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Tube size question

Tube size question

I’m considering buying a pump and I would like to know what would be my ideal tube size for my goals. From the hundred of posts I have read here, it looks like a 2” cylinder would be best but other times 2 1/4” could be better.

Right now, I’m at 7.5” BP x 5.875” (I can reach 6” EG with a good manual clamping). I would like to gain about 0.5” x 0.5 to get at 8” BP x 6.3”. With that in mind, I would consider length to be my priority.

In a little lest than a year, I have gained 0.75” x 0.75” mainly with manual stretch, ULI’s, Horse440 and jelqs.

Any advice would be appreciated.


The 2” tube is the right one for you. It can easily take you up to at least 6.25 girth, so there is plenty of room for growth there. Once you begin packing the 2” tube, it will force even more growth in the length direction.

It is hard to imagine how much bigger a 1/4” makes, but you would find the 2.25” tube way too big.

Thanks gprent!

My thoughts exactly. I went to the local sex shop the other day (with wifey) and I took a quick glimpse at the pumps and saw a 2 1/4” cylinder. Damn, that looked pretty large.

We ended up buying a couple of cheap rubber cock rings and a small vibrator. On our way home, I asked her if she saw other things she liked and would like to buy on our next visit. At first, she mentionned something about a board game or cards or something, then she asked me. I told her that I was a little bit curious about the pump and I might want to give it a try. She gave me a suspicious look and ask: ”Is this for masturbation or something?”. I said, no, no, and gave her a little pump 101 session and told her it was to achieve better erection and to get a slight temporary gain. Her eyes suddenly lit and said: ”Wow, that’s sounds like more fun for me.” Exactly baby, more fun for you…. and me.

So, it is expected that we pay a little visit to the sex shop within a couple of weeks or so. Snoop is a happy camper.

Sounds like a plan Snoop. Just make sure you learn how to use it well, before you include it in your sexcapades. That way, the excitement of the moment won’t lead to mistakes like rushing things by using too high a pressure.

Thanks for the advice gprent.

I’m a patient man and usually I’m pretty carefull with PE.

I agree with gprent. But then, I usually do.

A 2 inch tube is more versatile than you might think it would be with your girth and will allow you to expand well without being too cramped. The time may come when you will prefer a 2.25 but by then you will be more than happy to lay out the extra money for one.


On girth in general: something gprent said reminds me to mention this. A .25” additional gain of girth may not sound like much to anybody but in practice it is a very significant one. The difference in the heft of your cock in your hand will be very apparent and your partner will almost surely feel the difference during sex. Even a modest girth gain, I think, is far more noticeable than any length gain.



So avocet8 are you trying to say that overall it would be better for me to get a 1/2” gain in EG instead of getting of 1” gain in length.

Snoop, I have the 2 inch, and then bought the 2.25 a few months after. I put the frank and the beans in the 2.25 inch, to amuse myself.

Either one you buy, or if you buy both, happy pumping and good luck.

cead mile failte :lep:

Thanks Sixer,

I’m gonna buy a 2” first. If I gain any, like I’ve done so far, I will first see how Mrs Snoop takes it and go from there.

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