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Question about kegel routine

Question about kegel routine

Hey all i’ve been lurking on here for a few weeks. Just got my account so I can post and read members forum:) .

It appears to me from reading people who have gotten results vs. people that have had less success, sticking to a consistent routine is VERY key. I happen to have a lot of time to devote to this and privacy, (have my own apartment yeh!).

I would like to do devote as much time per day to a routine as possible, the only limits being doing excesssive amounts so it actualy slows down results. So far the routine i started on today (may25) was: 10 sets of 30 seconds pulling out stretch, then 10 sets up, then 10 out, 10 up, 10 out, then 5 sets of stretching and rotating my cock to the left for 30 rotations.. then 5 to the right. Followed by 35 minutes of jelqing. (my cock feels wasted now lol).

I was going to manual stretch to the left and right, and downwards but when i did those directions it only felt like the skin at the base of my cock was stretching, so i decided to stay with the up and the out stretching. Do any of you have suggestions for that?

My plan is to do 2 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on 1 day off.. was wondering if some of the veterans had comment on days off as well.

I feel like I want an intensive kelging routine too, and i’ve read several of the variations of holding for a certain time or pulsing the pc muscle, etc. But i haven’t seen an actual routine for it. Also when should i do this routine, it would seem to have a wasted pc to be beneficial pre stretching but that it would be bad for jelqing. And jelqing seems to go well after a strong stretching workout, so i’m not sure when would be best. I would think after the jelqing sometime. I want a cock like a lead pipe:) , just read one of dld’s posts hehe.

Btw i’m 23 years old, and starting at 7’bpel, and 5’mid shaft eg. I am thinking of measuring once every two weeks.. i’m not exactly sure how to do it accurately though as level of arousal affects size a lot. I’m thinking maybe just measuring when i already am erect for whatever reason any time after the two week measuring interval and using that. Then have the next measurment come anytime two weeks after that measurment.

Anwyay hopefully i didn’t overload you with information, i just have a lot of questions being new heh.

I’m not exactly a veteran, but here is what I think: Do NOT stick to a consistent routine. The best gift you can give your penis is complete and total surprise. This doesn’t mean going crazy with your routine, but don’t let your penis get used to something. The second it does, switch it up. This also doesn’t mean you can’t do the same routine for a week in a row. Just don’t do it forever. There are multiple exercises out there and you should take advantage of each one. Who knows, you may grow tremendously doing the same thing over and over. It’s really hard to say because everyone reacts differently. Your gains may come quick, and then become more difficult to attain the goals you want. That’s when you definitely want to start shocking your penis with different sets of whatever.

As far as kegles, I think most people will tell you to do these whenever you remember. Do however much you want; any amount is greater than zero. You can do 2 second holds, or ten second holds, or even 20 second holds if you can handle that. Again, variety is what your generally after, so why not apply that to kegling?

Anyway, all this is just a matter of preference and opinion. And being a rookie, take it easy on your fella. Don’t jump into any advanced routines just yet. Listen to your guy downstairs and be patient.

Good luck!

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Welcome randolf,

It freaks me a little bit, when there’s a newbie with a lot of time and privacy. Even though there’s not much injuries reported, there is some. Most of them caused by too much PEing too soon. I’m sure you’ll be okay, if you just listen to your dick carefully. He might actually start talking to you soon. :chuckle: 35 minutes of jelquing sounds a lot though.

You seem pretty reasonable and smart young fellow and your beginning stats are already above average. Two week measuring interval sounds good. I didn’t find any questions in your post (except kegal stuff), but one thing I’d recommend is that you find you Loss Of Tug (LOT). When you’ve done that, it’s easy to create the most effective stretching routine (directions) for you.

Also, you should measure your FSL (flaccid stretched length), because that is probably the most consistant measurement and it usually reflects changes in EL too.

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thanks for replies. Alright i will find my LOT.

I agree with what you are saying ACer, mixing it up is good. I have done bodybuilding before at a gym with some people who knew what they were doing. Your body responds to challenge by adding size and strength but then starts plateauing, which seems to be after 3-4 months about. You can see it in bodybuilding by lack of gains. Then its time to change your routine. Or you can have a routine that has change built right into it, ultimately i think your body will stop responding to that program to but will just take a lot longer.

I think the problem with just doing what you feel like at the time is you need the focus of the routine to keep the intensity. Or at least i find with things if I don’t have set plan i tend to leave early etc.

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