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Tube Hanger/ADS

Tube Hanger/ADS

Last time I checked this hadn’t been posted by anybody, if I’m wrong let me know.

This is an idea for a hanger that’s been in my mind for a while. Up until recently I never got around to testing out it’s viability. Having tested it, I must say that it is viable and works well for weights of 2.5Kg (5lbs). I have tested it at double this weight and it seemed to work OK but I’m not a seasoned hanger, so the weight was too much for me. It’s a very similar concept to Tom Hubbard’s Swimcap Hanger and I think the silicon hangers in use today also have this as their heritage.

What you need is a bicycle inner tube. These might not be as easy to come by as they were, many tires are tubeless these days but a good bicycle shop should stock them. I used a tube with a flattened width of just over 1 1/4”.

Cut out at least a 16” section from the tube, probably more like double if you want to use as an ADS device (you can always shorten it later).

Roll back around 4” of the tube onto itself

Wrap the glans and just beyond with a sports tape or similar. The wrap will get in the way if it is loose. Try to squash the glans in the wrap as much as possible. Apply the rolled end of the tube to the wrapped glans and unroll over the glans. Stop unrolling once you are just beyond the glans. It helps to have some of the tube still rolled over to get the hanger off once you are done.

Tie the other end of the tube to a weight and hang for a session. If using as an ads, tie the tube around the upper thigh just below the knee in a manner similar to Lil1’s Simple ADS.

I think a larger diameter tube could be used and potentially rolled further back. It can be a pain to get on and off but hanging comfort seems good. At the diameter I used, it works by crushing the glans mostly. At larger diameters there would probably be more of a vacuum effect. As it connects to the glans, it should be as suitable for those who are uncut as it is for those who are cut, simply roll back the foreskin.

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Would it be possible to illustrate this?

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What with the addition of say a photo or three?

btw this has to be the most comfortable hanger I’ve used - it beats the bib and the afb. That might be because I’m uncut but I think it has more to do with the softness of the grip, kinda like a hand. I would assume that the swimcap hanger is similar.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

The swimcap puts way too much pressure on the glans. Curious to see photos me too.

It looks like it could work, I improvised something like that , but with a weight attached like a stainless steel ball ADS. Post some photos with the ADS in work.

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