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Pumping terms for the New Glossary

Pumping terms for the New Glossary

Hi guys,

Our Quick Start Guide To PE and Glossary of PE terms are about to be updated. Please take a look at them and see if you can think of any Pumping (and other) terms that need to be added.

Even one or two terms you may want to suggest will be a great help. Thanks :)

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Thanks WB. Let’s see what the pumpers say.



Oops, your second link doesn’t work, and I had to turn on pop-ups to get to it from the link at the bottom of this page. :(

One thing that needs to be added is a good explanation of vaccum measurements. westla90069 is your guy. He already has a post that could be included verbatim unless he wishes to add to it.

We could also use a clarification of what is commonly called “a penis pump” vs. its major components: the tube and the pumping device. Westla can knock that one out in 30 seconds.

Westla, thank you for volunteering. :D

“Westla, thank you for volunteering.”

Not a problem hobby, my pleasure.

Opera has an option to turn off pop-ups, but standalone apps accomplishing the same thing are becoming increasingly popular. It’s better to open a new window with the blank target HTML thingy. The current link does a javascript pop-up.

Within the PE FAQ & Glossary page at Penis Enlargement FAQ, the “Glossary of PE Terms” link is a javascript pop-up. Can it be turned into a target=”_blank” so it isn’t blocked by pop-up stoppers?

Westla PM’ed me and has officially volunteered to write the pumping/vacuum descriptions for the New Glossary. Thank you westla!


Avocet, I know you’ll be there for him for guidance and any clarifications should he need them.

Hobby, Good move :) Reminds me of T’s notorious methods :dissap:

ù ì å í


Thank you, Westla!

Anything you need, PM me.

And you Pumpers’ Forum readers, list in this thread any terms we use frequently that need further definition.



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