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Does size matter? Yes, maybe and no...


Does size matter? Yes, maybe and no...

This has been talked about to death, but I thought I would share this I got in an email:

I’m sure you’ve heard them all: “It’s not the size of the
boat, but the motion of the ocean,” “It’s not the size of the
bone, but how you bury it,” “It’s not the size of the wand,
but the magic in it,” “It’s how the worm wiggles that gets
the fish,” or “It’s not the pencil but the signature that
matters.” How about this one: “It’s not the length or the
size; it’s how many times you can make it rise”? Well,
according to our unscientific survey results, the majority
of you agree with these sentiments. Scroll down for a break-
down of your votes and read what people are thinking, but
might be too shy to say out loud.

Today’s Topic: Penis Size - The Truth, According to You

The contentious question “Does Size Matter” inspires
hotly debated conversations, invokes fear in many men, and
sparks controversy…just about everywhere. According to
Great Sexpectations readers, however, this question need
not cause sleepless nights. Over 1,000 subscribers shared
their ups and downs on the size issue, and you just might
be surprised by the results. The majority of you say “Size
doesn’t matter,” with a few qualifications, though. In
fact, 531 of you claim length plays no significant role in
a man’s ability to please a lover, whereas, 349 say “yes,
is absolutely matters.” About 175 fence sitters chimed
in with “maybes” and “not sures.” Let’s discuss.

SIZE MATTERS - Please remember that I am merely repeating
what you, the readers, have written to me. Don’t kill the
messenger if this segment upsets you. Some women insist a
longer penis is more aesthetically pleasing and that “bigger
is better. Period.” Several women claimed that even if the
man doesn’t necessarily know what he was doing, if he had
a longer penis, he is bound to hit the right spots. I hate
to be the bearer of bad news, but some women say a smaller
penis simply doesn’t hit the hot spots and that they don’t
always feel anything. Thus, some positions don’t work well
with smaller penises. Additionally, some women report that
a larger penis strokes the G-spot and cervix better, and
others simply prefer a bigger member. According to one
women, the preference is similar to a man’s penchant for
larger breasts. Others feel more “full and satisfied” with
men with large penises.

Before you fire off an email to me asking about penis pumps
and enlargers, put the brakes on for a minute. MORE women
said size matters, but in a different aspect. Letter after
letter said that there is such a thing as a penis being too
large. One woman wrote, “I can’t ride ‘til the cows come home
with a super long one without rearranging my reproductive
organs.” MANY reported that if the penis is too big, added
pressure is a turn-off and that extra caution and foreplay
would inherently be necessary. Some women say that men with
larger penises are “missing out” because they can only move
around so much in order to alleviate painful possibilities.
Didn’t I mention girth in the original article? A great deal
of women in EACH category insisted that this was more
important than length. Hate to say “I told you so”…This
is interesting - several people said size matters more in a
casual sex or “quickie” situation. Others suggested that
size mattered more to the man’s ego. Hmmm…

UM, MAYBE… - These fence sitters essentially claimed that
the size issue depends on the situation. While some leave
it up to the woman’s preference, others discussed in detail
the vagina/penis-size compatibility. Still, though, several
reminded me that the sexual position also plays a role. One
reader summed up her stance: “The only time size really
matters is if he is either hung like a bull elephant or a
field mouse; the rest is negotiable.”

SIZE DOESN’T MATTER - Email after email resoundingly
concluded that size doesn’t matter as long as the man is
attentive and willing to please his partner. Size clearly
didn’t matter to these people as much as the emotional
involvement, love, and ability to use his “God-given equip-
ment.” Reader after reader echoed that a man’s talents,
passion, and ability to swivel his hips just so made more
of an impact than simply having a larger penis. Some women
insisted that men with larger penises don’t “work as hard”
to please the woman, their attitude being that their “larger
unit” is enough compensation. To these voters, size isn’t a
deal breaker. A man wrote to me that his performance had
everything to do with his current fitness level, not his
size, and if it leaves his partner smiling, then what else
matters? Some lamented that if a couple is truly “in touch”
with one another, they will find ways to please one another.
I SWEAR that reader after reader insisted they prefer, hold
your breath, gulp, AN AVERAGE SIZE PENIS!!!!!

So, does size matter? It’s not for me to say, but I will
suggest that physical compatibility can become an issue. Take
from this what you will; I hope you enjoyed the survey feed-
back! Stay tuned for Kegel exercises. In the meantime, keep
your mind open and your heart full.



If size didn’t matter, we wouldn’t be here and the contoversy around the whole matter would not exist. The question is, to whom does size matter? In my case, it matters to me, and I’m in this for me and me alone.

The letters stated above I feel are a very accurate portrayal of the feelings different people have on the issue of size. Size matters, in a relative sense of the word.

If someone strikes on one of my physical defects (a slightly protruding beer gut - in process of reducing thanks to 10 kms in the morning-, receding hairline -which I don’t give a shit about as I have a number 2, although sure I’d prefer a good crop of hair, but no hang ups there, etc) I would take it in good humour (as I usually do anyway) and retort - “yeah, but I’ve got a big fat dick to make up for it”, and although I may be bluffing at the mo wouldn’t it be great to whip it out and rub it in the face (not literally of course) of some asshole and pass him the baton of size hangup??

Size does matter, but if through PE or perhaps a more liberal approach to sexual issues in the media or at school etc. I hadn’t been affected to such an extent as I was, to me the issue of size today would not be such a big issue as it is.

And one more point, how many girls are happy about their breasts? (also brought up many times before).

I may add that today I feel better inside for what I’ve gained outside.


Size Matters

We males, I think generally would like something larger than that we were born with, but does it really matter? Personally I believe that if you are endowed with an average or slightly larger penis you have all most women need providing you know how to use it.

