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9 inch tube, quick question

9 inch tube, quick question

I am 8” Bone pressed, and 5.25 erect girth.

I am going to order a velseal cylinder from It is 9” x 2”.

Do you think that it will be too short? I am not concerned about pumping for length. I just want girth. If my head touches the top of the tube is that bad? Do you think the 2” is ok for me?


I think you’ll be fine with your decision. The tube length would not be too short if you are 8” bone pressed.

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If the price is no different for a 10” tube, go for it.



Price is about 35 dollars more for a 10 incher, and I am pretty broke right now. I think I will just get the 9 inch.

We all hope you get 9 inches, non-pumped.

Let us know how it goes.



I am going to put in the order tonight, but I wanted to be absolutely sure about the diameter of the cylinder I am getting.

My girth is 5.25 under the head. It is a little under 5 when you go a little lower, and 5.25 at base. Is the 2” right for me?

My girth is 5.25 also. I have a pump cylinder that is 10 x 1 3/4”. My girth fills the cylinder. My goal is more length. If you are going for more girth then I would get the 9 x 2 cylinder.

Thanks Rob, thats what I needed to hear.

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