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what's your best routine

what's your best routine

I’m new on pumping and i want to know what is your routine and did you got any gains whit this routine.

No answer yet…………..

hey apple, welcome to the wonderful world of pumping. I have been pumping a little over a month and though I havent really measured my penis out of the tube, I think its going pretty good. I split my routine up into 2 sessions a day. In the morning: 5 min hotwrap, 30 rotary cranks in both directions, jelq for 5 minutes, 2 six minute pumping sessions at 5-6 hgs with heating pad wrapped around the tube. In the Evening: Repeat this. Also, I do kegels while in the tube, it gives me a good sensation. Also, read Vacuum Pumping 101 by Avocet8, great info in there. good luck, bro.

Trying to live up to my username! 6/9/04 BPEL: 6.25 EG: 4.75 2/28/05 BPEL: 6.5 EG: 4.75 4/17/05 BPEL: 6.625 EG: 4.875


Here’s my current routine. Maybe it will give you some ideas. Everybodies different, but this is just mine. I do one session p/d right now but plan to up session times as months progress. Been pumping for 1.5 months.

Start date: 1/1/04
30 min sessions/ 2- 15 min sets
Start with 10 min jelk
pump 15 min
jelk 5 min
pump 15 min
finish with massage/ no jelk
use heating pad throughout entire session
wrapped around tube
clean up at sink/ put on Thera-P strap
for 1- 2 hours

40 min sessions/ 2- 15 min sets/ 1- 10 min set
All same as above just longer session time.

Results: Length gains- 0
Girth gains- .25” in the tube
Maybe 1/8” - .25” fully erect
Larger flaccid hang with excellent
morning wood!

If you haven’t read it yet, would recommend reading
Avocet’s pumping 101 post. Great advice their!


It’s fun to see all the different routine and the good collaboration of the members here.

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