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Twin Tube Session

Twin Tube Session

Hi all,

Just got my 2” tube through the mail. (thanks goes to a fellow member for their assistance)

First impressions….OMG!!!

Just when you think your going along well with your 1.75” and boom! its like top of the class in Primary School then off to High School for a reality check - hero to zero if you didn’t get my drift 8-)

It’s amazing what .25 in tube size makes and to all those guys who think they can manage a 2” tube will around + or - 5” might not enjoy or get the full benefit from pumping as much as they should. Anyway enough of that on to the subject.

I have notice like many others that much of the ball sack skin is drawn it the tube giving a false impression of early packing when I first started, this was much worse for me during the first 2” tube session. So bad that I had a gathering of skin on the underside of the tube that wasn’t even touching the tube and looked pretty unnatural (not that a dick squashed in a tube looks natural) but I hope you can visualise.

So what can I do…lights go on…now that I have two tubes why don’t I attach the 2” to my balls and then pump as per usual with the 1.75” as well. I have a tight sack and am able to fit my balls in just perfect with 5”hg for a gentle pull then it takes a little adjusting but I get the 1.75” on to the old fella and bingo twin tube pumping! I was sitting upright in bed at the time with the ball tube lying flat on the bed and the dick tube straight up.

So was it any good. I think so, my balls were loose as hell and zero sack skin in with dick and with time maybe even reversal of the turkey neck that has developed.

I doubt I’ll do it all the time but it was an interesting experiment.

Happy trails


Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....

Were these lapdist tubes? If so, didn’t the flanges at the base interfer with each other? A lot of guys pump cock and balls together, but they do it in one large tube, say 3 or 4 inches in diameter. You must have looked very unique with those 2 tubes attached!

Anyway, you know about staging right? This is when you pack your 1.75 inch tube first and then on the next pump set move up to the 2.0 tube. This prevents and ball sack getting sucked into the tube problems.


I’ve done the very same thing. However, I have a gravel tube (2”) with the manual brass pump and the new LA pump with the 1.75” tube. The 2” tube on the balls. Only problem is that the gravel tube cuts somewhat even with the latex rim. Impressive though—Steve


The tubes are Boston Pump Works Thick Walled, these tubes don’t have a flange as they are quite thick and don’t dig in. As for staging, yes I was aware of the process but I have to say after a year of pumping I still don’t pack the 1.75. I have tried everything from multiple 20min heat pad sessions to one hour at low pressure and still not fully packed.

Now don’t read that I am disappointed, I’m not. I have just gotten used to the idea that I’m a tough gainer.


I am yet to do something that hasn’t been done before, and that’s one of the great things about this place. loads of people pushing the envelope and sharing the experience.

Happy trails.

Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....

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