Some semi-noob questions about pumping, rest period etc

I’ve been doing pumping about 2 months now, and I’ve developed a few questions now that I’ve had some experience with it:

1. Most of the routines I see have you working up to, say, 3 20 minute sessions a day(right now, I’m up to 2 X 10ish). I generally assumed that this meant, for example, do one in the morning, one afternoon, one evening, or in other words, major rest time in between. But then I happened to see another routine which wasn’t exactly clear, but made it sound like you can do even 4 15 min sessions in a row as long as you rest 5-10 minutes between(assuming you’ve reached that step of acclimation of course). So basically I’m wondering, does this indeed mean you can do your whole day’s work in a 1 hour period so long as you rest 5 minutes every 10-15 minutes? I have to PE on the stealth and it’s easier to find a guaranteed single hour than to find 3 X 15 mins spread throughout the day.

2. When I read about pumping on non-thunder’s place sources, they sometimes mention “reliance on the pump for erections” as a possible side effect(I’m not worried about other side effects since I stay within 6 Hg of pressure). Now, I do not believe that I have developed this(yet anyway), but does this side effect actually occur? If so, is it something that will easily go away after not using the pump for days? Or worse?

3. From day one, I found that the maximum erection achieved by using the pump without using high pressure or even the slightest bit of discomfort is actually about an inch longer than normal(and I didn’t have a convenient way of measuring girth handy but I’m sure that was a bit more too). Not to mention that the head pumps up better than it does during a normal erection. That might not be a huge improvement for some, but for me, were I to achieve that kind of erection normally, I wouldn’t probably bother with PE. I tried searching the forum for “How to get your maximum erection” or just “maximum erection” and didn’t find anything promising.are there any methods out there for achieving your maximum erection without the pump? Whether that involves cardiovascular exercise to pump blood better or whatever it might be.

4. Sort of related to #3 above.Naturally after removing from the pump, even if I’ve gotten a blood-based erection during the session, length does drop to basically normal after releasing the pressure, however, girth remains enhanced for as long as the erection lasts, and I am indeed more concerned with girth anyway. So for those of you that actually use this prior to sex, a question. I assume that if you’re already in a stable relationship, your wife/etc doesn’t care whether you take 5 or 10 minutes to pump up first(or especially if they know you are PEing anyway), but I’m guessing it’s not a good idea to try and do that prior to your first time with a new girl.or have any of you actually done that and gotten away with it? With her knowing about it, I mean, of course.

5. I want to add some jelqing and stretching instead of only doing pumping. Is jelqing just as effective if you do it between pumping or after pumping or do you really need to do it with hours of separation from your pumping session? Ie, could do jelq session in the morning shower and the pumping later when I have a guaranteed hour to do it in.