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Pumping For Length: Rest/No Rest?

Pumping For Length: Rest/No Rest?

Hey guys this is my 3rd week of really just a pumping only routine. I haven’t taken off any days - Saturday and Sunday I only pump once or twice (morning and or evening). The rest of the days I am pumping 4-5x a day 5-10Hg. I seem to have made some BPFSL and EL gains but I would love some feedback on pumping this much.

Should rest days be incorporated or no?

I use a 2” tube that I have to squeeze into with a normal erection which is great for stretching/length.

Any advice?

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BPEL- 8.0” 02/12/18

I personally use rest days and would recommend them to anyone pumping. It doesn’t say how long your pumping but for someone on only his third week your routine seems to be too much.

Originally Posted by kingscounty
I personally use rest days and would recommend them to anyone pumping. It doesn’t say how long your pumping but for someone on only his third week your routine seems to be too much.

Thanks for the reply,

Yes, I’ve been aggressive with my routine. I’ve used pumps before to supplement my PE routine but never as the primary component.

I have my routine posted in the routine section. I usually pump from 10-20 minutes per session while fluctuating the vacuum strength up and down. I usually never stay at 10Hg for long periods, only briefly.

Do you feel breaks are more productive for growth or just a route for relief? Do you take just a day or how many (personally)?

New Starting Stats:

BPEL- 8.0” 02/12/18

Again I feel breaks are important. I’ve had an aggressive routine and I would go 2 on 1 off with weekends being optional. I haven’t had a steady routine since June because of life stuff but once things have slowed down I plan on starting the same routine at a toned down pace. I may even go every other day for the first couple weeks.

I feel the breaks are important for injury prevention, penis health and mental health. I say mental health because we tend to get so wrapped up into PE we forget to take care of ourselves. At least for me it becomes an unhealthy addiction.

Being that you vacuum up and down have you tried gprents incremental pumping? It’s very effective in my opinion.

Yes, you need rest.

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Thanks for the response, guys. I think I’ll have some rest days incorporated. It seems I’m having some ED issues as of late.

I have a silicone sleeve that I’m using now during pumping to keep edema down and the focus on length while I use any pump cylinder.

I was gaining like crazy and now I’ve
Seemed to stagnate and get negative PI’s.

I’ve been leaving the silicone sleeve on to keep length extended

New Starting Stats:

BPEL- 8.0” 02/12/18

It’s because your overdoing it and not resting. Give yourself a break and things will get back to normal.

I pump daily til I’m either kinda sore or my EQ drops. Then a day or 2 off. If I’m having a lot of sex I’ll take a week off so the EQ is reliable!

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Thanks guys - it was kinda hard to take a break as I was seeing some real results and then I had the EQ issues begin. I was trying to take the no-rest approach for continued stress.. maybe a 5 on 2 off might produce adequate positive indicators.

New Starting Stats:

BPEL- 8.0” 02/12/18

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