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Tube diameter...LAPump

Tube diameter...LAPump

When I ordered my pump from LA, it said to not cheat on diameter. I measured just behind the head and at the base and the chart said to get the 1.75. When I got the pump, man, I had to really lube my head, to even stuff my unit in half-erect. After I finally got started it was OK but should I have gotten a larger cylinder? The head is a tight squeeze but the shaft still has room. Is this abnormal or something?

You need a 2 inch. If you stick with it, you will probably grow into a 2.25 inch.

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Originally posted by gprent101
You need a 2 inch. If you stick with it, you will probably grow into a 2.25 inch.

I agree with gprent101 .

I would also suggest that if pumping your dick is an activity you are going to be disciplined with. , if you order a 2” cylinder, I would also order a 2.25”….save yourself some S & H.

Also you can begin ramping from 2” > 2.25”.

Good luck,

OR eon

I agree with the others. I have several cylinders. When I decide to have a long pump session I will eventually need to progress to a larger cylinder partway through the session. Avocet8 also has some good information about pumping. I can understand your frustration, especially at the initial high cost of each tube but, if you are serious about it, you will need two or more tubes.

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I’m a brand-new pumper, and I just ordered my 1st pump, also from LA Pump. Their size chart said I should get a 1 1/2” diameter (I’ve got a pretty low EG), but looking at where I measure (mid shaft), I recognized that my glans/corona were a little bigger. Glad I ordered a larger size, as I just tried it today, and the smaller version would have been a tight fit… And it makes sense to order a few sizes — I had a 2” which was too big for now, but I’ll hopefully grow into. Good luck!

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