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need a new routine and get on track again

need a new routine and get on track again

lately, i’ve had no direction with PE and have pretty much been doing whatever. i’ve just been doing my usual warm up with a rice pack as always. then followed by some jelq with no timed strokes or time limit on how long i do them, then some erect jelq with no timed strokes or number of strokes.

so pretty much i need to get a new detailed routine with how long each stroke should be and how many strokes, can anyone give me some ideas? preferably someone that has had some good gains.

please anyone’s advice would be appreciative as i need to get back on track.

how does this look for a routine:

1. 5 minute warmup

2. 50- 5sec hold and release DLD blasters (is this what his routine calls for, 50-5 second holds, contacting and retracting the pc muscle?)

3. 100 jelqs 80% erect jelqs (is this enough?)

4. 20- 5 second squeezes (how many squeezes should i put here you think?)

5. apply hot pack for 5 minutes and then im done

should i do a 2 day on, one day off for this routine?

does this routine look good? what would you change?

FYI, i’ve been PEing for close to 2 years now with long break periods, but i feel i should be ready for this routine.

please any advice would be very appreciated,

thanks in advance

Hey chrasdummie,

I think your routine looks ok to me. But if I was you, I would do some minor changes in it. First, I would rather do five 20 second squeezes instead of 20 five sec ones. Second, I would also add some stretching after jelq/squeeze part - maybe some JAIs? 100 jelqs doesn’t sound that much. You should be able to increase the reps to lets say 400-500 in a few weeks of time adding 50 reps in after every cycle completed (100,100,rest,150,150,rest,200,…,rest,400,…) making total time to 20-30 minutes.

Even if I said this you should know better and concentrate on your style and routine modifying it by the feeling in your cock.

A Man behind his mask.

thanks johan, so you think it looks good other then the few things you said could be changed; thats great i feel much better about it now and will go ahead with it and see how it feels.

im definelty a go with the feeling type of guy but sometimes when i PE i dont know when to stop because it feels so great but really nobody should be jelqing erect for 1 to 1.5 hours in one session. because thats what would happen sometimes and thats why i needed some type of routine and stability.

thanks again, anyone else wanna add something?

Johan gave you good advice. Here are a few other things:

You could alternate jelqs and squeezes. Do X jelqs, one or two squeezes, then repeat. This works better for me than separating the exercises.

Stay away from super long jelq/squeeze sessions, at least for now. I used to get carried away too until I started using a timer and keeping a journal of my workouts. I didn’t progress when I overdid it.

Re: Blasters, DLD recommends 100 kegels while stretching up before doing the 5 sec. kegel/reverse kegel stretches. 100 may be a bit more than you need in the beginning, but do some to fatigue your PC.

Good luck. :)


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