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Ramblings about pumping....

Ramblings about pumping....

OK, I got my first pump and heres how it went.

First I must say that my girth is very good so at the moment I’m not shooting for any more girth. That being said, I bought a tube from NW pumpworks that’s 2.125 (2 and 1/8) in diameter. I fill the tube pretty easy and to be honest, I pumped up last night to 15 HG. It didn’t really bother me and I am theorizng that you are much less likely to get a donut if you can pack your tube with girth because the fluid is unable to pull thru your shaft. Hoever at the end of 3 7 minute sessions I had a slight donut but nothing bad. I’d like to know how many sets you guys reccomend, and for what length and psi asuming I do a 30 minute jelq/squeeze session prior to my pumping. Also I need to clear one thing up. My pump has a gage on it with two sets of numbers. Inches HG and CM HG. I assume Inches is what we go by right?


Keep an eye on that semi-donut you built at 15 hg. What happens is, if you keep repeating that distortion - even to a small degree - you will weaken the tissue there and make a major donut more likely to develop in the future when you go to higher pressures.

As far as pressure goes, everybody comes to pumping with different levels of conditioned dicks and has to discover what his own max is. I’m already on record as to what I suggest; others find that they can deal with higher pressure values than my tissues can take.

“Also I need to clear one thing up. My pump has a gage on it with two sets of numbers. Inches HG and CM HG. I assume Inches is what we go by right?”

I’ll let a “techie” answer that. Every time I try to answer the question, I’m wrong. To me even a shower nozzle is rocket science.



well doesn’t sound like you are uncut…if i did that routine you did for more than a couple of minutes i would have fat bloated foreskin bigtime…i like 6-10 hgs of mercury…i like the cycling that some of the other guys have recommended.for a few minutes at a time…maybe 10 min in the morning and 10 later in the day with jelqing and squeezes in between.two min pump sessions..i am taking the day after pumping off and just doing stretches that day ..its easier on my dick and i hope will give more growth than my early dick bloat experiences…i am new at pumping too ..trying to learn from the more experienced pumpers

Vacuum measurement

Vacuum is measured in inches or centimeters of mercury. “Hg” is the symbol for mercury on the Periodic Table of Elements. To visualize how vacuum is measured, imagine a large bowl of mercury with a glass tube inserted into the mercury from above the bowl. Vacuum is applied at the top of the tube and as the vacuum increases, atmospheric pressure pushes down on the bowl of mercury and forces it up into the tube. The height of the column of mercury is measured and that’s what we say when we discuss the amount of vacuum used in pumping.

Most guys in the U.S. use ‘inches of mercury’ as the measurement when they talk about how high the vacuum is they’re pulling when pumped. It should be written:

5” Hg or 5 in. Hg

Guys in Europe and Australia probably prefer centimeters. They would write:

12 cm Hg

Personally, I include low vacuum pumping (10 minutes at 5-6” Hg) after every 200 jelqs in my 400 jelq routine.


Good explanation of the difference in pressure measurement between the english and metric system equivalents.


Westla, I am,manual stretching in all direction for 5 min, pumping at about 2.5 hg after 100 jelqs, 2x, then 100jelqs and a massage to end it. I feel that I am getting really good stretches and hang well after this routine.

How do you feel about your routine so far? Mines is similiar. Have you achieved any gains yet on that routine?

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.



Sorry for not responding. (I really need to set that notification thing for the posts I make ‘cause I don’t always come back to see the responses.)

Yes, I’m happy with the routine I have for now. Learning from Avocet 8 that high pressure is not necessary for gains I jelq then pump at a relatively low vacuum (4” Hg) and in the two months that I’ve been doing this have gained about 1/2” (or more). I’m due to measure on April 1, so that’s a guess. I was up 3/8” on March 1.

I’ve put marks on my tube and a month ago the tip of my penis at full vacuum was just past the 7” mark. Now it’s just past 7.5” so I’m hoping for another 1/4” gain by next week. Don’t know if any of that is cemented since I usually don’t take time off before measuring like some do.


Those results sound great. Hearing testimonies like that about jelqing+pumping really keep my hope going strong. Thanks.

Also, a half inch gain in two months is wonderful. That’s great!

Do you do all of your jelq first then pump for your session, or do you alternate as avocet8 has suggested. As I mentioned above, I’ve been alternating. I am due to measure next sunday. This past Monday, the 24th makes my first month of “dedicated PE”. I will measure this Sunday evening and post my measurements next Monday morning sometime under my thread in the routine section. I’ll keep watching your gains. It is motivating. Keep it up.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Split pump sessions.

Yes, I split it as the teacher has written. I have had a pump for several years, but usually just played with it and didn’t know what I was doing until I read Avocet8’s “Pumping 101” thread (top of the Pumper’s Forum).

I jelq 200 strokes, 100 by hand and 100 with the PowerJelk (both dry), then pump for 10 minutes and repeat for a total of 400 jelqs and 20 minutes pumping. Before the jelq/pump sessions I’m doing DLD’s Blasters as he recommends and before that I do manual stretches in five directions for 30 seconds each (twice). All of this is preceded by a 10 minute warm up with a flax seed bag (“rice sock”). The total routine takes about an hour and 15 minutes. I sometimes do a 10 minute “cool down” with the heated flax seed bag. I take a day of rest now and then, but it’s usually determined by my work or personal schedule of activities and is not on a regular basis.

I see you’ve entered your starting stats in Size’s PE Database. That’s a great tool and I’m using it, too. Looking forward to your gains!

I have been wondering about getting a pump, as it seems that would be much easier and less time consuming. To your knowledge does pumping help length? My girth is fine at 6, and i’m looking more for length now. I’ve also been toying with the idea of a bib hanger.

Going for 9

Hi, Sportsguy;

Pumping is a whole lot less time-consuming than hanging; mind you, I’m not knocking hanging. Lots of guys who do that get very significant gains.

I got a full inch of length in 4 - 5 months (I’m a fast gainer) by pumping and no other PE exercises. When I combined pumping with jelking, stretching, and other exercises, I added another 1.5 inches. So, at least from my way of looking at things, pumping can add length.

As has been pointed out at Thunder’s Place over and over, we are all physiologically different. Some have to work at PE for longer periods of time than others. A few never make a single gain in spite of a lot of hard work, but they seem to be a small percentage from the reports we see here. Even these few, though, do often end up with dicks with healthier penile vascular systems than they had before: firmer erections, healthier nocturnal erection patterns, etc..

I think that what keeps us pumpers pumping is as much the fun of it as the gains we see coming slowly.

Looking at me you see Semi-Retirement. I don’t care now if I gain anymore or not, but I keep pumping (less passionately, for sure) because I want to keep those positive vascular changes working for me sexually. For me, it’s about Use It Or Lose It. I’m talking sex here, not size.



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