On the other hand if you are less endowed then perhaps PE is necessary not only for self esteem and confidence but also to satisfy the lady friends.

Are all women the same size? No, of course not.
I have read quite a bit on these forums and elsewhere and from what I gather, length is not so important but girth is.

As far as I know (and I don’t know very much) a woman after child birth will stretch, therefore become larger. Whether this shrinks back to it’s previous size, I don’t know but assume it doesn’t. Perhaps because of this, size doe’s become an issue for the female, particularly so if he is unable to satisfy his woman with foreplay and love making.

It is a matter of adjustment when two people live together in a permanant relationship and size really isn’t the issue. It is more of compatability and understanding, knowing what is wanted by each person and doing one’s best to satisfy their needs.

I once knew a young fellow (during the Korean war) he had the biggest penis I have ever seen. It was as large as my forearm and no bull shit, he was out every night looking for a woman.
This was in Japan and he eventually got known by all the local girls as being too big and of course they gave him the bums rush.
He would break out of barracks (beds were checked at 11pm and we had to be there), he would wander the brothel area and whether or not he had got his rocks off he would break back into barracks and then masterbate. He was some guy, only around 5.6 but solid. So in this poor chaps case his size was too large and I pity him - not his fault, he was born with a monster!

So size doe’s matter - too large and you have problems, a fair amount of women won’t want you.

Thats my 02 cents worth.

Health is Wealth


before pe I was 6.25x5.5 now I’m 7.75x6 just about 8.
Size only matters to me now because I know I can change it.
If I couldn’t I would have just went on my happy way and never really thought about it. To me it’s all about the power of having a big tool I know it’s pretty shallow but what the “F’ I also work out 5 days a week because it makes my muscles grow and that in turm makes me feel more alpha male power. Shit I feel like a f-ing cave man, hey you are what you are.


Good on ya Dino - You certainly have a dick to be proud of - 8 inches might be a bit of a problem with quite a few women but what do I know!!!

To me - like breasts - they/it should be in proportion with the body. Like breasts that are too large on a small body look obscene - likewise a penis although this is not so obvious!

I must agree with your sentiments and am somewhat envious of your size, not sure yet as to whether I want to be that large. I’m only 6x5¼ and have only just started PE. Was 5.75x5 before I started in with PE and I have only been going for 6 weeks.

I don’t really need a larger dick (at my age it doesn’t get used much!) I’m doing this to see if it really works (which it doe’s) and just for fun - I’m having a ball.

This is a great site - not only for it’s information, help etc but also the humour - much better than watching the goggle box!

Health is Wealth

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havent met a girl yet that cant take 8 inches especially when shes on top and they usually say go deeper!this chick im with now was making a porno and had me shove one of those super long cucumbers in her pussy and i was shocked it was like 9 inches deep and she was going wild screaming deeper while she came all over the thing! man girls get into the site of a big tool bottom line! ive seen hundreds of girls on the net take 10 plus inches without even moaning. i also think because of the net girls see how big a tool can really be, before the net i think if you were bigger than her last guy then she said “wow “your cock is big, but now she sees these big logs on the net sending these girls in to a wild orgasm, so now she looks at a man with different thoughts in her head when she see them nude!

cyber~~ its all about the power!!!!!!!!!!!

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Are you doing kegals, I know being in my late 30’s I found I was getting up earlier and earlier to go to the bathroom since PE and kegals on the weekends I can sleep to 9 without having to get up to go. Kegals must help the prostate I wondering if you got any of the same effects?


I’m not 8 yet, almost and that’s bone pressed I would like to get to 8 non bp like pumping P9


danm i want to get to ten, maybe in about 2 yrs. ill put in the work i hope it grows!

Well, since I started PE I have found that I do not have to get up in the middle of the night to pee. I’m definately a lot stronger in this area.
I had a serious bowl operation some years ago and a cathetar was put thru my penis and I’m sure it did some damage as I couldn’t pee like I normally did before. It has taken a long time to get back to what I consider to be normal.

I have to take “AvoPro” for high blood pressure and this doe’s have an affect on the amount of urine that is pumped out and makes me go more often than usual.

Kegals, I do, as and when I possibly can. Usually do a minimum of 200 a time. I have found that when I retire to bed doing kegals before going to sleep helps to have a good nights sleep. I think I fall asleep whilst doing them!

This is all completely new to me and only wish I had found out all this information long ago.
Admittadly this is a relatively new science!
There is no doubt in my mind that these exercises are a necessity not so much for enlargement but just to keep healthy in this area. There is so much ignorance and don’t want to know, that I think that more people should be made aware of the importance of keeping the pelvic area in a fit state.
As is well known, as you get older - if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Health is Wealth


You’ll end up with a much healthier penile vascular system, and will be pleased with the results over time.



Originally Posted by Dino9X7

before pe I was 6.25x5.5 now I’m 7.75x6 just about 8.
Size only matters to me now because I know I can change it.
If I couldn’t I would have just went on my happy way and never really thought about it. To me it’s all about the power of having a big tool I know it’s pretty shallow but what the “F’ I also work out 5 days a week because it makes my muscles grow and that in turm makes me feel more alpha male power. Shit I feel like a f-ing cave man, hey you are what you are.


My thoughts exactly. -peej

nov 10 2004 length: 6.5-6.75 nbp girth: 6 (at middle) goal length: 8 nbp girth: 7 (at middle)

Originally Posted by pjmcgrady
My thoughts exactly. -peej

The idea of dragging out a 2 year old thread and simply concurring with what was said all that time ago is comical to me.

I agree - I think this might be a record :)

What if I respond to a response on a two year old comical thread? Would that make my response comical too?

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I hope so, 789. Riding on the backs of greats is the only way I can become popular around here any more…


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