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Ambitious Journey

Ambitious Journey

Many of you may have read my last post a few months ago. I was considering quitting as I am on the upper end of what I thought my wife could enjoy. I took a couple days off then did the obvious thing…. Asked her what she thought. She explained that she had definitely noticed extra size I had gained while we were apart for a while and had struggled at first to take it. Turns out she now LOVES it and said she would support whatever I chose to do. We have been working on getting her to take my full length and I have been working to gain girth. My last measurements were 9.1x5.5 and I will measure again in December (every 4 months is what I try to do) that being said pumping has lead to noticeable girth gains quickly. I have decided to strive for a rediculous goal of 10.5x7. I’m not sure it is possible but I like to dream BIG. I plan to detail my journey on a weekly basis and hope y’all will join me in it. Please leave any tips or encouragement you see fit. My goal is to be an example of how this can work for anyone and your only limit is your desire. I am currently 198 pounds and hope to be down to 170 in the next 3 months. A fellow poster has given me a new mantra SMALL WAIST BIG DICK.

Thanks guys

Tonight was a good start. I went and ran a mile then did cross fit for an hour. Left the gym and picked up some fruits and veggies came home and ate then did 30 minutes of pumping. I use a penomet and a wine sealer so idk the pressure but it is 3 set of 10 minutes. Plan to do some light stretching before bed. I have a long way to go but the journey has begun.

Well I started the day off with a 2 mile jog to get the blood going and followed up with a 20 minute jelq session before work. I just got home and did 20 more minutes and 10 in the pump. I plan to do at least 10 minutes in the pump every day including rest days. 10 minutes is just enough for me to feel “heavy” I think that’s when growth happens so I am trying to maintain the heavy feeling. I’ll update tomorrow.

Another day in the books for me. I started off with a run again as it seems to be the best warmup I can get for my pe. Today is a rest day, I am doing 2 on 1 off for now. I did do a 10 minute pump this morning at low pressure, and will do another just before bed. Tomorrow will be a long session pump day with ulis before and after. I am down 2 pounds (mostly water weight I’m sure) and will continue that battle. I am focusing on girth and flaccid increase for now, the length has always been super quick for me and I expect it will continue that trend. I hope everyone is doing well, please feel free to chime in if y’all want.

Today has gone to plan, ulis and pumping this morning and about to hit the tube again for 2 sets of 10 minutes. They will probably be power sets with a slight increase in pressure every 2 minutes. This journal has given me new vigor for consistency. I will get HUGE. This will be fun.

Are you using constant heat?

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

I am pumping in hot water. I’m not sure that counts though. I haven’t been pumping all that long, would that be a big advantage?

Well gents I will be out of town for a few days and won’t be updating. My plan is to do the newbie routine as maintenance while gone. I will resume pumping and daily updates on Thursday. Since today is the first I am one month away from my next measurement. I’m looking forward to it.

After a much more action packed week than expected, I regretfully report I was only able to jelq a few days. Diet was poor as I was on the road with customers. I will work extra hard in the gym this week to make it up but lost pe time sucks. I will get huge, stay tuned.

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