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What causes Thrombosed veins?

What causes Thrombosed veins?

I don’t think I have any thrombosed veins but they have recently been added to my list of things to worry about. I just want to know what types of PE has caused thrombosed veins in others? Is it usually caused from Hanging? Stretching? Jelqing? Squeezes? Erect Jelqing? Power Jelqing? Lack of warm up/down? Something else? Or is the only common denominator PE itself? I am also confused by what I heard being called “spasms” in the veins which seems to have the same symptons, just temporary?

A long time ago, in a galaxy… well, very close to this one actually, I got a thrombosed vein from jelqing with too much force. There was no pain or anything and it was only when I had finished that I noticed it. Must admit it kind of scared the crap out of me :)

Regularly massaging it ( ;) ) got the blood flowing again in a day or two and it went away. I’ve also read that taking asprin can help heal them too.

Ok guys now i’m worried. How do you prevent these thrombosed veins? Hell how do you get them? Just jelqing too hard?

I got it by using a power jelq device. It was difficult to regulate the pressure, plus the rollers were hard, and that’s how it happened. Also; After letting it heal I started with a beginning clamp routine, and that caused a new vein to thrombose immediately. It seems I am going too fast or too hard with this stuff.however it doesn’t feel like it at the time. I follow the newbie routine, but my mistake was gong to the power jelq device. You just can’t monitor the squeeze intensity like you can with your hands. What becomes confusing is that you read about feeling a “fatigue” or mild soreness after a workout, but for me that mild soreness turned out to be bruising and tenderness that led to a damaged vein.

I think what most guys think is a thrombosed vein, is actually a clogged lymphatic vessel.

A thrombosed vein is painful and doesn’t go away easily, a clogged lymph vessel is a little achy or not at all, and can go away in an instant when it is unclogged.

I used to get clogged lymphatic vessels very easily. It is caused by getting a bunch of edema in your dick, then massaging it. It forces the edema to get pushed into the lyphatic vessels quickly and you will see these thin worm like things to pop up in an instant.

Many times massaging it down toward your abdomen will unclog it. I find for me its important not to get much or any edema built up. If I do, not to massage it, just let it drain into the lymphatics more slowly by itself. I like to use heat while it slowly goes away.

I have found that if I get a vessel that clogs and won’t go away with massaging it toward my stomach, if I get back into my pumpers cylinder for a couple minutes, it allows it to open and drain.

When I first got it, it lasted over a week and was very sore. Once I figured out how to prevent them and deal with it, I can fix it instantly. The trick is to not PE to the point of edema.

Its important for you new guys to strictly follow our recommendations for beginners. These are written and stressed over and over and over, to prevent you guys from hurting yourselves. It important to give the tender tissues of your dick time to adapt to stress before you start to push your luck.

Everything that put pressure on your penis create pressure on veins. Veins are elastic and ,contrary to artery,they aren’t supposed to deal with a great pressure. SO with Pe you are (probably to me) deforming them. The aim is to find a point where you can Pe without deforming them to the point the valves (of the veins) break.

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