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Tomcat89's Journey

Tomcat89's Journey

Hello All!

I am a new member & poster, but a long-time reader, and almost ready to begin my PE journey in earnest. The reason I’m not is because I am recovering from an injury and also soon will be moving. The injury came either from extended wearing of a cock ring or from doing the mango stretch without a proper warm-up. Symptoms were: some pains when flaccid, some weird dull soreness & pain when erect. There was/is no and curvature, no serious pain, and I am getting good erections and frequent morning wood. This means that I’m not all that worried, I just don’t want to start until it’s totally healed.

(The current stat of things is some soreness when tired, and some sort of tightness-feeling in the shaft when I get erect. It’s tough to describe. It feels like I’m stretching tissues, sort of, but not quite like that I would post this in the injury forum if I could. If someone wants to point me to a relevant thread I’d appreciate it, but I’m not worried. Hot baths and rest seem to be helping things along nicely.)

This post is the beginning of my (hopefully successful) journey. I’ve broken it down into various sub-parts to make it clear and easy to read.

My Background:
I’ve been reading Thunders and other website’s forums (PE Gym and MOS mostly) for a long time. I’ve made half-heart attempts at PE, never being consistent, and every now and then gotten ahead of myself and rushed into advanced exercises before I was ready.

Recently, I’ve decided to give it a good and earnest go. My desired transformation isn’t too drastic and if I’m careful, don’t really have much to lose. I am young, have the time, and if (when?) this works, I’ll be better off and happier for it. You all seem like a really close, dedicated community, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

My Size, Goals, & Motivations:

BPEL: 7.5”
NBPEL: 5.9”
MS-EG: 4.82”

BPEL: 8.5”
MS-EG: 5.5”
NBPEL: None. This doesn’t seem like a good metric to have a “goal” for, but I will track it.

I want my dick go be bigger for normal reasons: confidence, female reactions, and the sexual consequences of being notably above average. I know that my size is already good, and I’ve received compliments on my dick before, so my goals are almost entirely personal and self-serving. In the end, I want a bigger dick because I want a bigger dick. I don’t even want to be that much larger. From what I can see, my gains are feasible, but will be hard-won through at least a year of dedicated, patient effort if not longer.

Going Forward:

I will post my routine and any other info people may want once I move & do genuinely begin the process. Until then I want to post the following question: What sort of documentation would the Thunders community most want? It seems to me that the burden of proof of PE falls on its practitioners, and the best way to get scientific attention to this is to have documented (pictures, numeric, etc.) evidence to present. As I do this, what do you think would make the most convincing way to document my potential successes? For known gainers out there, what’s something that you wish they’d done to document their journey that they didn’t do? My current plan is excel sheets with measurement data and time-stamped pictures. If there’s more you want, let me know.

I am planning on doing this for a least a year, starting with only manual exercises. I welcome any comments, criticisms, encouragement, and positive discussion. Hoping I gain, & can contribute information to the community that gives hope and help to fellow adventurers.


Great post.

I think we are starting a similar journey with similar goals. Although admittedly I think we are from different generations.

Good luck Tomcat

May 2014 BPEL 7 3/8 EG 5 1/4

Goal 7 1/2 NBPEL 5 3/4 EG no deadline just enjoying the ride and taking any progress as a massive achievement

Time to post the routine! I’m starting next week.

The plan is as follows: For 5 weeks I’m going to follow at linear JP90 beginner routine. You can find it described at PE Gym. For those who don’t know, the JP90 routine I’ll review it.

Warmup 10 minutes.

Stretch straight out, do 25 kegels, then do helicopter shakes.

Repeat for each direction.

Then do 3 super sets consisting of 50 Jelqs and 30 V jelqs.

I want to work up to the JP90 routine by doing the following:

Week 1:
10 jelqs per set (total of 30)
6 v-jelqs per set(total 18)
2-on, 1-off

Week 2:
20 jelqs per set (total of 60)
12 v-jelqs per set(total 36)
2-on, 1-off

Week 3:
30 jelqs per set (total of 90)
18 v-jelqs per set(total 54)
2-on, 1-off

Week 4:
40 jelqs per set (total of 120)
24 v-jelqs per set(total 72)
2-on, 1-off

Week 5:
50 jelqs per set (total of 150)
30v-jelqs per set(total 90)
2-on, 1-off

After this I will progress for the full JP90 day routine.

At the end of each session I will spend 5 minutes on low pressure in a bathmate, going in erect. My reasons for this are as follows. In this thread: Read This First: Warning To Newbies there are concerns about jelqing causing serious trauma in the form of venous leakage. Since one of the potentially successful treatments for venous leakage is pumping, I figure it may serve as a prophylactic

For that reason I’m also including the following supplements for protection against scar tissue/peyronies:

Horny Goat Weed
Butchers Broom

I recommend taking supplements for at least a week before beginning PE so that your body has enough of these substances available to heal injuries BEFORE they happen. This way you don’t have to wait for a few days AFTER an injury for your body to be able to heal.

I’ll be around and happy to answer any questions.

Hoping for success,

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