old standby that muscle burns more calories than fat. There’s simply no solid evidence to support the claim.

Truly? I do believe it. It makes sense to me from an intuitive point of view.

Anybody have a link or three for studies on this?

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Warned ya.

Current stat = NBPEL - 6.235", BPEL - 7.000".. Mid EG - 5.063".. Base EG - 5.750" BPSFL - 7.3125 ------ Old stats = NBPEL - 6.000", Mid EG - 5.000

Goal stat = NBPEL - 7.750", BPEL - 8.250".. Mid EG - 6.000".. Base EG - 6.500" ------ Goal Length gains - 1.515". Girth gain - 1.000"

:dance: Need a workout log? I've got one Here. :-pulse:

Originally Posted by 2Big4u

Warned ya.

Giddily giddily.

Okay, I may be wrong about muscles not burning more than fat - but the difference is negligible. What I found online says that Adipose (fat) burns 2 calories per pound per day, whereas muscle burns 6 calories per pound per day. That’s a difference of only 4 calories a day per pound.

In either case, I was apparently wrong. Muscle does burn more calories than fat.

I suppose that guys who gain girth and length are actually burning more calories a day from the extra tissue they’ve gained - and I know I burn calories doing my jelqing. I should write a book, “Lose Fat, Gain Muscle: Dr. Jim’s** Penis Exercise Weight Loss Program”

I know I’m on a tangent now, but I’ve often thought I should write a book for women: “Dr. Jim’s** Guide to Weight Loss through Fellatio” I would make the claim, backed up by questionable data, that swallowing jism leads to weight loss. I’d sell a million copies to guys - who’d give the book to their wives and girlfriends, lol!

**I may not be a real doctor, but I play one with my wife.

11/09 - Egms 6.375, Bpel 6.25; 9/10 - Egms 6.6, Bpel 7.0 1/12 Egms 6.6, Bpel 7.0

Originally Posted by SlimC24
to the haters whatever.

Relaaaaaax SlimC. Nobody’s hating. No one is here to bash on your story. Just make the effort to use proper grammar. We’re not asking for you to write a doctoral essay, just use the spellcheck.

Anypoo :) that’s a great routine. Sounds effective and is not overly complicated nor time-consuming.

Dec '09 : NBPEL: 6'' x EG: 5.1'' x FL: 2" -----> Aug '10 : NBPEL: 6.3'' x EG: 5.6'' x FL: 2"

Yeah, don't worry. It did not take me 8 months to get these gains. I was more off than on when it came to PE :O

Goal: EL: 7.25" x EG: 6.2" x FL: 4"

Originally Posted by jimbeaux
I also think it’s ludicrous to say that alcohol produces estrogen - that’s bogus. I’m also not convinced that alcohol kills testosterone. If you can point to any studies which confirm this, I’ll happily agree with you.

Hey Jimbeaux,

It’s good that you keep an open mind and you’re right when you say that alcohol doesn’t directly produce estrogen. However alcohol dramatically increases the action of an enzyme known as aromatase. Aromatase functions by converting testosterone into estrogen. So, yes, alcohol intake can indirectly effect the levels of circulating estrogen, causing a notable increase.
Here’s a research paper that might be a good starting point.

CHUNG, K.W. Effects of chronic ethanol intake on aromatization of androgens and concentration of estrogen and androgen receptors in rat liver. Toxicology 62:285–295, 1990.

Due, in part, to negative feedback, I would be reluctant to comment on the ability of aromatase to actively deplete levels of testosterone. As levels fall, “sensors” within the body are likely to up-regulate it’s production. So in earnest, I’m not sure about it’s effect on testosterone. (I welcome anyone with knowledge on this to comment)

I hope this helps.

Geneticist and Medical Student

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