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Troublesomely large veins impeding jelqing

Troublesomely large veins impeding jelqing

I feel like there’s a limit to how much I can accomplish with jelqs simply due to this one particular very prominent vein that sort of runs diagonal down shaft and then goes into a junction of veins that serves as an even larger impediment up closer to the head. What I mean is that I feel that I can only squeeze so hard, and probably not hard enough, because I feel like to do so would really crush this vein, or in the case of the junction part, catch it and pull the whole thing frightfully hard.

Anyone had similar experience? The other veins are fine, it’s just this one.

Have you tried jelqing while having a lower erection level? I have some similar veins that impede jelqing while erect, and lowering the erection level has solved it.

I also have a big vein on my cock. It’s mostly on the left side and runs approximately across the entire shaft. When I use my right hand it’s harder to squeeze because I have to avoid it. But I just turn my skin a bit so I don’t grip the vein itself.

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